Chapter 1- You're mine, ROmeo

Chapter 1- You're mine, ROmeo

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

From the reflection of the mirror, she inspected every inch of her appearance�"her long blonde hair with streaks of gold when light shone on it, was perfectly wavy and it rested on her petite shoulders, her lips were glossy and her skin was clear of any blemishes or acne, not that she ever got them. Her friends or her admiring girl fans, stared at her adoringly.

“You look so~ hot!” said one of the fan girls. Kiss a*s, she thought. Holly smiled and developed ‘a hands on the hips’ pose as she turned around to face her posse.  Everyone complimented on her looks and how beautiful she was and no matter how flattered she was by their compliments, she gotten tired of it.

Holly was the prettiest girl in school and she wasn’t just popular, she was practically the queen that reigned the school. Every boy wants to date her and every girl envies her but only she found it an absolute bore. She walked outside with her posse hot on her heels. Holy saw her best friend, Camille, heading towards her with a big grin on her face. What now? she thought, rolling her eyes.

“Babe, how are you? How was your holiday? I had massive fun in the slopes in the Switz.” she said, giving her air kisses. Camille was her best friend since they met in the 10th grade, they’ve been inseparable ever since. Wherever Holly went, Camille went too.

“Cam, holidays were a bore. How was the Switz?” Holly dismissed her posse and walked through the hallways with Camille. They talked about the clothes, the boys and everything else they could probably think of. Neither noticed the students who were staring at them, mouth agape.

“So, did you meet any cute guys while I was gone?” Camille asked, giggling as they leaned against their lockers. Camille was always prodding Allison about the guys in her life.

“Are you kidding me? Once you’ve dated one of them, you’ve dated them all. I find them a bore... they’re not fun to play with.” There were no guys who could understand and satisfy her fully, they were all just toys to her. She could throw them and use them however she pleases.. life was dull for Holly.

Camille turned around and she gasped. Holly turned to look but a strong gust of wind blew against her face when the front door burst open. As she opened her eyes, for the first time she was intrigued.  Chestnut brown hair, misty green eyes and a face as beautiful as hers, she wondered who he was. He walked past her and Camille and she felt a shiver went through her spine. He stopped and turned to look at her. Their eyes met.

Camille took the initiative to talk to him. “Hi, I’m Camille. I haven’t seen you around here, are you new?” she asked, batting her eyes at him. His expression was blank... completely unreadable.

He smiled at Camille. His smile alone made the girls in the hallway squeal and it made Holly’s heart skip a beat. “Yeah, I’m Jason, Jason Daniels. I just moved here a few weeks ago. Nice to meet you.” he said.

“You too.”�"Camille saw that Jason was staring at Holly and she shrugged�"“And this is my friend, Holly. She’s like the school’s princess.”

“Hi.” he said.

“Hi...” she said, smiling sweetly at him. “Nice to meet you, Jason.”

“You too, Want to walk with me to the administration office?” he asked her. Holly smirked and took his arm. Camille had a look of envy on her face. “Holly, was it?” he asked.


“Dare to skip school for a while, later?” he whispered in her ear, sexily. She licked her lips and nodded. “Great, see you later.”

Holly liked this guy. He was as hot as her and was absolutely yummy. Nobody dared drag ad leave her around like he just did but she didn’t mid. “Yummy.”

Camille went up to Holly and she drooled over Jason as he walked away. “OMG! He is so H-O-T! When you’re done sleeping with him, can I have a turn? He’s a keeper!” she said.

Holly glared at her and Camille looked at her confused. “He’s mine. No one’s getting a turn at all with Jason. Tell that to everyone, spread the word.” Holly said, snapping her fingers as a sign that she should leave.

The bell rang and she knew it was only 5 minutes left to go to class and found, Jason talking to the teachers. Everyone stared at her and Jason and she wondered why. Holly just shrugged it off thinking it must’ve been because they were so hot. Ms. Preston was ogling him too.

‘God she’s such a desperado, no wonder she’s 30 and ALONE!’ she thought, giggling by herself.

Ms. Preston cleared her throat and smiled at Jason flirtatiously and when Holly snapped her fingers loudly, she turned red as a beetroot and turned her attention back to the class. “Um, class, I want you to meet the newest student here at our school, Jason Daniels.” she said.

The girls all were drooling over Jason and Holly didn’t like it. He was hers and Camille would have told everyone by lunchtime. Meanwhile, she smiled at Jason, waving at him. He smiled back and winked at her. Ms. Preston showed him his seat next to Holly. She looked back at Jason and smiled at him.

