The shock

The shock

A Chapter by Ark's storys

a boy get powers..... but can he try to ascape from the prison they hold him in?


Run. Run as fast as I can. There are two things that could happen. One is that I make it and everyone I love will be ok, or the other one where I don’t make it and they all die because I couldn’t protect them. I’m running as fast as I can. I turn a corner and there is my house with…. No there already there. I jump using the powers I inherited from my dad to lift me over the first police cars that were blocking the road. I hear them shout warning as I fly over them heading for the front door. Then I see them. Out the corner of my eye I see them piling out of the truck. I swivel in mid-air to face them. These things of meal piling out of the back of the truck point all their guns at me and dam. There are a lot of them. I float down so that I’m in front of the house. Then a man hops out of the truck. He walks over to me and stops just inches from my face.

“Now no one needs to get hurt all we what to do is help you. That’s all.” He gestures at the armour hulks. “We can hurt you but I don’t what to. You’re a good boy Noah and you know it. so come with me and we can all be friends right?” I turn to look at my house and that’s when he hit me round the head.

Now I’m in this prison. Made for people like me. I can’t leave and I can’t do anything. I’m stuck here.

My name is Noah and this is my life.

Need some help with next bits.. might go back to his past or show off the prison.. need your help.

© 2013 Ark's storys

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Very exciting I agree. However I am a big grammar person and I noticed the wrong use of 'their' 'there' and 'they're' and some slight misspellings, such as the word 'okay' But I like how you started right with action but maybe some background would be helpful. Hope to see some more soon!

Posted 8 Years Ago

ohhh exciting stuff. I guess I want to know more about the prison first. Why is it a prison for people like him?? Then I think more stuff about his past and what makes him who he is. Good start. Like it :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Ark's storys

8 Years Ago

thz ill do that

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Added on November 29, 2013
Last Updated on December 4, 2013
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Ark's storys
Ark's storys

Hinckley, United Kingdom

so just trying to use my brain to hink up diffrent things. this is going to be cool more..