Edwin Warlock

Edwin Warlock

A Story by C.A.Jordon

this is Edwin's back story

                                 Edwin Warlock



For years as many there has been an unseen war, the war between the Warlock clan and the Mayhem clan. The Mayhem family is a group Pyre mages, or magic users who specialize in fire magic. The heir to the mayhem throne must master all elements: fire, water, wind, and earth, lightning, ice, and even light and darkness. Once they grasp the basic concept they are taught to specialize in the art of fire. This is how they became known as the Red mages. Then there is the warlock clan. This clan from birth has no skill with offensive magic. They were taught to use alchemy; the ability to cross both magic and weapon forgery. They manipulate the Mana particles; Mana particles are the building blocks of magic to forge magical weapons. But they have a dark past. The founder of the warlock family crossed a line and went from an alchemist to a necromancer. He made a deal with the ‘fallen one’ the ruler of the underworld, the child of darkness incarnate, the devil. The Founder didn't understand the deal and thus did not realize he had just been cursed for eternity. Now the children are born half demon, each child is born half of a different demon. But every one thousandth years one is born from the current leader of the demons. Edwin Warlock was born on the dawn of this age. He is the son of the current queen of the underworld; Lilith. (I only threw this in for the forum. This should help you understand Cedric a little better and why he must fight Edwin) 


            "This blows,” he said to himself. "It was the coming of age ceremony. This was the day that he was to become a full-fledged demon as many before him did. Edwin was not looking forward to it. He was half-demon and knew what this meant. The demons found as virgin for him. He was to devour her soul to obtain true demon-hood. Edwin was a simple man. He wanted to find a girl he may marry in the future and have children with. He also knew that when he gets close to a girl the demon in him emerges. He was fortunate that the coming of age ceremony was that night. He would often wander in the human world just watching over them. 


       "He was wandering in the human world like he would do daily. This day was different though. There was a girl being attacked by muggers. Edwin wanted to stay out of it. Unfortunately his honor would not let him. He summoned five blades. His blades' birthplace was in the netherworld so; they were named after the seven deadly sins. The first was a long sword named vanity, it had a black handle with six points that made up the guard, this was his main weapon, it is able to channel his demonic energy into a weapon, the second was lust  a saber with a purple hilt and knuckle guard, it's edge was red and was the same length as vanity, this could cast a  love spell on those who are cut or touch this blade if they were female, the third was wrath, a sword as long as Edwin’s body, it had a brown handle with a orange blade, it was double edged, on edge was shaped like a double crescent and the other edge was serrated in a tooth like fashion, it had power over flame, his forth was gluttony this was a katana that was the same length as vanity, its blade was blood red and handle was black with purple diamonds, this blade as the name implies will feed on the blood of whoever gets cut by it, finally there was envy this was a long sword with a curved tip, this strange sword can copy any ability that is used on him, he can also summon a sixth one but chooses not to because when he summons six his demon takes over, he was trying to learn the seventh, if he could do that he could completely control his demonic side. 

  He was floating with the five blades spinning around him, "leave her alone." he demanded while looking down on them with his hands in his coat pocket. His eyes were glowing red in other to control the swords the mugger saw his eyes left the purse. He landed while his sword is still spun around him. He waved his hand and the sword vanished. She grabbed her purse and was backing up in the corner. She was wearing school uniform. He looked closer and realized she and him were the same age. She swung her purse and knocked him to the floor. "What the hell was that for!" he yelled. "Sorry you’re a demon aren't you?" she asked. "Half, what's it to you?" he demanded. "Don't you guys, like devour humans?" she asked. "They don't actually devour humans. They devour your soul by tempting you, and then when you consent, they devour your soul. Then your perty much screwed on judgment day." she began to laugh. "That is one way to put it." I’m Tracy I am a third year at a local high school,” she said while smiling. “Names’ Edwin warlock, a third year than it’s safe to say you’re seventeen?”  Edwin observed. “Yep, you look seventeen as well?” she said. Close I am actually nineteen, until midnight than I will be twenty.” He warned. You know we should hang out as a thank you for saving me,” she said flirtingly. “I’m down; I don’t think any guy would turn you down. Not to mention we have a saying back home; ‘hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.’ So I rather not see what happens when I say no.” he said not thinking about what he said. “That’s so mean, you’re a meanie face,” she kidded. “Sorry that came out wrong,” he responded. ‘It’s okay I expect that much from someone who has been raised by the wolves so to speak.” She smiled and at that moment he felt all his worries just melt away. Tracy was a brunette with emerald eyes she wore a light green plaid skirt and a button up tope, with black leggings and dress shoes her hair was down and she was very pretty. She reminded him of any goddess of beauty.


            They started to hang out going to arcades and fast food places. The time flew by; they went to the beach and stared at the stars. She had her head on his chest. His heart started to race. But the demon did not emerge. So in response he put his arm around her. He pasted out right next to her. He soon woke and she was gone and his brother Venny was staring at him. "Hey loser, where did you go the ceremony was today. Unfortunately we have to wait for the next new moon." Venny teased. “Yeah and what does it matter. I was enjoying being half human for a change,” Edwin retorted. Venny swung and knocked him into a tree. “You shouldn’t disrespect me half breed. Flames were wrapping around his arms like a serpent. “What the hell Venny? You failed to become a full demon Vanity sent me to kill you and you should know; no one argues with Van. But don’t get me wrong, I do want to kill you,” he began to laugh.


