The return

The return

A Story by Clive D Costa

hey guys! ive been gone for while. read this for the reason


Hey guys! ive been gone for a while and im sry for my absense... now im back. when i was on this site last time i was a guy who dedicated my life to poems and this site alone. And after i went to work i slowly started to gain money. After i did earn money... i bought something that caught my eyes. it was a beautiful fender guitar. i bought it without hesitation and after that i got busy trying to learn it and work. i have been thru other depression and tough times as well... i isolated myself and now im a loner. i worked for money and slowly got affected by greed... i sold my guitar and bought another making a 60 dollar profit.. after enjoying the money i decided to get more and i sold the guitar again. now again i bought another and im still affected by greed and even though im aware of what i have become im still not strong enough to change myself. but i have come to senses... i realised that i abandoned my freinds and the site i once made my life...


so i came to a decision that im gonna start being on this site again...

Im sorry my freinds... and now im back..i hope u read and know what i did.. and understand my life more..

© 2014 Clive D Costa

Author's Note

Clive D Costa
its a true story.. and this is my life and id like to share.. if u want me to start writing more about my life pkls leave a comment.

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Added on February 5, 2014
Last Updated on February 5, 2014


Clive D Costa
Clive D Costa

Bronx, NY

I'm calm and i like to write. I prefer writing over most other things. more..