A new horizon

A new horizon

A Chapter by Fabula

R'Yldra, the Sunken City
The imperial year 1553


The sun was burning high in the sky as Hyzan stood at the entrance of his home overlooking a vast landscape scattered with lakes and streams. He stepped outside from a giant cave that led all the way under the Kaqar mountains. Many families had moved to the giant labyrinth of underground archways after the great flood. It was a common sight to see wave after wave of strangers streaming in to the safety of the dark rocks. Hyzan was one of the few children who had survived the massive storm that had crushed the beautiful city at Wave's End. But now nothing remained of the once magnificent castle of R'Yldra. Five years had passed since the ocean had claimed its dominance over the wide valleys behind the Kaqar Mountains.

Finally, after an aeon of darkness Hyzan could see the sun for the first time in five years. The moment the sunlight hit his face and the heat danced on his face made him the most happy soul in the whole universe. He had grown, a muscular body supported a friendly face that had seen to many horrific visions. His eyes, one cherry red the other golden yellow, had not lost their sharp sense. Today was a good day for hunting.



He carried little when travelling, an old habit, as he had liked hunting from a very young age. At his back hang a leather pouch and a long wooden bow stacked together with several arrows. In his hands he held a long spear cut from bamboo and fitted with an iron point in which he had carfed the rune of his House, though he had never learned what it meant. He was a proud man now, at the age of 17 he was considered a mature and treated likewise. He had never had much family. His parents had died when he was only two months old and consequently was raised in the presence of a strict, but wise and noble, grandfather who called himself Grimm, though Hyzan questioned this to be his real name. Alas Grimm had not survived the great flood. He had died a few days after the flood due to a wound at the head. Grandfather's last words had greatly upset Hyzan. "Hyzan, son of Munin, listen closely to what I will tell you now. When the thirteenth year of the Dragon draws near and the Serpent God awakens, from the shadow Justice will be spoken by the One of Sky-blood. I give you my blessing so the stars may watch over you and fortune guide you in times of darkness and light. Forgive me. "


The memory caused tears to fall down his cheeks which he quickly swept away. He had to keep moving, think of something else. Jumping from one rock to another he advanced at a slow, but steady, pace. Patience was the most valuable skill when hunting. The constant beat of crushing stones under his feet formed the only disturbance. Hyzan in the cave was a different person from Hyzan on the march. His senses attuned to nature he heard every sound around him, felt the smallest shift in the air and smelled the rich wind that blew across the land. He was a hunter now, every step part of a dance. The swing of his spear the music. Increasing his speed he leapt over ever bigger gaps between the slippy rocks. His bare feet aborbing the shock and pushing back up in the air in one smooth motion. Hyzan had longed for this day. To run in freedom at the mercy of the land. There was only one thought that ran through the hunter.


Today was a good day for hunting.


© 2012 Fabula

Author's Note

The very first chapter of my very first book :) Feel free to comment, I am still trying to find my own writing style in this, so forgive me for any mistakes. I hope you will like it.

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Added on June 27, 2012
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Hello! I am a 17 year old male from the Netherlands and have been writing poems and short stories for only a very (VERY...) short time. If you have any critique you are free to comment on whatever y.. more..

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