Syrian war is NOT your business

Syrian war is NOT your business

A Poem by Salar Majak

seriously why does every government gets a say in this???


I don't want your pity

I only want to grieve alone..

To cry, with all my heart to scream:

''why did it have to be my home?"'

S**t happens....that I know

but why completely destroyed?

why does it have to be my Syria?


It'll all be forgotten by the world

like nothing had ever happened

in two or even three years later

maybe a little bit more

Don't dare say I'm wrong!

Remember Vietnam? Iraq?

remember Palestine?

didn't think so, no.

This is why I don't need your pity

or world's governments to play a role

If it's dying... let it die in peace

Death is more merciful than foreigners souls

Don't fight then blame others

this battle is certainly not yours

you'll just turn your backs on us later

after starting a third world war

Forgive me for like this ranting

war strips courage from my core

but the pain of losing my country

hurts too much to be ignored

© 2013 Salar Majak

Author's Note

Salar Majak
Russia, America, China, Brittan, the whole world's governments are planning to get into the Syrian war and that'll just make things worse

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I could well understand and feel your position. I am from a country which was colonized for 300 years by foreigners and history reveals that our forefathers had been treated as second class citizens in our own country. After fighting for our freedom my country (or our leaders) allowed itself to surrender a part of its sovereignty to foreign domination. But if only for humanitarian considerations, I do not see anything wrong for other countries to be extending assistance. yet, there is always the possibility that some countries would be extending assistance with a hidden political and economic intentions. This is something every citizen should be alarmed about. Very creative vent. May Peace be with your country.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Salar Majak

7 Years Ago

that is right, every word you said :)
i'm glad you agree and i'm really glad you like it


I appreciate your take on this, regardless of my own feelings of the subject. The rawness of this makes it come alive with the emotions you invested in the pieces about the subject of the piece. I look forward to reviewing/reading more of your work. I have a piece I think you may enjoy as well (I'll message you the name of it). Happy writing! :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

Over the decades this region has been the object of many foreign protagonists. I feel your anguish within the text of your poignant write - and - the frustration of uncertainty as to the future of your wonderful country. Bless you for this honest share ... :-)

Posted 3 Years Ago

This is righteous anger, well expressed! As I've told you before, I'm ashamed of how my country has interacted with your country (((HUGS))) . . . I love the way you've approached this from a truly unique & understandable point of view . . . teaching all of us around the world, so much more honesty than what we are spoon-fed from our news medias. Actually, you don't sound as angry as you could rightfully be about what's happened & what's happening in your country. Thank you for shutting us up & educating us (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Years Ago

Your words are really true and sad. Even though I'm not Syrian, I'm not live in conflict country but I can understand their pains, their feelings and their hopes to live a normal life. I have written many war poems and articles but this poem is unique one.

Keep writing...well done

Posted 4 Years Ago

dear salar i hurt when i see in news which is done in your country i can't understand why war happened ..

Posted 5 Years Ago

this is awesome to know you thinks peaces
peaces is beautiful things which is clearly expressed in your writting ;we agree an support you for things

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Salar Majak

5 Years Ago

thank you :)
I did wonder of your thoughts, of your soul's wonderings, dear Salar. So much in the news, and never knowing what's real, what's true, what really matters to those most affected... most scarred. I honestly can't imagine what the world here would be like if nations gathered and stormed our cities and our streets. Our home. And here is your home being torn apart by nations. At a loss for words.. because I can't relate to what you are living with. Just want you to have peace somehow.. someday soon.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Salar Majak

5 Years Ago

thanks Craig :)
I am a fan. I wish you good fortune!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Salar Majak

5 Years Ago

thank you :)
No truer words have ever been spoken...I feel your pain.
Fantastic piece Aurora...My heart goes out to you and your people
May God intervene and place compassion in the hearts of all our leaders worldwide

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Salar Majak
Salar Majak


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