The anti Future world ( half)

The anti Future world ( half)

A Story by Clive D Costa

Year 3011,    11years ago Humans started nuclear wars around the world which kept scars as they were fought . Scientists created deadly creatures by adding blood and gene . This made things more deadly . Among 100% of the people 98% was wiped out . Among this 2%, 1% could not survive. And among this 1% a hero rose, and his name was CHRONICLE D’LORDE.
                         6:00 AM in the morning 
Chronicle woke up in his house . He went outside and saw a ruin of a forest. This made him remember of his childhood memories of playing with his parents and brother. His brothers name  was SCARLET . His face became sad as if he would cry any moment . He ate fruits and playing an old game (PSP) which he found in a mall ruin .  In about 10:00 AM he heard a scream .
Chronicle �"Human !
He took the baseball bat and he rushed to the point where the scream came from . When he reached it he saw a Silver color  haired girl in danger of a land piranha . The piranha jumped to bite the girl , suddenly Chronicle appeared in front of the girl and hit the piranha . The force was so strong , that the piranha flew away ! 
Chronicle �" A homerun !
Girl �" Thanks for saving my life! Who are you?
Chronicle- Chronicle’s the name.
Sylvette- Mine’s Sylvette . Oh no ! I’m injured !
Chronicle �" Don’t worry ! I’ll  carry you . 
Chronicle carried Sylvette to his house . He had rebuilt the house after the war . It was destroyed during the war . Then he rebuilt it. Not much neat , but the best house right now. Chronicle was a smart young man . He created every thing he needed . He created a store . Here he kept his medicines and other usful things . There was a garden beside his house ,where all the trees grew. Fruits and Vegetables were everything chronicle could eat. From the store he took an aspirine and took an apple for Sylvette. 
Chronicle �"Here take this . this’ll cure the pain . so , what’s your target? 
Sylvette �"I want to find my parents .
Chronicle �" alone ?
Sylvette �" Yeah .
Chronicle �" are you out of your mind ! there’s a lot of toxic and dangerous                                                                     creatures in this new world! There’s experiment 29(toxi-veno)the most disgusting and toxic monster.There’s the lion shark (experiment 2) the most dangerous monster. And many you don’t even know of! 
Sylvette �" Teach me !
Chronicle then tought sylvette everything he knows of except one thing .Time went by as he tought her what he knows . Night came . 
Sylvette �"I’m hungry! Do you have any meat we can cook ?
Chronicle �" I do ! wait you can cook ?
Sylvette �" Of coarse I can ! I’m a girl!
Chronicle rushed to the fridge and brought out the meat ,land turtles meat!Sylvette cooked the meat and they ate it . 
Sylvette �" What meat was that ?
Chronicle �" Land turtles .
Sylvette made the big �"eye look . Chronicle explained that land turtles were barely turtles . they were bulls and cows mixed together . But how come he knows so much ? It is because that he was there when all of this really  happened he was very young and had a sharp head . Then they went to sleep . 
Chronicle woke up fiercely by a guys scream. When he went out , he saw a guy being chased by a land turtle, herbivores . 
Chronicle- hey lie down !  they are not scavengers ! 
Man �" I’ll die anyway, what’s the point!
