2 hearts, 1 choice.

2 hearts, 1 choice.

A Story by Angelauthor1204

I walk at the street, it was cold, windy and very dark (practically describes NIGHT TIME!). I could see my breath as I breathed in and out, I looked at the night sky and saw the stars. It reminded me of my old flames.


I remembered the 2 most important men in my life, excluding my father since I never knew him so well plus, I never met him. Eric and Brad. Eric was my first love and he was very rich, but that wasn't why I loved him. I first met him in my high school years, he approached me as a student, a non-rich student. I didn't know back then who he was really. Instead of getting to know the spoiled, rude rich guy I thought he would be if I met him in a different way, I got to know the sweet, handsome and very amazing guy he really is.


Then we both fell for each other. I loved Eric, he was sweet...he was kind, lovable, great at everything but at that time I was so focused at my studies that I never had time to commit to the relationship. He still stuck by me and I liked that about him.


I met Brad, the other love of my life. He was a troubled teen, shun by his classmates because he had a history in his former school. But I saw him for who really was like I did with Eric. He actually didn't like me clinging to him all the time. But I softened himup after a few months, Eric tyhought of him as a buddy as his best friend like his own blood brother.


I fell for Brad but I also had feelings for Eric. I didn't know who I really wanted and everyday I torture myself for not choosing one fo them. They had to feel immense anger, uneasiness and all that for me, so I can choose between them. But I couldn't...I love Brad as much as I loved Eric, who would I choose? Neither one can I lose...


We went to the same college and I kept my relationship with Eric and Brad. They told me that they both would prefer sharing me (I was pissed because I am NOT an ITEM)than losing me and during that time I couldn't choose still. They both were amazingly precious to me and they both knew that.


I never gave myself to both of them, I spent my birthdays with them. I could never miss either one of their birthdays even if I was dying I couldn't! I didn't want them to think that I loved the other more than I loved him. I knew one day I would have to make a choice.


Eric is loyal, faithful, honest, caring, kind, handsome, smart, savy and a most splendid boyfriend and friend. He is my best friend, my boyfriend, my lover and the boy...I mean man of my dreams. He is a prince on a white horse.


Brad is amazingly funny, he can be quite honest because of his troubled past...he trust no one but me and Eric. He's rugged, charming, smart (street-smart), an excellent friend! What could I say? He is my best friend and my boyfriend, though I knew him not very long ago...my lover. He is a knight on his faithful (brown)steed.


As I entered a restaurant, I sat at a table near the window. Another memory flood back into my head...the last time I saw them. It was across the street from the restaurant, the last day of our senior year in college. We got our diplomas and PHDs/MDs already, we went out to celebrate but I knew back then I had a choice to make on that very day!


I sat in the restaurant across the street and they both sat opposite to me. A serious look on all our faces...my friends were eager to know who I had chosen but I told them I would tell them soon. There was 2 decision in front of my eyes and only one would I choose.


Brad believed Eric would be the one since he and i knew each other longer. Eric was convinced I would pick Brad as he is so down-to-earth and I have more fun with him...(true and not true). 2 hearts were set on the table and I had to choices...Eric or Brad. I chose...NEITHER.


They smiled at me..hurt and glad at the same time. They knew I would never break their hearts...because I loved them both equally. They were glad their hearts weren't broken but hurt because I loved both of them equally though they desired to be someone special to me.


My walk through memory lane was over and I sat there on that seat. The waitress was late with my order...I gazed out the window at that restaurant...that fateful restaurant. It was my 29th birthday and my memories reminded me of how alone I was.


2 presents placed on the table and I was surprised. The two handsome faces reappeared and I rubbed my eyes. I looked at them in disbelief! BRAD!! ERIC!! They were dressed in casual clothes and they looked the same as they were. I saw a ring upon Brad's finger...he was married.


"Happy birthday Layla! SURPRISE~!!!" said Brad.


I giggled and hugged him. "Brad! I missed you guys so much!!" I smiled and hugged Eric too. "And you're engaged?!" I asked Brad.


"Yes, he is...and before me. Hmph." said Eric jokingly.


I saw no ring on Eric's finger and no picture in hi's wallet. "How about you?"


He smiled and I rememebered that day again. Eric told me with a fleeting kiss that he would wait for me. Amd he still did. Loyal to the very end...that is Eric. After the party, Brad left me and Eric. He gave Eric a quick noogie like old times and left for his fiancee.


"So...no boyfriends? No husbands?? What happened to you?" said Eric jokingly again.


"I couldn't. I guess I was never over you 2, after that day. You waited for me? Why?"


"Because you're special Lay. You're very special, I knew that when we met! You were a brat you know that?!!" He chuckled and looked out the window.


I giggled and stared at his demeanor. He looked the same...he feels the same...but my heart is different. I saw Brad but my heart didn't skip a beat but just now I saw Eric..I fell twice for him. He felt me staring at him and clasped my hand.


"I kept a question in my head all these years. Lay, I love you, don't you?" he saked seriously.


I blushed and returned his stare. "I made a decision long ago, I chose neither you nor Brad. Not because I loved you both equally but because I didn't know who exactly I was in love with."


He took a dee breath and managed to muster up all his courage to ask me. "And now? Do you love him or me?"


I smiled and kissed him. "I love you, of course, idiot. I'm sorry, that it took so long for me to realize it. I love you Eric!"


So 2 hearts, 1 choice was never about me choosing Eric or Brad. it was choosing my heart over theirs and look! I chose theirs and got myself Prince Charming! Wink-wink!

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

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i think you write like a person much older than you claim to be.....seems to be the way it goes nowadays.....much luck and you should look into publishing a few.aloha....tsunamidaymusic~

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I love the story. For some reason I kept think of the book Eclipse by stephenie meyer throughout reading it. You had a few spelling mistakes but it was easy to overlook because of such a great story line! Write more soon! ^_^

Posted 12 Years Ago

!That's a nice story!
I think that Brad will be kind of hurt when he marry, so glad the girl find her prince. This situation is pretty popular, two lovers, a choice, but which the two hearts, unlike this story, won't love to play with each other too. That's why I love your story, away from reality.
That's a really great story, nice written.

Posted 12 Years Ago


Posted 12 Years Ago

very sweet. nice job

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was really good and soo sweet. You have a few spelling errors here and there but other then that it was good. I liked it a lot.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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