Chapter 2: The Governor

Chapter 2: The Governor

A Chapter by Ark's storys

After meeting with his mates the leader of this insturlation wishes to meet him (Not completed.)!!!!!


Chapter 2: The Governor


When our ‘yard’ time was up we were all escorted back to our cells and the funny thing is that we never see each other as we have different parts of the prison. My area is for the people who have more than one power and they think may do the most harm, maybe that’s why I don’t have any activity’s to do in my spare time. They others live on the other side of the prison where the less dangerous and people with one power live. Zac had told me that they get it easy over there. More free time, some recitation rooms, and all we get is well plastic stuff. Well this is what you get for almost killing over what? 200 people in the time they were chasing me. But I didn’t kill them did I? No I made sure that I didn’t. I’m not a killer, or am I? That’s what the BBC news people said thought. Oh well in my mind I didn’t and that’s all I can hope.

Then I hear the sound of a guard heading down the catwalk. I turn to see its Joe. Oh great what have I done this time. He unlocks the cell and gestures for me to come out.

“The Governor what’s to see you ‘Boy’” He said in his heavy Irish voice. This had been the second time had ever said anything to me since I had arrived.

I slowly walk out of my cell; he pushes me towards the central building. Now from what I can tell the layout is like a plus where you have 4 long sections and all these connect up to a central complex where our so called ‘helpers’ work to cure us. Ha. Like that’s ever going to happen. From what I can see it looks look like a box and that’s it. No windows, just large doors made of…well I don’t know what marital it is, but it looks strong. As we enter I’m basked in bright white light that shines of the polished surfaces. White, that’s all I can see. We begin to go up the main stairs to if I remember was the 6th floor, where the good old Gov works.

I walk over to the only door on this floor. Joe leaves me to enter at my own free will. I knock and hear a grunt from inside. I enter the room. On every wall there are monitors showing parts of the prison as well as what I think is an outside area but could be the holo room. And there sitting behind the very large desk is the governor himself.

He turns to look at me; he has a very rounded face with a unusually big nose pointing out from it. He face was hard but caring as if he was a worried teacher at school.

“Ah welcome back Noah, I hope you liked talking to your… ‘Mates’. I thought it would be nice for you to get out from that cage every so often don’t you agree?” 

(This chapter is not complet so ya.)

© 2013 Ark's storys

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Don't leave me hanging! :) Great start, what next??

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Ark's storys
Ark's storys

Hinckley, United Kingdom

so just trying to use my brain to hink up diffrent things. this is going to be cool more..

The shock The shock

A Chapter by Ark's storys