A Poem by Betty Hermelee

an incident, looking back, memories




“My how she’s grown…..”

as my photo book lays out before my aged eyes

so many fun beach days…..i remember…..”


Her swim vest

like a little fireball afloat at 5 years old

in a vast sea

pink hues tally with her rounded cheeks

blue hues the color of her expressive eyes

yellow ones to meet the sun-drenched beach


Each hot summer day

little hand in big one

she and dad explore the beach

rummage for shells of all shapes

colored glass of half-broken bottles

dead sea creatures, stinky seaweed and driftwood


They draw near the ocean with prudence

toes creep into bubbly waves

a squishy bottom

tiny fish nip at their toes


Deep to her waist, she squeals with glee

splashes her dad who laughs like a barking dog

the two seem small in a massive sea

splatter, slosh, squirt

all pleasures of little ones


One particular day

dark, ominous clouds approach swiftly

prior to harsh booms of thunder

strikes of lightening, crackle

abstracts of the night sky


Little one screams for father

he instantly scoops her up out of the black water

as he lumbers up the hill with little one in arms

lightening fractures

remarkable show of the cosmos

they sink in the sand and survive the horror

stare at each other and crack up


“I wish to close the photo book now……

I cannot speak of that frightening incident”












© 2021 Betty Hermelee

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This is so wonderful, i love the way memories are. They make me smile

Posted 1 Week Ago

Betty Hermelee

1 Week Ago

Thank you so much.
This is cram full of things that I like. Especially the irony in the last line. A true tribut to memory and the way we choose to remember.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Betty Hermelee

1 Week Ago

I'm glad you enjoyed it...Thank for reviewing.
Best, Betty
ah but you already spoke of it...and scary as it was, it was one of the many incidents that brought the speaker closer to her father...made her feel secure and safe around him.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Betty Hermelee

1 Week Ago

Thank you dear J. for your review; yes she spoke of it,but she hadn't seen the photos in a long time.. read more
Interesting how some memories stick while others are lost. Anything accompanied by deep feeling is frozen in place and can be summoned many years later. The violence of the lightning described here imprinted itself deeply on the child's mind and thus is easily recalled. This is why people who experience traumas as children can be permanently scarred by them.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Betty Hermelee

1 Week Ago

Thank you John for your thoughtful review.
Best, B
dear Betty... I would cover my Grandma with Sand...
and then later we would walk by the Waves and twirl our toes.
Seagulls would fly close by and we would laugh and sigh.
Beach memories are stored in ou Mind. Enjoyed your memory.
truly, Pat

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Betty Hermelee

1 Week Ago

Thank you Pat for your lovely was a happy one this time! All the best,
Things that frighten us as children tend to stick. This was a lovely piece of reflection which went further. It triggered memories of a not so nice experience. That must have been one terrifying storm for that book to be closed so quickly Betty.


Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Betty Hermelee

1 Week Ago

Thank you Chris for your spot on review. It's interesting how a fine day can turn ugly and horrifyin.. read more
Wonderful write B, but it feels so mysterious with its ending. It left me feeling something more was missing. Also reminded me how awful seaweed smells after some time laying on the beach. Thank you for sharing your work.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Betty Hermelee

1 Week Ago

Thank you dear friend for your reviews! I didn't want them to die at the end, so they live out this .. read more

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Betty Hermelee
Betty Hermelee

Black Mountain, NC

My love of poetry results from my love of art. As a painter I am able to express myself on a canvas. As a poet my words come from my heart, my moods, sometimes sad, mostly upbeat. I like to use vivid .. more..


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