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A Chapter by Damac

Andrew returns to School for further Operation School training

"Get up." Slosheey said, serious and dis-interested.

"No." Andrew responded, curled up in his bed with his blankets covering his face.

"Get up." Slosheey said again, almost emotionless.

"But like for real, I'm not." Andrew said, covering himself more.

"Come on, we have to drop your siblings and Tim off at school and still make this bus. It's the first day of school, and I'd rather not be late."

Andrew sighed, pushing the covers off of him and standing up. Slosheey turned to leave as the brown-haired twelve year old got out of his bed. Andrew stood up and walked to the bathroom. He began brushing his hair and teeth while he studied himself in the mirror. He was twelve, but his body didn't look it. His muscles were large and toned as a result of his training. He was naturally taller than most kids his age, and his face looked slightly older than twelve as well. He studied his own body in the mirror, looking at the three massive, circular scars on his chest and stomach. He had gotten them when an alien leader, The Patriarch, now known as Hatred, stabbed Andrew with his own sword. Now, the scars were just visual reminders of passed failure. A failure Andrew wasn't willing to let happen again. Andrew threw on a white t-shirt and finished up in the bathroom.

Slosheey was downstairs, playing the role of big brother to Andrew's siblings and a young boy Tim. Slosheey didn't do this out of a necessity to get it done, he was actually rather happy too do it. Andrew's family was willing to let an alien sleep and eat in their house, so he was more than grateful and didn't mind doing it. Andrew's two younger siblings, Clare and Josh, were quick to get ready and excited for school, but Tim was a different story. Tim was an orphan, who had been taken in by Andrew's family in a situation similar to Slosheey. Tim was a fighter, who wanted to be a part of Operation School, but he was only nine-years old, and thus not allowed to join. Tim was sulking in a chair, not doing anything while everybody else got ready. Slosheey sat on the coffee table in front of Tim, his big lanky form making it a bit awkward.

"What is wrong young one?" Slosheey asked, concerned.

"I don't want to go to dumb school, I want to go to Operation School. You and I both know I could do it." Tim said, arms crossed.

"Andrew and I are both very much aware, just give it some time, it will come."

"Oh come on!" Tim sat up, visibly annoyed, "Don't give me a dumb answer like that! You and Andrew are war heroes! I'm a war hero! That doesn't give me any kind of boost?"

"Don't take status as a sign of entitlement, but I promise Andrew and I will work on it. For now, go to normal school. Try to have a good time."

Tim slumped back in his chair "Fine."

Slosheey began to get up when he heard footsteps running down the stairs. He heard the voice of Delta, one of Andrew's two Artificial Intelligence units, on the steps as he saw Andrew running down them.

"---further tests and diagnostics only showed that it is highly possible based on both Slosheey and Anthony's reports that..."

"Okay, yes. Thank you D, I'll get right on it when I get to school." Andrew said, hustling around throwing stuff into his bag. He clipped his handgun to his shorts and slipped on his shoes. "Cortana, appear."

Cortana's purple, feminine figure materialized on the kitchen table as Andrew went past it. "Right here." She said.

"Link." Andrew commanded. He stretched out his hand to her.

"Linking." Cortana said, reaching out and touching Andrews palm. She soon was riding along with Andrew just like Delta.

Andrew grabbed a few more things then walked too the front door, where Slosheey, Tim, Clare, and Josh were waiting.

"Ready?" Slosheey asked.

"Let's go." Andrew said, a slight grin forming on his face.

© 2012 Damac

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I'm just a writer looking for a place where I can write without limitations! I am currently Writing Four Stories: Operation School: What Lies Ahead - A sequel to my first ever work of writing, O.. more..

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