Discussion Torment

Discussion Torment

A Poem by Alicia Hirshey

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Hide from your demons
At least I face mine
Use my name
In heartfelt lies
Spin your web
Of filth and deceit
Play innocent
To all those you meet

"Ali is a w***e
A tramp in her way
Let me make fun of her
Until she has fallen away
Watch her twitch
With every stitch
Make her heart bleed
Not Like she ever
Meant anything to me."

What I would give
To make the voices stop
Lock them up tight
In my depression box
Tokens of my past
Should be locked away
Why should I care
It's my life anyway

"Look at Ali
All the people she hurt
Let's start rumors
Make fun of her
Start a coalition
To stalk her in bed
What does it matter
She has nothing
but meaningless words
Locked in her head."

If only they knew
I am a person too
I eat sleep and fear
The same as you
Why play this game
My mind so easily tread upon
Instead leave me be
I'd rather not loath on it

"Hide in dark clothing
The cuts mark her heart
She is stupid and psychotic
The easiest target
Tell her she is nothing
Make her fall to shreds
And to top it off
Watch as she cuts the final tread."

Endless thoughts
Play through my head
Is it right?
Everything she said?
I am a bad person
Never claimed myself a saint
I don't understand
This stupid mind game

"She is so stupid
Never understand
I'm smarter than her
As I always have
I used her for something
Now left her to die
Sounds like a great ending
To an
Oh so tragic life."

Maybe their right
I should just give in
What does it matter
If I give it to them
Take my heart
The blood from my wrist
Then you'll be happy
You've gotten your wish.

© 2011 Alicia Hirshey

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Author's Note

Alicia Hirshey
I have been called a lot of things the past couple days and it is all starting to add up. I find myself asking why in the hell I even write anymore? What is the purpose?
This poem is a talk, one of the famous ones that i tend to have in my head, It happens mostly when people call me mean names or say things that hurt more than the should. which is quite often for me. Probably more often than it should. Well anyway. I hope you enjoy this poem.

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I think this poem may have taken place as my favorite. The way the verses converse is very, very, very good.
I tend to have conversations in my head when others are talking about me, or even to me. Wondering what they're really thinking.
I'm sorry you have hard things to deal with. *Hugs*

Posted 13 Years Ago

Keep fighting, Ali. As long as you know you're a good person, that's all that matters.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I am going through the exact same thing...

Posted 13 Years Ago

I love this, because I can really relate. And I'm so sorry you're going thorugh this, I've been putting up with alot for the past few days to, so I know how you feel. And I wish I cuold fix it for you. I'll tell all of those people off for you, just give me names (:

Posted 13 Years Ago

here take this one put it in your mind your beautiful and divine the poems suppose let the lies end on each line and reveal the truth because everything pdeople say is but a oppinion that wants to be fact wear disguises when it approaches you ...
but its not true you decide the truth of you

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Beautiful poem, ali. Wonderful format choose and it flowed very well.

People are cruel by nature. They are dead inside from playing the role they play to fit in, and when they see anyone who is genuinely happy they want to squash that joy. You're writing is excellent, and I've been reading your bio. You're a good person

Posted 13 Years Ago

this is a very heart-felt poem...surely, i dont see me in your place but what i can tell you is that the more you ignore those bullies...you will see, they will surely stop talking...and till when they will continue talking,spitting their venom...they will surely stop because they sure will have on of THOSE days also...

a beautiful poem!

Posted 13 Years Ago

All you gotta do is smile, show 'em you don't care what they say. Atleast, that's what i've found most effective! They just want a reaction out of you, when in all reality there feeding their selfish insecurities by lowering YOUR self-esteem. Bullying is horrible these days and shouldn't be taken as lightly as it is. ANYWAY, very nicely done. You have me mad at the people/person who made you feel this way, and only a very talented poet/writer could make me feel that. Very nicely done.(:

Posted 13 Years Ago

The hardest thing to do when people are bullying you is to simply ignore them. In this case, writing how you feel and then letting it go works wonderfully! The people who call you names and insult you aren't worth your time anyway. I want you to stay strong and ignore the dumb people.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Ali you are a beautiful woman, I really wish you would listen to me. I know you think it's easy for me to say but I have been you. I was the one they called a w***e and could do no right. Hold your head high you can survive!!!! You are so good at portraying your feelings with words. Get yourself a few journals and just write till it feels better.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Alicia Hirshey
Alicia Hirshey

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Short&&to the point -Aliciaa//Smitten//Mother more..

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