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A Chapter by Bobo

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Hello, me again.

I only just posted the last entry and then I realised that I wanted to talk about something.

One of the SFTUK members hanging a banner in Beijing

Tibet. If you've been under a rock since 1949, then you'll have no clue what I'm talking about. But you probably do. In 1949 China ivaded Tibet and since then there has been problems within the country, though you probably won't hear very much about it as the Chinese Goverment is very secretive about the situation in Tibet. Tibet was the size of western europe when it was invaded, a place with a unique culture, history and identity, Tibet has been changed dramatically by the Chinese invasion. The invasion, since 1949, has claimed many lives and has banned Tibetans from practicing their culture, language, religion and has surpressed their freedom. They say that TIbet has always been a part of China and in the 1949 invasion it was merely brought back into the fold. This year, the BBC has made two articles, one on the Chinese view of the situation and one of the Tibetan.  I'd appreciate it if you read through them~. The invasion of Tibet had claimed over 1,000,000 lives, 6,000 monestaries and other places of worship and the imprisonment and torture of thousands of Tibetans. The Dalai Lama, tibet's leader, fled the country in 1959, 100,00 Tibetans followed, they are now in 'exile' and not allowed to return to their country or China. More here.

On the 23rd there was  SFTUK party, if you will, and I went. It was so moving, though I didn't stay long into the night, maybe until 1am, after the real party started. I'd highly advise you to take a


Look at their website and even join if you can. IF any of you watched the Olympics or the news you would have seen the two or three english students hanging the banners and one on TV, they were a part of SFTUK and I'm very proud of them for what they did.

Thank you~






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