A Chapter by Brittany DeFranco

Tristan, Rose, Momo, Emmi, and Syn are friends, Rose & Tristan, Emmi & Syn being couples and this funny adventure is only just getting started ^_~


   (In Tristan's huge castle where he lives in the middle of the dark woods, but near a city, something dark was lurking in the shadows and trespassing into the castle where Tristan and his girlfriend Rose were sitting in his game room with Momo the small Neko.

   Tristan, a lightning/fire demon that had a muscular body type and had messy dirty blond hair with blue-green eyes and always wore large baggy shirts and shorts. He was funny, smart, and can sometimes be mean. Rose, a Lycan/dark angel had long wavy red hair and grey eyes with a slim body, she was sweet, beautiful, simple-minded. She wore a black corset shirt with a jacket with chains on it and dark blue jeans, also with chains. She can't remember her past before she was 10 years old. Momo was a neko, she had long black curly hair in pigtails and brown eyes. She was small, about 4'3" and she wore a mini black dress with long sleaves.)


Rose ~ Hi! Let's get started!! *hugs Momo after she shortly came in*


Tristan ~ yeah...*busy putting snacks on the coffee table, he had two more friends coming and there was a lot a food waiting for them*


Rose ~ OoO' okay, that's a lot of candy and chips and sodas....


Momo ~ YAY!! Snacks! *claps* do you have M&M's Tristan?


Tristan ~ *points to Rose*


Rose ~ *Smiling while eatting bags of M&M's and Lindor Truffles. She looks at Momo* Here you go! *throws huge bag of M&M's for Momo to catch*


Momo ~ *Misses the bag and it hits her head and falls on the floor* Opps! ^^' *picks the bag up* Sorry!


(Ding Dong!!)


Tristan ~ Nice. *goes and opens the door* Momo, your playtoy is here!


Momo ~ O_O' Huh?! What playtoy?! *waves arms in the air*


Zack ~ Yo! *comes in and Momo finds out he's a hired stripper and in a sexy fireman outfit*


Momo ~ Who did this and who can I send flowers to? *gazes at the man's sexy body*


Tristan ~ Brought the "stuff"? *smirks*


Zack ~ yep *Smirks evilly back*


Rose ~ ....*looks up at Tristan* What stuff?!


Tristan ~ *Calm* Condoms


Momo ~ W-what?! *waves arms and looks at Rose helplessly*


(Tristan and Zack laughs at the girls)


Tristan ~ We're joking, we'll have sex later ^_^


Rose ~ ....Fine, but no four-some!


Zack ~ Here's the "stuff" *throws some video games at Tristan and he catches them smirking in victory of fooling the girls.*


Tristan ~ *puts video games next to 360* By the way, Zack's just a friend.


Zack ~ Hi. ^-^


Rose & Momo ~ -_-' what the f**k....


Momo ~ *sighs* um, so no sex?


Zack ~ *Sees Momo whispering to Rose and smirks* Hey! What are you two talking about?


Momo ~ *jumps a little* Nothing! *looks at floor while tail sways back and forth nervously*


Rose ~ *whispers* nah, I'm sure it was just a joke.


Tristan ~ *appears behind Rose and starts to tickle her and she bursts out laughing* What was that?


Rose ~ N-NOTHING!! Stop! *Wresling Tristan to tickle him, but fails and ends up on the floor with Tristan on top still tickling her*


Tristan ~ Don't even try.


Rose ~ C-can't b-breathe!


Tristan ~ *Stops tickling and kisses her lightly* Okay. *Picks her up and places her on couch* I'll set the games up now. *Goes back to 360 and starts setting up game.*


Momo ~ Um....*looks at Zack*


Zack ~ *Starts to look at Momo*


Momo ~ *Looks away still blushing from prank*


Zack ~ *Smirks and walks over to Momo from behind.*


Rose ~ *Eats Lindor truffles* and you didn't help me why? *Watching Tristan set up games not notcing Zack walking towards Momo.*


Momo ~ *meows loudy*


Rose & Tristan ~ *looks over at Momo*


Zack ~ *Standing behind Momo with his hands on her sides* It looked like fun to tickle her *grins* watch. *squeeses Momo's sides*


Momo ~ *Meows loudly once again and blushes as she runs under the bed in her cat form*


Rose & Tristan ~ *laughs*


Tristan ~ okay the games are set up.


Rose ~ are mine. *smirks*


Tristan ~ *glares playfully at Rose as she giggles* what game?


Rose ~ ....That's for me to know and for you to find out! *Smiles innocently*


Tristan ~ *Starts to walk over to tickle Rose as the door bell rings* ugh, I'll get it. They're late! *Walks over to door, but it swings open with a slam in Tristan's face* F**k! *Holds face with one of his hands as he catches his balance*


Emmi ~ *Comes through door with Syn* Hey! What's up?!


Syn ~ uhh...You hit someone *Points to Tristan behind the door cursing at himself*


Emmi ~ ...sorry?


Tristan ~ Shut up....


Momo ~ No you shut up!


Rose ~ (She ate too much sugar again....) -_-'


Tristan ~ What was that?! *Glares at Momo*


Momo ~ I said sh--!


Tristan ~ *Grabs Momo by the throat* That's it.


Rose ~ No! Stop, don't hurt her!


Tristan ~ I'll be back. *Leaves with Momo in fist carring her through a door that leads through a long dark hallway*


Momo ~ Help!! *Her screams are heard down the hallway until there was complete silence*


Everyone ~ O.O'

© 2010 Brittany DeFranco

Author's Note

Brittany DeFranco
Hope you liked it, please review so I can write more!!!

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Ooh, this was amazing! It made me pick up a play I started to write a while ago and dropped because it was uninteresting. Now i'm determined! I loved the twists and turns. The condoms made me laugh because of a past experience, but no one wants to hear about that... ;)
Couple things real quick, though (my intentions are good, i swear!)
1) Good job describing the characters! I can picture them well! I'm not a big reader of plays, but maybe give an overview of the characters' personalities? I'm more of a novel reader, so pay no attention to that suggestion :) I know in movies you learn the characters through dialogue as the play goes on. Scratch this comment completely then! :D
2) In plays, they have commands and not facial expressions like "O_O, O.O'" etc. written in text. Since this is for fun, it gives a better idea on the person's facial expression than words like "aghast" and "shocked," etc.. Reading this reminded me so much of my best friend that it's ridiculous :) She likes a lot of emotes... lol (just like me, as you can tell by all of the smiley faces!)
3) I saw some minor spelling errors here and there, like "carring" instead of "carrying" but i'm just a grammar nazi (nickname given by that BFF :p)
FANTASTIC job otherwise! I really want to read the rest of it :) Write on, sistah!

P.S. Let me know if this isnt the type of criticism you're looking for :o i dont want to sound or portray myself as mean or picky, it's just an automatic thing haha.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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