life in CHAOS(Calamity Has Attacked Our Souls)

life in CHAOS(Calamity Has Attacked Our Souls)

A Story by Clive D Costa

An ordinary day in an extra ordinary world.

I got up from the ruins and made my way to find food. Bullraptor meat is delicious, but they are hard to get. Bullraptor......cow-like crocodile creatures that are fast, yet dumb. they're also the the size.
  As I go through the ruins. I hear a searing sound scorching through the sky. I thought "griffin". Then I see something high in the sky. i then see it coming down at me.

"Oh-s**t" I murmured.

I tried to hide by running, but it fell to fast. i noticed that he had a bullraptor in its hand. He throws the bullraptor away interested in the new prey. when it looks at me it lets out a screeching shout. among the ruins there were some glass. i saw all of them broke, and i had to hold my ears to live. I'm never unarmed. There's  guns everywhere, plus I always carry a short-barreled shotgun and a sharp buster sword. Though they are heavy, I got habituated and learned to live with it.
      As heard from old mythological stories, the griffin has the body,tail and legs of a lion. It has the eagles head.
I saw the griffin running at me. I see space under the griffins body. then i run at him and slide down. I go under the space and shot three shots at his stomach. He just flinched.
       Then I see a multi-grenade launcher. i quickly went and grabbed it. the griffin did something i never heard it do. It got up and flew and shot a blackhole of gas. It looked
like something flammable. so I shot all of the grenades before it could light it. then the flames all shot at him and he shouts. he flew right away and escaped. as it left i felt calm.

" it will be back" i said to myself.

I was really hungry, and then i looked at it. i cooked the meat in the fire and ate it. i filled my stomach.

© 2013 Clive D Costa

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Added on April 17, 2013
Last Updated on April 17, 2013
Tags: biography, Sci-fi


Clive D Costa
Clive D Costa

Bronx, NY

I'm calm and i like to write. I prefer writing over most other things. more..