The man fell down and got unconsious . While the land turtles thought he was dead and they went away. Then he woke up in Chronicles chamber.He said that his name was Tom Uncles .They talked and they were planning to take Chronicle to their hideout . Chronicle said that he fixed a mall ruins and found a lot of usefull things for a good journey. Chronicle and Toms split up and went in two directions .  After a few minutes he returned , Chronicle brought an mb 999 and Toms brought weapons. A few swords and guns . They went home and fixed everything . Sylvette took the bows and arrows. Toms took the machine gun and Chronicle fixed the gattling gun on his hand. They set out the next day , Chronicle said goodbye to his parents grave before he left and after that he had a grim face all day.
On the way they asked about their targets. 
Toms �" Hey Chronicle , What’s your target?
Chronicle �"to find my long lost brother , SCARLET!  What’s yours ?
Toms �" to find a fair life mate. Syllvette , your turn ! 
Sylvette �" You know mine, to find my parents!
A loud roar came from nowhere far.
Sylvette �" Was that what I think it was?
Chronicle �" That’s right ! lion shark !
Sylvette  - Actually that was not what I was thinking ! but this is worse!
Toms �" Split up!
The three went in three direction , as you should know Toms went close to where Sylvette went . He was a coward! Unfortunately , Chronicle fell in the  hands of the lion shark . Chronicle using the gattling gun of his hand put no effect on the lion shark. Then it charged and bashed Chronicle up into the air. Fortunately the force was so big that Chronicle flew away and fell on a cotton bush. He was almost unconscious. When he woke up he saw a red head guy. It was Scarlet !
Chronicle- Scarlet! Scarlet! It’s me , Chronicle!
Scarlet turned .
Scarlet �" My brother ? I don’t have a brother . 
Chronice  - No! that’s not true!
Chronicle went to hug him but a white tiger sprang out of nowhere and defended Scarlet ( as he thought ). Scarlet thought of something , then he brought out his magnum and shot Chronicle.
Then they escaped the rampage of the lion shark that was haunting near by. When Chronicle woke up he saw a woman.
Woman �" Oh you’re awake ! Im Xeroxia and you’re at my house . Im a healer.
Chronicle then explained where he was from and how he got here . Luckily ,Toms and Sylvette stoped by to search Chronicle. 
Toms �" Anybody home ? Knock knock !
Xeroxia opened the door . Toms was staring at her beauty. Then Syllvette whisphered…
Sylvette �" don’t just stare! What , too beautiful ?
Toms �" uuuh , oh , did you see a yeh big boy armed ?
Xeroxia �" Yes , he’s right inside .
Then Sylvette went inside .. before she did go inside she told Toms ….
Sylvette �" I ‘ll  be seeing Chronicle inside.  Flirt her , you might even get the dream you were waiting for.
Toms �" what do you…?
Sylvette went in and saw Chronicle in the bed . Chronicle then explained Sylvette what happened . 
Chronicle- Where’s Toms ?
Sylvette �" Flirting with Xeroxia. 
Chronicle �" Already ?
Then they both got up and was ready to go . Xeroxia claimed that she wanted to go with them . 
They walked for a long hours to  reach the safe zone. Then they reached the place in a couple o’hours. Everyone was then very happy. Toms found his one (Xeroxia ). Sylvette found her parents , who were hiding under the safe zone. But not Chronicle , he was almost sadder than before. He saw his brother , but he did not expect to see him in this condition. He cried his day. But now atleast he knows that his brother is out there…….somewhere……………

