Back To Titanic (A Titanic fanfic)

Back To Titanic (A Titanic fanfic)

A Story by Angelauthor1204

After the death of Jack Dawson, Rose had came to New York using his last name as her own. She had loved him so and now, she wanted to go home. Home to where Jack is, to where her heart is.


It had been many years since the death of my beloved Jack. I had promised him once that I would never let go and I promised him I would survive, hope when there was none and till today I have honored my promise.
Today, I am but an old woman who is lying in her bed, waiting for her 'the end'. I looked back on my life and smiled, recalling the life after Titanic sunk. The last gift that Jack had given to me was life-not because he saved me but because he and I had a child. It was a baby girl. I remember the tears I shed, looking at our child. She was just like her father, and she had his beautiful eyes. She was so beautiful like him. I had wished I had watched her grow up with him. Jack had told me I would have many babies and watch them grow up and find happiness and I had a baby, seen her grow up into a fine young lady and watched my grandchild grow up too.
I remember him so well. The day we met, the most fun night of my life, dancing and drinking with him and the people on Titanic, the night he drew me and the night we made love. I could still feel his kisses and the touch of his skin on me. Another tear rolled down my cheek. If only things had been different, if the ship hadn't sank, if someone could have saved us sooner, if he and I met earlier...oh, how wonderful would that be.
There was a knock on the door and it was my daughter, the gift Jack had given me. She had her father's golden hair and my eyes. She looked at me with red-eyes, no doubt, she had been crying once she knew I was dying quick. "Mother..." she whispered, her voice hoarse.
'Darling," I said, smiling. I had a feeling I would pass on very soon and I knew through her eyes, it was going to happen today. "Come here." I stretched out my trembling hands and she took it quickly, giving it a gentle squeeze.
"You have to fight it, mother. Please, you can't leave me..." she sobbed, tears already streaming down her cheeks.
I used my other hand and wiped it away. "My beautiful, dear, Lily... I love you and I'm not leaving you alone. You have a family, a husband who loves you and a beautiful son and I wish I wouldn't be leaving you like this but... I have someone waiting for me and someone I miss everyday... he's waiting for me."
She choked out a sob and tears kept streaming down her cheek. She knew about her father, about Jack. I remember when she caught me crying my heart out one night. She had asked me why I was making such heartbreaking sounds and I told her and after that, i felt lighter, as if something had removed a heavy weight off my shoulder and I could breathe almost easily.
"Jack is waiting for me. I have waited more than 50 years to see him again and now, I cannot wait for death. I am more than happy to receive it," I said, patting her hand.
She looked at me with tear-stained face and nodded quietly, knowing full well that she is crying but happy for me inside. "Do me a favor, darling?" I asked.
Lily nodded and I pointed my wrinkled finger towards the dresser to my jewelry box. "Wh-what i-i-is it, mo-mother?" she said shakily.
"In my jewelry box is a necklace, a blue heart-shaped necklace. I want you to put it around me," I said to her. "I left Titanic with that in my pocket and when I go back, I want it on me..."
Nodding, Lily walked over and put it on me. I admired the beautiful blue heart-shaped diamond and a smile crept up my face, thinking about the time Jack drew me in it and only in it. I could feel my eyes getting sleepy and I knew I hadn't had enough time.
"Mother?" Lily said.
I sighed and smiled at her. "I love you, dear and I always will. We'll see each other again soon. My last wish, I hope you could fulfill, is please open the curtains so I could see Lady Liberty before you leave."
She was reluctant to leave but she left anyways and opened the curtains wide. I looked out to the enormous statue and tears filled my vision. I once remembered the day that I came to New York. Once the ship docked, I would leave with Jack and we would make a life together and in a way I did. I made a life with him, a part of him. He lived on in my heart since the day I let his body sink to the bottom of the sea and fulfilled my promise to never let go of hope.
Tears rolled down my cheek and I closed my eyes, feeling my spirit leaving my body. I'm coming, Jack.
As I opened my eyes, I was back on Titanic. The people who I saw died that day were clapping their hands and smiling at me as the door back to the place Jack asked me to meet him--at the clock.
I looked at my reflection, I was young again. And then, my heart stopped for a while when I saw him. My love; my Jack! His back was facing me and then he turned around when I went up the stairs and approached him. He smiled at me ad did I.
I ran into his embrace and kissed him as if I had just breathed after more than 50 years without air. He cupped the sides of my face and kissed me back as if he felt the same way. Both of us pulled back and he hugged me, stroking my hair gently as we cried tears of joy.
"I must be dreaming. if this is a dream, don't wake me up," I sobbed into his chest. He kissed my forehead and shook his head as tears, too, rolled down his cheek. "I missed you so much but I'm here now. I'm back, Jack."
"I'm real, Rose. I'm here." Jack choked out a laugh and kissed me again. "Not as much as I have, Rose. I've waited for you for 50 years, right here and now you're back. I've watched over you and our daughter. I love you. I love you so much." he whispered.
I smiled. "Do you remember our promise? Look, I did it. I honored our promise. I love you. I've been waiting for you all my life." I told Jack.
"And I you, Rose." he said as he pressed him lips to me again. Our forehead stayed glued after he stopped kissing me and then he whispered, "The wait is over, Rose. We have all eternity together...forever," He stretched out his hand and smiled. "Take my hand. Trust me."
"I always have, Jack. I love you, Jack Dawson." I took his hand.
"I have loved you since we met, Rose."
We rushed up the steps and he lead me to a door. "Where are we going, Jack?"
He gave me a kiss and then grinned at me. "To the stars, Rose. To the stars, where we'll have the life we should have back in New York. Together. Forever."
So Rose returned to her Jack after 50 years. Lovers reunited again and this time, it's forever.

© 2011 Angelauthor1204

Author's Note

I wrote a day after I saw Titanic and bawled my eyes out. I wanted a happily ever after for the two lovers even though in real life, there might not be one. Please tell me what you think. BTW TIP: READ WHILE LISTENING TO CELINE DION'S MY HEART WILL GO ON-TITANIC VERSION!!!!!

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I really think you should throw a heavy metal track based on the events for this to have a punch. You need to indent your paragraphs after the second paragraph. My step-father tried to drag me to the film but I said no because I had a term paper to do at the time. I was 21 when this was in the theater as the actress playing Rose was my age. She did a lot of research on the role as the director ended up doing a series of documentaries for the project -- so here's what I am thinking, you should have the characters give the director insight how to outline his documentary based on the events. Flesh this up a bit -- there's a lot of information to play with when it comes to The Titanic.
     In 1983, Jack T. Chick approached the topic of this as Metal Church also did. Their track is known as April 15. 1912. Study the lyrics and listen to that track, as you would not have tears but a sense of paranoia when the ship snaps in two. Someone cleverly did video with the said song with the footage of the film as I personally wished James Cameron consulted Metal Church because they really did the research fro the track. Even play with a version from The Bible from this era too for the dramatic effects. This type of story you may really want to do something that shows your work with the research department, Joni Latham who became part of my second namesake and helped secure my first publication in print debut in 2004 she majored in history as she became a Pharmacy Tech. You may want to toy with the American Standard Version for some of the development of supporting characters from the era -- study Chick's track Titanic at how he did the artwork of this as it was one of his realistic tracts but he sometimes well doesn't completely do the research. Look up the wording used in 1912 to get this just right; then with the 1990s era. Study the dialects of those who are from Wisconsin from that era and those from Philly to get this right.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Jack has waited for Rose 84 years,not 50. And..this essay is so moving! I almost burst into tears...thx!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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