“She’s in her LATE 30s, Jason so don’t even think about it.” Holly whispered to him. “We meet again.”

“I wasn’t even thinking about it and I guess we did meet again. Where’s your friend, Casey?” he asked, with an equally flirty grin on his face.

“Not in this class, that’s for sure.” she said. Holly rested her chin on the palm of her right hand and gave him a teasing cold shoulder and see if he was interested in her. He stood up and sat in front of her, leaning really close to her. “What are you doing?” she asked, giggling.

“Trying to make you talk to me. I don’t like the cold shoulder.” he said, smirking at her. He took a strand of her hair and twirled it around his fingers. She liked the way he touched her hair and normally, she’d never allow any guy touching her hair. He was granted permission whenever he pleases.

“Well, did it work?” she asked, coyly.

“I don’t know, you tell the beautiful girl in front of me to meet me at the back of the school, later. If she doesn’t show, she’ll break my heart.” he whispered seductively.

She bit her bottom lip, trying to suppress her excitement. “Oh, she doesn’t want to break your heart. She said yes. An absolute yes.”

He smiled and the bell rang. Why did that damn bell have to ruin everything!!!? she thought. Jason stood, grabbing his bag and slinging it over her shoulders. “I’ll see her later then.” he said, kissing her wavy hair and walking away. Camille was waiting for me outside my classroom.

“Camille?” Holly asked. It was unusual that Camille would wait out for her but she knew better. Holly knew Camille wanted to have a glimpse of Jason and she hated it. Jealousy churned inside her and she wanted to make it clear that he was hers so she decided to ask Jason out herself but before she could, Jason walked up to her with that flirty grin again.

“So, after school and at the side entrance? My car is parked over there.” he said.

She nodded and smiled at him flirtatiously and watched as he walked away with his fine a*s.

“Wow, are you two a thing?” Camille asked, giggling.

Holly nodded and opened her locker door, shoving her books inside. “Camille, I know you’re staring at Jason. EYES OFF!”

The entire day was nothing but a few hours of BLAH and BOREDOM. Holly just wanted it to beo over with so she could go on her date with Jason. He was the only exciting thing to happen to her all weekend and not even her weekend in Spain could top this week. Finally the last bell rang and she went over to the side entrance where everyone rarely get out from and there he was!

 “I thought you weren’t coming?” he said as he leaned on the building wall.

Holly giggled and pushed herself against him and he snaked his arms around her waist. She felt so small next to him but he was sexy as hell so she didn’t mind. “Why wouldn’t I come?” she asked him, teasing him with her kisses around his neck.

“Aren’t you a little excited?” he asked, closing his eyes.

“Very.” she said. She kissed his neck and trailed it up to his ear. “Where do you want to go?” she whispered.

He pushed her against the wall, so he was in control by then. “Babe, we can go anywhere you want.” he said as he sucked on her earlobe. His body was pushed right against her and the wall. She moaned when his tongue trailed down to her neck. “feel good?”

“Yes..” She pulled his face up for a kiss, passionate. It sent tingles down her body and made her weak in the knees. Everything was different with Jason. Jason’s tongue outlined her bottom lip, asking for permission to enter. She opened her mouth to him and his tongue was playing with hers. “You’re good” she said, in between kisses.

“You’re not,” he sucked on her bottom lip and she moaned. “Bad yourself.” he said, smiling against her lips.

She smiled in reply and kissed him back hungrily. They were in an intense lip lock until Camille appeared out of nowhere and pulled them apart. Holly pursed her lips and Jason wiped his lips. “WHAT THE HELL, CAMILLE?!” Holly asked yelling at her angrily.

Camille wiped the ‘I know what you two were gonna do’ smirk of her face and pushed Jason away from Holly. “Don’t you mean ‘THANKS CAMILLE’? Don’t you recognize this guy?!” she asked, glaring at Jason. Holly stared at Jason confused.

“Yeah, he happens to be a guy I was making out with!” Holly answered, rolling her eyes at Camille.

Camille shoved her phone into Holly’s face. “HELLO?! EARTH TO HOLLY! He’s your dad’s biggest competitor’s SON!!” she said. Holly grabbed her phone and looked at the article. It said that Daniels.Inc’s own prince is studying with their biggest competitor’s, Evans.Inc’s little princess. “HE’S THE SON OF YOUR DAD’S ENEMY!”

