That Girl

That Girl

A Story by Nici

You try to catch her, as she darts between reasons.  In her weak moments, you know that her dark eyes always flash, held fast to things like love and unpredictability.  But her roots are torn up, her silks disheveled, her stance guarded.  She’s still beautiful against a backdrop of desire that resists nothing.  But you hesitate.  Always aching underneath that burden of doubt and darkly worried treasons.  You’ve betrayed yourself most of all.  There are traces of it in your smile, in the glacial way in which you move.  Always contained.  Always with purpose.  But it’s hollow.  All the steps, with none of the passion.  Because all the music’s gone out of the room, an echo that trails in the wake of her laughter.  She’s gone.

But she’s everywhere.  Even when you aren’t looking for her, she’s always looking for you.  In your way, and not hers.  She always slips behind one memory or anothera ragged tryst of sighs and gasps.  Those things you wish you didn’t remember, because they make you feel the distance.  They remind you of abandoned moments and things you forgot to swallow.  But in the dark, naked under your stilled confession, you made promises.  Only, it was too late.  She was not there to hear them. 

And you reach for her, still, now.  After a time.  You extend yourself across an octave of forgotten notes, through a mystery darkened spaces—like a refugee, instead of a deserter.  Your fatal kiss, overlooked, again.  It was a Paradise she knew too well, and a grey-colored prayer not to be outrun.   

Foolishly, you’ll catch her.  As if you don’t know what it will mean to her, or you, or this dark-stitched circus.  You’ll crash, again, to Heaven; her love will leave you little choice.  Taste the winding water, and all the aches are banished—and the reasons why not are gone.  Instant-amnesia.  Her memories will leak into yours, and you’ll be powerless to stop it.

There is no gatekeeper for the heart.  And not even the Sphinx could craft a riddle that could keep her out. 

© 2009 Nici

Author's Note

Told by the opposite genders view.

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Wow...made me shiver. It actually did. Very, very well written. I loved it.
Maybe you could break it into paragraphs though?

Soul Writer

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very nice very nice.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Glasgow, United Kingdom

Just another girl with secrets behind her eyes. I haven't written in a while-but I'm getting into the habit again. For now I'm just a professional procrastinator. more..

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