The Coffee House

The Coffee House

A Poem by Cyprian Van Dyke

Bumper to bumper • beating the rain.
Dying for a cup of coffee • in the city.
I blow the horn • fingers flip at me.
I slam on the gas •• and break free.
I drive to the coffee house • every evening:
For the taste of caffeine, ☕
• the heat of the steam,
• the jazz playing softly,
• the dim lights perfect for sleep,
• the window view of the city and the rain
• and the people like you in between;
• Waiting for another word,
• Waiting for another kiss,
• From your eyes
Not from your lips,
• As I hide my smile in a cup of coffee ☕
While taking another sip.
Every day ends the same as this
• and every day begins because of it,
• Because of you • Because of me
• Because of the coffee house
Where we meet • minus e. - my sweet
Sep 13, 2021

© 2021 Cyprian Van Dyke

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Compartment 114
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Author's Note

Cyprian Van Dyke

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loved this piece. an enchanting story told.
emotion flowing in each word. dripping off every line.
{beautiful read. start to finish.}

Posted 3 Months Ago

Listening to the music, smelling the aroma of the coffee, seeing the rain hit the windshield...brilliant imagery. The words promise of a romantic interlude to come. Lovely. Lydi**

Posted 1 Year Ago

Dear Cyprian,

I love restaurants at the end of a tiring workday. Your description is perfect here and so dreamy...the dim lights, the taste of caffeine, the window views, especially in rain.

What made it worthwhile for me was the sheer mood you created, threading softly romance into your words..."As I hide my smile in a cup of coffee ☕
While taking another sip."

There's such romance, playfulness in these lines. A kiss with the eyes becomes deeper than one with lips.

For such moments, one would gladly slave all day. Life is made up of such joys.

Thank you for this post. It's so good to read.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Cyprian Van Dyke

1 Year Ago

Thank you, Divya for your wonderful review.
I'm glad I could give you a mood for your durat.. read more

1 Year Ago

I loved it absolutely, dear Cyprian. You're most welcome.
You've created an ambience from the film clip that I am still listening to as I review your poem. It sets such a lovely, sentimental mood as does your writing ...a familiar place, a hot ,steaming cup of coffee and then to make it even more romantic, you write a kindly letter to a mysterious person ( to the reader) but not to you...I really enjoyed your poetic words ....still listening to the piano music.....
Best, B

Posted 1 Year Ago

Wow! A delicious beginning of something I can actually feel and relate to as far as I can almost see the street, smell the coffee, hear the people rumbling in here and by then past… but then you turned this into a love letter something that is very dear to every poet, well, especially me because I’m sentimental… this is truly outstanding, and I appreciated the read, and I hope who’s ever eyes are looking in appreciate this effort. Or it may just be a poem, but good enough to set the scene. Thank you as well.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Ah, rain and coffee, just simply perfect for each other. This is an immensely relaxing piece, and sometimes I find even just the smell of coffee can be energizing! You were able to write about a drink full of caffeine and make it relaxing and calm, all the while beautiful sounding. The whole thing was worthwhile to read- it was magical and heartwarming and I really hope I get to see more of your work!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Rain and coffee ...two favourites from mine and you captured the whole scenario in such a prolific manner that for a second I thought I was there!Yes waiting for someone while sipping coffee and watching others can be so relaxing in that dim light...
Loved it

Posted 2 Years Ago

There's nothing like a cup of coffee on a rainy day...or any day, for that matter. I love the appeal of this, the ambience of walking into a Cafe and waiting for someone you are anxious to meet. It's my kind of day - listen to that rain!!

Posted 2 Years Ago

The best free advertising in the world is the aroma wafting in the air as you pass. How can anyone refuse? It's almost worth it just to sit and breathe in that arome itself, but as you said, it is so much more than that, with the feel and the sounds as comforting to your senses as the coffee ritual itself.
You set off in this journey, conveying what drives you there, no pun intended, with the chaos and frustration of gridlock, which surely still shouldn't be a thing in this day and age, but sadly is.
Even hearing that same noise from inside that coffee shop is not the same, as you put yourself on pause to enjoy all that makes it such a well respected ritual.
I've even noticed the drive home is never quite as chaotic, funny that 😊

Posted 2 Years Ago

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9 Reviews
Added on September 13, 2021
Last Updated on September 13, 2021
Tags: coffee, house, caffeine, city, jazz, relaxation


Cyprian Van Dyke
Cyprian Van Dyke


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