Entry 1: Facebook transcripts - Felix Turner and Anna Ross

Entry 1: Facebook transcripts - Felix Turner and Anna Ross

A Chapter by AnonymousLad

The story begins

Facebook Messaging - Transcript
04/22/13 14:20

(14:20) Felix Turner: Hi!
(14:22) Felix Turner: U there???

(14:22) Anna Ross: lol sorry im here :P

(14:22) Felix Turner: lol cool
(14:22) Felix Turner: u coming tonight??
(14:25) Felix Turner: still there?

Anna Ross is offline. You can still send her a message -here-.

Anna Ross is online

(14:30) Felix Turner: Hey! whered you g?
(14:30) Felix Turner: *go

(14:31) Anna Ross: what???

(14:31) Felix Turner: you wnet offline. what happened?

(14:32) Anna Ross: ...um, I didnt go anywhere??? Ive been on fb this whole time lol

(14:32) Felix Turner: haha ok lol. Maybe you're internet is lpaying up?

(14:32) Anna Ross: Maybe lol. My computers been acting real weird lately.

(14:33) Felix Turner: hmm lol. So anyway, the party???

(14:34) Anna Ross: sorry, I cant come. I got this massive headache

(14:35) Felix Turner: aww man that sucks. cant u just down a couple aspirin or something? It's Dave's 18th for f***s sake

(14:35) Anna Ross: i wish i could go D: but seriously, im like dying here. 

(14:35) Felix Turner: god what happened to you?? your normally a party animal. Is this anythnig to do withyou and Dave hooking up?

(14:36) Anna Ross: wtf no!!! Y would you even say tht? Ive got this massive headache and I dont need this s**t from you right now!! 

(14:37) Felix Turner: k sorry. Ill see you whenever

(14:37) Anna Ross: its ok. I've just been feeling really strange lately. cya

(14:39) Felix Turner: cya

Anna Ross is offline. You can still send her a message -here-.

Felix Turner is offline. You can still send him a message -here-.

© 2013 AnonymousLad

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sometimes guys can be so annoying and pushy..when he got the offline message from Anna and it was no true, I think something important happened for the story..

Posted 8 Years Ago

I really like the layout :) It grabs my attention and makes me want to read more

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :) I'm trying to make each 'entry' a different layout, so that it feel.. read more

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