My Name

My Name

A Story by DarkAspen


My name is mine and mine alone. Other people have it but my name is mine. I am compared to the tree, the town, the street. My name is made fun of and I don't care.

     My name is special to me. It differs me from all other around me. No one was named as the same reason I was. I have a reason for my name and the meaning behind my name.

    We are all given a name when we are born, but our name is unique. Yes, people may share names but that doesn’t mean a thing. What is the reason for a name? To compare? To differ? To define?

   That answer is up to you. My name was chosen for me from my mother and father. At times I hate my name, but at other times I am grateful for the unionize of my name.

   My name is mine and it can’t be taken away. No one owns it but me, no one knows the meaning other than my family, and no one knows my name unless they know me.

© 2011 DarkAspen

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Yes I agree with you. Names are such a personal thing. I love mine even though many don't know how to pronounce it at all!! xD
I love the honesty to this piece, my advice again would be to run it through a spell check! It'd be perfect then.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 23, 2010
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