Holly chucked the phone at her and walked towards Jason, wrapping her arms around his neck. He smiled and placed his hands on her hips. She enjoyed his touch. It sent small sparks wherever it touched, like little jolts of electricity. “Shut up, Camille. My daddy is just gonna have to deal with me and Jason having our fun; if I want something, he’ll gladly give it to me.” she said, confidently.

“Holly!! I really think you might want to stop! Your dad hates his dad so he’s bound to hate Jason! HOLLY!!!” Camille said again but louder, getting tired of being ignored by Holly.

“GET LOST CAMILLE BEFORE I MAKE YOU!” Holly yelled forcefully this time. Camille stomped her foot and walked away in a huff.

“Wow, you’re hot when you’re angry.”

 She heard Jason chuckling and glared at him. “And you. You have a lot of explaining to do.” she said, angrily.


“Yes, you! You knew about our dads and you didn’t think you should’ve mentioned this to me? Don’t just stand there! Start explaining!” Holly demanded.

Jason’s hand dropped to his sides as she pulled away and sat on his red Ferrari convertible. “What do you want me to say? Yeah, I who you and our dads were but I thought you’re hot so I asked you out! Does it matter who our dad is?” he asked, his eyes showing her all kinds of emotions�"mischievousness and truth. She liked him and there was no denying it.

“I guess I can accept that excuse.” Holly said. “Let’s go for a drive for a while. I don’t want to handle my mom and my dad for a little while!”

He grinned and Holly went into the car with him and he drove her to a secluded area next to a beach house. He didn’t make a move on Holly and for once, just enjoying the view with Jason. He stretched his legs and strolled around the beach. She walked up to Jason and pouted. “What?” he asked her.

“You actually ditched me back in the car, Jason. No one does that ever. TO ME!” she told him, pouting. He smiled smugly and carried her in his arms and she yelled. “JASON!! LET ME DOWN!!!”

He laughed and put her in a princess cradle and he let her down after she tried to yell ‘kidnap’. Jason put her down but he wrapped his arms around her and she giggled. “So, what do you think your dad will do if he sees us?” he asked, still has his arms wrapped around her.

Holly smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, pushing herself close to Jason. She didn’t know why but she liked him a lot; she had an instant attraction to Jason, the son of her dad’s biggest competitor. She felt a little guilty but she liked Jason. “I don’t want to think about my dad at all right now. He’s so... controlling.” Holly said. A sudden realization hits  Holly and she moved away from Jason. “Hold on, are you just trying to be with ME so you could go against your DAD?? Are you trying to get back at him?!!” she asked, disgusted,

“What are you talking about?” he asked, grabbing her hand back in his. “No, God no! Hey, if I want to get back at my dad, I’ll just find one of those s***s at a public school.”

Holly sighed and walked back to the car. “Just take me home, Jason.”

“Holly?!! Oh come on! HOLLY!”

She turned around and sighed, crossing her arms. “Are you seriously telling me that you’re not just using me to get back at your own dad?! You knew me but you didn’t tell me. Face it, all evidence leads to me being used!” she told him, feeling sad by her own words.

“Holly! Seriously, I like you and yeah I know you might think that but it’s not true. My dad and your dad has nothing to do with how I feel about you. I like you a lot,” he said, with a sexy smirk on his face. “Plus, you’re a really good kisser and I like it.”

She smiled, thinking how cheesy it sounded but she liked it. She really did like him. “Okay, I’ll believe you. How about a date? Preferably tomorrow?” she asked.

He chuckled and kissed her. “I’ll pick you up at seven, but for now, I gotta get you back home.”

“Ugh, fine but you have to pick me up tomorrow too. My car is still at school!”

He smirked and pulled her nearer. “Why can’t you ask your dad to take you to school?”

“Well, if you come to school by yourself, the girls will try to take you from me and if you’re with me tomorrow, they won’t and I might enjoy our traitorous ways even more!” she said, pulling him in for another kiss. His kisses were addictive and passionate. It was nothing like the kisses Holly ever had!


Jason drove Holly home and stooped in front of her driveway and she got out. “Thanks for the ride back.” Holly said, still holding his hand.

He smiled and took her hand to her lips. She giggled. “Mademoiselle, jusqu’a demain. Ne brise pas mon Coeur une promesse?” Mi lady, until tomorrow. Don’t break my heart, promise?

She nodded and gave him a quick peck on the lips but he pulled her in for a deep kiss. Holly didn’t resist. There was a loud noise  and she turned around to see her dad, looking at them disapprovingly. “Daddy...!” Holly said, shocked. Holly turned to Jason. “Um..promesse. Je vais vous rappeler plus tard. Vous allez mieux, ok?” Promise. I’ll call you later. You better go, ok?