1:00 am at night 
Chronicle was standing at the highest point of the safe zone, looking at the moon and crying. Then Sylvette came.
Sylvette �"What a baby! Don’t cry.
Chronicle �"You wouldn’t want to live if you knew what had happened. My memories represent sorrows only.
Then Sylvette looked at the moon and said-
Sylvette �"What a romantic scene!
Chronicle �"it ain’t a romantic scene anymore. Look!
Chronicle pointed at the gate of the safe zone. It seemed that the safe zone was no longer safe , for the lion shark creeped in , but Chronicles sharp eye can point out anything that can be seen miles away from where he stand. 
Chronicle then said with an angry voice,
Chronicle �"I wont die until I find and bring my brother back. Go wake the others, Sylvette!
She went down and waked the others. They armed and guarded the front. But the lion-shark was nowhere to be seen. Then the sneaky beast burst out in the back gate and started the killing. Every one took guns and shot at the lionshark. This put no damage on his armourized skin. Chronicle was not firing. Because he knew it was no use. Sylvette then took two arrows at once and shot the lionshark in the legs. This put up some damage on the lionshark. The lion shark then went to kill Sylvette. But when he was close, Chronicle jumped in front and banged the gattling gun right into the eyes. The lionshark was now half blinded. It ,with agony, gave a piercing cry. Then it escaped. 
The lionshark made more damage than it got. It killed over 70% of the people there was alive. Now there was about 30% fo them. This made a well equiped group of army. Next day Chronicle was made the leader , because he had the most modern and powerful knowledge among all of them. It was decided that his target is the armys target. And his target was to find his brother. 
 Arc was the sub leader of the army. He was a brave and courageous boy. Most of the army was young people not older than Chronicle. Then on the next day they set out in search of a safer area. After a few hours , Arc ran to Chronicle and said ,
Arc �"The others are demanding food. They’re hungry.
Chronicle �"We can go to my place. There’s plenty of food there. And its big too.
Then Toms suddenly said,
Toms �"I see a land turtle. 
Chronicle �"Toms give me the ray bombs, Arc , tell them we will give a feast today.
Well , this is embarrassing. In the anti future world , cows don’t exist! Land turtle are known as beefbearcheapmeat and other large crap names. So scientists who were foolish to create a cow out of cow named them land turtles. They taste exactly like the beef today, but much meatier.
As dusk fell , a large feast took place. While Chronicle behind the house was crying , knealing before his parents grave.
Chronicle �"I found him. But he doesn’t seem to remember me. I’m screwed.
Sylvette came and hugged him to comfort him. Chronicle then realized that Sylvette was always by his side and a good friend. Then he inserted his hand in his jacket and then brought out a gun. Then he showed it to Sylvette. Chronicle started with a sad voice,
Chronicle �"This was the gun for the Anti future boy. Dad gave me this gun when he died and said to use it well. It was said to purify a wild beast or an anti future animals, but instead it brings back long lost memories……………………………………………..wait a minute!
Sylvette �"I guess your thinking what I am thinking.
Chronicle went out and declared the good news. They went out leaving young children and elderly. It turned really serious. They searched everything they engaged but still no clue of scarlet. They returned home after a year of hard searches. When they returned they saw that Toms had a child. His name was Xavier. 
Chronicle �"Good to be back!
He went back to his old bed ,Sylvette, with him as always. They went to sleep. Sylvette grabbed him stronger than she ever did.
Sylvette �"I missed you a lot. Don’t ever leave me!
Chronicle �"Don’t worry I wont.
Then she kissed him in the cheeks and went to sleep. Chronicle started to feel different about Sylvette than he used to.
A few days later , at morning Chronicle woke up when Arc told that Scarlet walked through the area. Then Chronicle took a shotgun and a shield following the footprints. When he went there he saw Scarlet fighting against land piranhas. Scarlet fought the piranhas in front while his tiger killed the others behind. Then the piranhas escaped when the lion shark showed up. When the lionshark was going to hit Scarlet , Chronicle showed up and met the lionshark in the eye. The lion shark stared and then left. Scarlet then looked astonished.
Scarlet �"Experiment C? Is that you?
Chronicle �"I am Chronicle, your brother. 
Scarlet giggled , then started.
Scarlet �"Looks like you haven’t figured it out. You are an experiment. My father Created you out of my blood. And the same blood the lion shark has. Have you ever thought about the connection between you and the lion shark! That is why he knows where you are and why. Have you ever thought why you were present in the lab? Or why you didn’t die when I shot you?
The wind began to blow. It was a melancholy scene.
Chronicle �"Scarlet!
He held the magnum at scarlet [the magnum of the anti future boy].Scarlet giggled again. He went in front and seized the gun and shot him. Then he saw vision of how the experiment gone wrong and how he took his first breath. His birthplace was the mako reactor 1.
Chronicle �"My brother……………..
Scarlet shot the magnum again.
Then Chronicle woke up in his bed. He saw Scarlet and Sylvette beside him.
Chronicle �"I am ……..
Scarlet �"My little brother!
Scarlet then kissed him on the forehead and said to take rest. Now that Chronicle knows what he is, he lives in a greater mystery ……the LIONSHARK !

© 2013 Clive D Costa

Author's Note

Clive D Costa
its one of the stories baby clive(me at the age of 9-11) did.

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