            Edwin’s eyes started to glow red, five of his blades formed. “You will soon find out you better not underestimate me Vengeance,” Edwin proclaimed. “Why don’t you summon the sixth blade? Is it because your demon blood is far too strong for a half human to control?” vengeance asked rhetorically. “You’re a bustard y’know that?” Venny just laughed. This is becoming a pain I am so tired of holding back on you Half-breed. You of all people should know what happens when I get bored.” A look of dread fell on Edwin’s face. “Please don’t, not here with all these people?” Edwin implored. The flames formed in to a tornado of flame. Then this tornado turned in to a large sphere of flame the fire was shifting into something, first came wings than giant limbs, after that a tail than a reptilian head. The flames cleared and Vengeance revealed his true formed a giant red and orange dragon. His fangs were as long as swords his size cased a car accident because what was going on. New Yorkers claim they have seen everything but this is the first time they have seen a giant dragon, a giant talking dragon.


“You have to summon the sixth sword now. Or you will die and so will New York.”


            “Damn you Venny, you take it too far… but it’s your funeral.” He summoned the sixth blade. It was greed, this was a golden broad sword, it looked like a royal sword, and it had all kinds of jewels on it. Its ability is it will petrify anybody who gets cut by it or touches it (besides the wielder) into a golden statue. The ability is known as Midas’s touch. Something happened as this happened. A terrifying power that even struck terror in Vengeance. What is this? I recognize this feeling from anywhere he is a… violence demon one who thrives on the death of others the type of demon that would slay his own kin just because of his nature. His eyes glow a blood lust red his hair grew and went straight black, his finger nails turn black and grew like claws, his ears pointed along with his canines, and he had demonic markings that would glow blood red. He began to levitate with the swords flowing around him like a floatation device. 

            “Well I’ll be damned… pun unattended. So, Venny you were looking for me right? So why don’t we get this blood bath started.” H had a smile of blood lust. Vengeance was trying to figure out if this was still his weak brother. Edwin charged at Venny and ax kicked him to the ground. He floated around the giant dragon. He grabbed him by the tail and started to swing him like it was an Olympic sport. He tossed him into a skyscraper building. The building was collapsing and the people of the city started to panic running and screaming at the dragon falling with the rubble. Edwin grabbed the lust and the gluttony. And started to charge after the beast, the beast exhaled fire. The other four blades extinguished the fire (The effects of the swords don’t affect demons) turning it to smoke. Edwin raced out of the smoke striking the dragon with Gluttony but then the dragon knocked him with one of its wings knocking Edwin through three buildings than into a high school.  There was a crater where he landed. His swords were stuck in the ground but rose when he did. The greed and vanity floated to each of his hands. “That kind of stung. The dragon was flying over the school. A familiar brunette was cheerleading. “What is he doing here? Though I can’t complain I have been waiting to see him again.” She thought aloud. She dropped her pompoms. “Hey Edwin she ran up but this Edwin smacked her. She fell shocked. He looked over to her, “oops you’re his new paly thing. You should really stay away when I get like this,” then he laughed. She was crying at the gesture, “I thought he was a good guy. Again I chose another beater. He keeled over holding his head she looked. “Please stay… away I cannot control myself… when I get like this. This is the burden of a half-breed.” the Edwin she knew said. “Shut up I am trying to work here. He looked up at the dragon. The students were panicking but not Tracy. She wanted to see the Edwin she knew again before she left. He flew up just to get knocked in the gymnasium with the beast’s tail. He released the swords and struck from a distance. “What you can’t beat me at close quarters but will strike from a distance. Tracy ran up to see if he was okay. She went and hugged him. “I know this is kind of early but Edwin I love you.” She said. That is good and all. But I am not Edwin and he told you to stay away. He slashed her with his claws he could not breathe because the monster cut open her lung the vanity came to him and he ran her through the heart. Than a seventh sword emerged… no the seventh was sloth a scimitar its ability is to launch shock waves. When all seven are formed the demon is no longer in control but when Edwin came to. It was already too late. “Tracy!!!!!! I love you too.” He still was in the demon form but now his hair was silver and long instead of black and long. “Now I got you half breed b*****d the seven swords formed in a circle. And a giant canon shot vengeance in his human form. Useless as always then pride knocked him out he was tried for demon negligence and there for you will be sealed which will revert you to a fourteen year old boy and you will have to learn the swords again, also you have been banished to the human world. In fact you will be attending a school so you stay out of our way. If we come across you again we will kill you half breed.”

            “This blows I hate school uniforms.”                           

© 2012 C.A.Jordon

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i must say my dear friend u truely are one of kind lol i love this story almost as much as i love revonate code lol cant wait to see what else u write! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Tracy!!!! Oh my gosh! I cried when she died! She was so stupid to stay at Edwin's side! Specialy when he was in his demon form!

I liked how you described the swords. It's really gonna help when I draw him.
(Oh yeah I'm planing on drawing everyone in Mystic Academy by the way.)

Reading this -finally- let me know more about Edwin.

Keep it up!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Really cool - I love the Tracy part and how she was killed. Explains SO MUCH about Edwin!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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p.s love the sword explanation really had me understand the weaponry. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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wow! Venny is quite the mean one hahaha that's wicked! your story was wicked too, starting to get Van and Venny better from who they are and what they're like. coooool !

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Hey,everyone... i've reading over my stories and jesus my grammer is terrible. I am going to go over them and do lot of editing. so i apologize, i just so into my stories I forget the basics. I am now.. more..

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