A True Avenger

A True Avenger

A Chapter by Dubstep Wolves

Samantha finds another mutant from Xavier's School and tries to convince him to go back, but instead he asks a question she cannot answer to.


Peter and the X-Men accomplished their mission and were currently heading back to Xavier's School. They were exhausted from fighting, and what made it worse was the fact that they were far away from their destination.

"We should stop for a bit and set up a camp, it'll give us more energy for the morning." Mystique said, just as everyone stopped.

"In this part of the forest? Are you sure you even know where we are?" Scott asked, blinking a few times for some reason.

"Yes and yes." Mystique replied, beginning to find things to build a camp.

Peter just had to speed around the camp area to build their camp, it was pretty simple. "Now all we need is to start a fire." he stated.

Everyone was looking at him oddly.

"What?" Peter asked, unsure of what they were looking at him for.

Samantha was in the Avengers jet that she hadn't been on in seven years. "I missed this," she said, beginning a conversation because of the silence.

"Yeah, I would too if I was gone for seven years." Tony replied, being a dick as usual.

"You had to bring that up again..." Samantha rolled her eyes at Tony's cockiness and looked at the back of the jet.

Tony chuckled, amusing himself. "Yep." he replied.

Samantha used her powers to read his mind, then went out of his mind. "Wow, you have a sad memory." she said with a smirk.

"Don't read my mind unless I say you can!" Tony snapped, anger boiled up inside him.

"Oh, was I not supposed to? Oh well, I do what I want anyway." Samantha tried to make him angrier then he already was.

Tony clenched his fists but held back fighting with her.

Samantha smirked again, watching as Tony held back a fight.

Natasha was silently laughing, then realized that they were at their destination.

"Lets see what this mutant can do," Samantha mumbled as she and the Avengers exited the jet.

The mutant they were informed about was crying on a rooftop, it had a metal body, then it began to go back to a human skin.

Natasha looked at Samantha, nodding towards the mutant, saying 'isn't that from Xavier's School?'

Samantha nodded in response.

The mutant stood up and turned, looking at me. "Why aren't you back with Xavier?" he asked, calmly and no more tears.

Samantha took a step forward. "I came here to help the Avengers, why aren't you back with Xavier?" she replied.

"I-I..." The mutant had no words, just his body turned metal again. "I can't be seen like this!" he yelled.

Samantha looked at Natasha, hoping she'd help. "Look, you shouldn't be here either way. The school is for mutants to learn things and learn to control their powers, take Scott for an example, he learned to be able to open his eyes without lasers coming out. You will learn to control your power," she replied.

"How would you know?! Your Magneto's daughter!" The mutant snapped, coming at her.

Samantha used her powers to throw him back where he was. "I've changed," she said, taking another step forward. "My dad has changed too, if you were back with Charles you would know that." she added.

The mutant stood up. "No, you just shoved me into a wall, you haven't changed!" he yelled.

Samantha narrowed her eyes. "You came at me, I had no choice but to do that. Kid, do you have any idea how to fight?" she asked.

"Uh..." The mutant thought for words.

"Exactly." Samantha said.

"I never said anything..." The mutant mumbled.

Samantha sighed, "I read your mind. I don't need any answers." she replied.

"Oh..." The mutant muttered, embarrassed that he didn't know about her powers.

"So, are you going to go back?" Natasha asked the kid.

"I don't know anymore," the mutant replied.

"You have no choice but to go back." Samantha stated, "Xavier will be wondering where you are," she added.

"Can't I stay here and become a JA? In fact, what are you Lensherr?" The mutant asked, using Samantha's dads last name for her.

"An Avenger, also my last name isn't 'Lensherr' yet, its Maximoff." Samantha replied.

The mutant nodded. "Weren't you with the X-Men?" he asked.

"No." Samantha replied quickly. "Enough interrogating me, its time for you to go back." she said.

"Can't I become a JA?" He asked.

"That's not up to me, in fact you'll need a lot of training for that." Samantha replied.

The kid looked at Tony then Steve.

"If your a good fighter then yeah, you'll also need lots of training. To prove that your a good fighter we'll get you to fight a mutant training to become a JA." Steve said.

The kid smiled. "So I don't have to go back?" he asked.

"Well, if your training to be a JA then no." Samantha replied.

Peter was laying on his side of the camp area and trying to sleep, but he couldn't get Samantha being stabbed off his mind. He wasn't by her side when she was stabbed, was she still with Xavier or somewhere else?

"Peter, your sister is with the Avengers right now." It was Charles voice.

"Of course she chooses to go there, that's where she was an Avenger, she always was an Avenger." Peter replied.

"She is A True Avenger, Peter." Charles stated.

A True Avenger...

© 2016 Dubstep Wolves

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Dubstep Wolves

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Added on July 8, 2016
Last Updated on July 8, 2016
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Avengers Avengers

A Chapter by Dubstep Wolves