“Great, see you tomorrow, Holly.” he said. He saluted to her dad and drove away.

Holly turned to her furious father. “Calm down daddy! Remember your blood pressure.” she said, brushing past her father and into her house. “Besides, I like Jason, daddy!”

Her father stopped her and grabbed her arm. He didn’t look angry and he didn’t look completely furious either. There was only sadness in his eyes. “Holly, he’s just using you. I know you like this Daniels boy but he’s just using you.”  he said.

Holly was infuriated. “What if he isn’t?! You just want me to break up with Jason because you and his dad are enemies! So you think he’s just spying on you? Do you really think I’m that stupid to not know who’s using me?” Holly said, almost yelling angrily.

“Yes, I won’t lie about this issue. I don’t trust that boy, and I want you to break up with him. If you still won’t, I will disinherit you�"I’m not kidding about this. If you want a good-looking boy, I’ll introduce you with the son’s of my friends.”

“DADDY! I don’t want to break up with Jason and MOM, won’t let you disinherit me.”


After a long day yesterday, Holly dressed up in her favorite frilly red camisole with the black denim jacket and a frilly white princess skirt and sexy black boots. She ignored her father’s warnings about Jason just using her and smiled thinking of ways to have fun with Jason. Holly flicked her wavy blonde hair over her shoulder and waited outside for Jason.

He came after 10 minutes in his shiny sleek black Volvo.  He looked exceptionally handsome again with his messy bed-head brown hair which looked like a haircut from a magazine and his body looked tempting under his navy blue shirt and red jacket with white stripes. “Morning beautiful.” he said, opening the door for her.

“Morning to you too handsome.” She said, giggling. She dropped her bag into his car and went inside. He got into the car too and smiled at her. “What?” she asked, wondering why he was staring at her.

“I missed you last night.” he said, smiling sexily. “What happened with your dad? Hope you didn’t get into trouble but I guess he has nothing to worry about.” he said, facing the road.

Holly ‘oh-ed’ and wondered why he needn’t worry. “I don’t understand.” she said.

He chuckled and gave her his playful smile. “We both know that even if we are girlfriend and boyfriend, we’re never going to date exclusively. We’re both players. I mean, I just slept with a girl last night after I dropped you off. We’re just an un-exclusive couple. We’re just putting this whole thing up so we can dump a girl or guy easily. You didn’t really think I was gonna really date you? Cause I was just trying to bust my dad’s hump and don’t pretend that you weren’t.” he said, chuckling.

His words were like piercing daggers through her heart. For the first time, Holly did like Jason because he seemed so perfect and so similar to him but his perfect exterior fooled her into believing that someone could like her for who she truly was... She giggled and put on her best fake evil and playful smirk on her face and laughed softly. “You’ve got me there. And I thought you were just this guy who was stupid enough to fall for me. Ahh, it’s fine with me. I had a sweet night too. So friends?” she asked, reluctantly holding her hand out for a shake.

Jason grinned and shook her head. “With benefits.” he added. “So~ how was late night lover?” he asked, grinning.

Holly wanted to go home and cry and beat the crap out of Jason for fooling her so but she just put up her act like she always had at school. She wasn’t this b***h everyone thinks she is, she just is because no one can tell how she really is. The moment she saw Jason, she thought he was different and the guy she could have loved and shown her true self but he wasn’t. He would shun her if he knew how she felt.

She just yawned and slapped him in the arm as hard as she could to relieve the pain in her now. “OW! What was that for?” he asked, rubbing his arm.

“For asking me that, numbskull. We don’t know each other enough to start talking about our nightly affairs.” she said, averting her eyes away from him. “Moron...” she mumbled.

He chuckled again and drove to school. “Aww~!! Come on, you’re acting like a total virgin. Holls.” he whined like a five year old. “PUH-LEASE~??”


Jason swung his arm around her affectionately. “Alright-alright! Whatever you say, ‘girlfriend’.” he teased, kissing her temple lightly. “Should we hang out at lunch too?”

Holly was both shocked and happy at the same time and she grinned. “Of course, ‘boyfriend’!” she teased him back. If this was the only way she had to make him hers, she’d go through with it and she had a plan. She wanted to make him hers.

‘You’re mine, Romeo.’

© 2011 Angelauthor1204

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Interestesting chapter. :) The characters seem a little spoiled ut I think thats how its suppose to be.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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