Entry 6: Facebook transcripts - Felix Turner, Dave Bardem

Entry 6: Facebook transcripts - Felix Turner, Dave Bardem

A Chapter by AnonymousLad

Facebook Messaging - Transcript
04/27/13 20:49

(20:49) Felix Turner: Hi
(20:53) Felix Turner: hey

(20:53) Dave Bardem: The f**k u want, felix?

(20:55) Felix Turner: i didnt see you at the funeral today
(21:07) Felix Turner: dude u still there?

(21:07) Dave Bardem: is that any of your f*****g business?

(21:08) Felix Turner: nah man, sorry. its just, you 2 were real close

(21:10) Dave Bardem: I dont wanna talk about this s**t right now, k?

(21:10) Felix Turner: whatever man, its cool. could you watch the swearing, btw? 
My sis is reading over my shoulder lol.

(21:11) Dave Bardem: Sure man. hi jess! your up late, arent you?

(21:11) Felix Turner: She says hi. 

(21:12) Dave Bardem: cool. so why aint she tucked up in bed, big bro?

(21:12) Felix Turner: she says she cant sleep. monsters under the bed, that kinda thing. i think it was what they were saying on the news about the woods being haunted or whatever. really scared her.

(21:13) Dave Bardem: yeah, i saw that. a******s, spreading 
that s**t at a time like this. its disrespectful
(21:13) Dave Bardem: S**t, swearing. sorry Jess

(21:13) Felix Turner: Dont worry about it, shes watching spongebob
(21:15) Felix Turner: man who the f**k could do something like that?

(21:15) Dave Bardem: idk. i hope the police catch whoever it was

(21:15) Felix Turner: What about that pedo across the street from Anna's place?

(21:15) Dave Bardem: What about him?

(21:16) Felix Turner: He's just the kinda sick freak might do something like this.
He's been busted before for taking pictures up girls skirts and stuff at the mall

(21:17) Dave Bardem: yeah but have you seen that guy? Arms like
toothpicks. Aint no way he carried her up that tree.

(21:17) Felix Turner: Then he used a ladder or some s**t. I seen him staring out 
his window before, when I took Jess round to Anna's to play with her sister
last summer.
(21:17) Felix Turner: I swear that creep was eyeing them up. 

(21:18) Dave Bardem: Whatever man. You think you know
something, tell the cops. They interview you yet?

(21:20) Felix Turner: Nah man, im going down to the precinct tomorrow.

(21:20) Dave Bardem: k. good luck bro.

(21:20) Felix Turner: thanks dave. 
(21:22) Felix Turner: well id better put jess to bed. my folks'll be home soon.

(21:22) Dave Bardem: k man. cya

(21:23) Felix Turner: oh wait
(21:23) Felix Turner: u still there dave?

(21:24) Dave Bardem: yeah

(21:24) Felix Turner: a bunch of us are gonna go visit her grave tomorrow afternoon.
you wanna come with?

(21:25) Dave Bardem: Sorry, i got a thing on

(21:25) Felix Turner: what thing?

(21:26) Dave Bardem: doesnt matter felix. you guys go without me

(21:26) Felix Turner: k bro. whatever. cya

Felix Turner is offline. You can still send him a message -here-
Dave Bardem is offline. You can still send him a message -here-

© 2013 AnonymousLad

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oh man..I would feel like s**t if something so horrible would have happened to a friend of mine.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is pretty cool :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Thank you! :)

8 Years Ago

Anytime :) You should write more, I really liked it

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