Spend Me

Spend Me

A Poem by David Scott

My version of an afternoon delight... Revised version. Much improved I think.. I hope you enjoy!


Spend Me 

I see you…

worry clouding your eyes

crinkle lines etching your face,

girlish prancing becomes a shuffle

 your spirit flops around the house

 like a fish,

too long out of water… 

Come to me…

before you suffocate

look deeply into my eyes,

lines will be lifted by a knowing smile

within the depths of my embrace

your spirit can swim

warm, moist kisses

 will arch your posture

 into finer form… 

You are longing…

no longer will parts of you ache

you will be touched,

nebulous gaze will swirl 


mind will quiet

as desire billows deep… 

My hands…

rough with experience

 bring a knowing tenderness,

cupping flesh

 nesting your soul,

penetrating deeper than any pain

potency will linger in my kiss,

lips caressing

applying love’s salve

along every curve of your body...

And you will know me…

I will withhold nothing back

giving all I find

receiving all you offer as well,

investing our winnings

into this melding,

pouring my very being into loving you

until … 


You know I am yours,

pulling back your hair

 eyes dizzy with satisfaction

your trembling shoulders lift,

you pet this wildness

knowing it will never tame,

revived and replenished

your once fading heart

flirting a steady beat

upon my heaving chest.

willing and waiting

to once again be


© 2015 David Scott

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Beautiful! This is a really great poem of seduction, you draw out the act of love exquisitely and with refinement.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Wow !! If that isn't enticing and seductive I don't know what is. Gave me goosebumps just now. loved it.

Posted 4 Months Ago

I find the title curiously almost inappropriate enough to wonder if it fits the poem.
No where except the invitation and ending is there any words that seem to express a spending all though my connotation of spending seems to feel like the word "use" sort of in a worn out way.

When I take the whole feel of this sultry, near erotic poem that I was nakedly experiencing just through your words.I too felt "spent" used and spent so delightfully.

Awesome The title and ending felt spent...You completely transferred your desires and feelings to the reader.
that is Mastery Poetry ! You took the reader through the whole wonderful poem and left them feeling well spent as you felt.

Posted 5 Years Ago

 David Scott

5 Years Ago

Thank you very much for the comments Kate. What good is money if it is never spent? What good is l.. read more
Interesting subject matter...

The way you use words is marvelous.

Posted 5 Years Ago

 David Scott

5 Years Ago

The sensual is where my inspirations are fed... Even the philosophical. To me, the true power of b.. read more
Sensuous and beautiful. I love it. Thank you.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

This is the first poem I've read on this website that made me look at how to put favourites in my l.. read more
 David Scott

5 Years Ago

Oh... I am honored. You are too kind. I've been here a few years and I just read and review. A mail.. read more

5 Years Ago

:-) yes likewise. I'm glad to have you as a friend.
Wow this is beautiful. It is the first time I have read such a beautiful piece when involved with erotic subject matter. I think it is because your gently touch not on sex, or intercourse, but on the genuine experience of making love. To bring your soul, truly together with another. To give everything you have and receive the same in turn, not primal and vicious but tender and intense. I absolutely love this!

Posted 5 Years Ago

 David Scott

5 Years Ago

Thank you for the review. I love erotic poetry... sensual is probably a better term for it. I know.. read more
Wow! I'm saving this one. I expected a silly light poem about material spending from the title. What a beautifully erotic poem. It took my breath away. Such passion and soul sharing here. The receiver here is quite lucky to share this level of intimate bliss.

Posted 5 Years Ago

 David Scott

5 Years Ago

Thank you kindly for your review. Being able to "gift" is one of life's greatest blessing... You wo.. read more
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Hello David :) This is exquisite poetry, sir. It's sensual and lush and (intoxicating) :) It's intense and dreamy at the same time. I put it in my library for safe keeping. Loved it

Posted 5 Years Ago

 David Scott

5 Years Ago

Oh... I'm touched. Thank you for the kind review. I can only thank my muse...
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 David Scott

5 Years Ago

She is kind...

How wonderful it is to read such caring tenderness and passion from a male's perspective. This one is truly beautiful and was a joy to read.


Posted 5 Years Ago

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 David Scott

5 Years Ago

Thank you Alisa. I am glad you enjoyed this.
Alisa Js

5 Years Ago

You are very welcome.

This comment has been deleted by the website administrators.

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 David Scott
David Scott

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Much like you... Still, I can only ever be to you what you are willing to see of me. This is true of us all. May we learn to see the best in each other. I am happy to be friends with anyon.. more..


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