A Traveler (Posted: April 1, 2021)

A Traveler (Posted: April 1, 2021)

A Story by Audie G. Couch

This is a very short story, but creative. I hope those who read it enjoy it.


Weary from the path behind her. A path that seemed to stretch far into 

horizon.  She still urged herself forward, on and on she went, one foot in

front of another; for several days, and nights.

To meet? Meet? Someone one; one she could not picture, could not 

name. An unknown force, a cosmic being. Who came to her in dreams,

and waking visions, guiding her to where, she did not know. Through

places she had never been. Yet, the invisible strings that pulled her

forward, knew; and her body followed.

Finally, there in the distance of a vast plain, a paradise, an oasis.

Moving faster now, she ran toward it, not seeing the giant statue in

front; covered in various plants, and vines. A worrier, a protector of the

Nirvana, it's wonders, and all it's secrets within.

She was very close now when the statue started to move. The ground

rumbled, and she fell to a heap before the warrior. This was the being

she had come to meet.With huge eyes falling upon her; a loud, and deep

voice rang out, and the being said:

“Who goes there?"

“A desert flower”, the traveler replied.

“Far from home.”

“From where do you hail desert flower?”

“I come from a high desert of enchantment in the South West.

With a smile, the being continued:

“Come then, eat bread, have a drink of cool water, and

tell me your stories, and I shall tell you mine.”

© 2021 Audie G. Couch

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Woah, the descriptions, the landscapes, all of it is just so beautifully written from beginning to end. I really enjoy your writing style, I think it’s unique but still classic in a way, just such a wonderful and inspiring way of writing. I’m also looking forward to reading more pieces from you!

Posted 2 Months Ago

Audie G. Couch

2 Months Ago

Thank you for your kind review. I have plenty of written work that you may read to your hearts conte.. read more
Audie G. Couch

2 Months Ago

I will be reading more of your writing too. I like it a lot.

2 Months Ago

Thank you so, so much. I will be enjoying your work too!
Woah. This is truly amazing, the way you've described the being is truly a masterpiece. Indeed it's really creative, I've not read anything like this before and after reading this I'm motivated to check out your other pieces!
Looking forward to seeing more writings from you. :)

Posted 2 Months Ago

Audie G. Couch

2 Months Ago

Thanks. =-)
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

2 Months Ago

No problem. :)
Audie G. Couch

2 Months Ago

I hope to see more work from you to.

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Audie G. Couch
Audie G. Couch

Albuquerque, NM

29 years old. I love to read, and write about all kinds of different topics. I'm a college Student at Central New Mexico Community College, and enjoy working with others. more..


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