The dark bloody truth

The dark bloody truth

A Chapter by Eli_Wolf-Queen

Chapter 6


Chapter 6


I walk outside and stand on my porch steps looking for my wooden cross necklace. I see it poking out of the brown and green grass. I run over to pick it up when I smell blood in the air.

“That’s never a good sign,” I whisper and tie the cross back around my neck. I go back inside and find my mother fast asleep on the couch. She’s covered with a red fuzzy

blanket. I smile and quietly shut the front door and lock it. Just in case. I then take off at a full sprint towards the smell of blood.

“Why does this smell always happen when I go outside?” I whisper and stop in front of a worn down school building. I look up and see a shadowy figure standing on the edge of the building.

“What is that thing?!” I gasp and stare at it in disbelief. I squint my eyes harder trying to see the shape clearer but to no avail. What could this thing want from me, or this place? It must have some type of energy associated with it.

“What can you be and why would you be here of all places?” I whisper and look around to see if anyone was watching. I then hear someone’s footfalls and look behind me. I see my uncle, Johnie walking over to me.

“Hey, Uncle Johnie. I haven’t seen you in a while, is everything alright?” I say and turn fully around to look at him in the eyes.

“Why are you out here Ria? You know you aren’t supposed to be here at this time of night.” Uncle Johnie scolds and shakes his head. I sigh and take one last look at the old school building.

“Uncle Johnie, there’s something wrong with this old school building. Can’t you feel it in the air?” I ask and blink as Uncle Johnie c***s one eyebrow. He looks up at the old worn down school building and back to me.

“You’re getting delusional Ria. There is nothing here. Now come on, let’s get you home to your mother.” Uncle Johnie says and takes a step towards me.

I jump back and take off in a dead sprint towards the school building. I hear Johnie’s footsteps running after me as I turn my head around I see that he is changing into something else other than human. I scream and feel the adrenaline give me a boost of speed to make it towards the school’s front doors. All of a sudden I feel and sharp stabbing pain in my right side of my stomach. I scream out in pain and stand on my left side of my body onto the cracked concrete. The wind gets knocked out of my lungs and I start gasping for air like a fish out of water. Just then I see a brown wolf and I start to panic and try to crawl away from it.

“Get away from me! What do you want?! Leave me alone!!” I gasp out and feel my back hit against the cool concrete of the building.

The wolf stops and looks at me with its blackish brown eyes and c***s its head to one side like I had something that interested it. I finally regain my breath and look down and see I am losing more blood as I just sit here and look at the wolf. The wolf takes a step forward and I moan in pain as I feel the cut in my side start burning like molten metal was poured into it. The wolf stops in its tracks and sits down right in front of me. I look down and lift up my shirt gently to see my skin healing itself right before my eyes. I gasp and the darkness engulfs me and I fall into a deep sleep accepting that the darkness was swallowing me up.

The next morning I wake up in my bed. I look around and grind my teeth at the pain in my side. I look over at my bedside table and see that I slept in till 1:47 in the afternoon. My mother was going to kill me. There’s only one person who can help me. I call my Mom’s cell phone and it rings from across the hall. That’s weird. She's not supposed to be here.

I go out into the hall and smell something that reminds me of copper. I hate that smell. It’s all around me. I feel dizzier as I get closer to the scent. Oh my, everything around me spins as I open the door to Uncle Johnie’s room.  I practically fall on the ground when I see my mom’s wheelchair tilted sideways on the floor. With all four wheels in the air and not on the ground like they should be.

I finally regain my balance and slowly stand back on my feet and see a pool of blood underneath my Uncle’s bed. It’s my mom. Dead on the bed. She’s been stabbed 28 times and her blood is everywhere. From the sheets to the wall to even the floor from where I could see bloody boot prints. Her blood was everywhere in this room. What will Uncle Johnie say? God f**k! I start crying as I see the bloody letters on the headboard next to her head. It says: I told you I’d get you back. Dad. He snuck into her room last night and moved her to my Uncle’s room to make it look like he killed her. I knew I smelled something wrong when I woke up this afternoon. How could my father do this to my mother? He told her he loved her! This was not what love looks like.

But then I see something from under the bed. I pick it up and see that it’s a CD that’s completely unscathed. It says: Watch this when I’m dead. Oh my stars, mom knew she was gonna die. I’m scared to watch this, but I know that if I don’t I’ll surely regret it.

I find the DVD player and stick it in. I sit down on the bed and watch it turn on. As the video is loading I think of why this could’ve happened. Why mom? What could you have done to make dad so angry?

The video begins to play and I see her. She looks younger with longer hair and she’s sitting in the very room that she just died in. She’s sitting at the exact same spot as I am watching her on the screen.

“Hello, Ria. If you are watching this video then it means that I’m dead.” I’m tearing up again.

“Ria, this isn’t your father’s fault. It’s all mine.” What?

“I was apart of the Shadowhunter Institution Center. I hunted creatures like you and Johnie. As I was traveling, killing monsters all over the globe, I started to realize that they had lives too and not all of them were bad. What I did was cruel and unforgivable. One time when I was hunting I noticed a monster was hurt. That monster was your father. I healed him and soon fell in love with him. I decided to quit SHIC and the leader knew. He said that if I did he would one day come for me as if I were the monster and he would kill me. I told him to f**k off. He said after he would kill me, he’d come for my firstborn.” It was a Shadowhunter who killed my mom not dad.

“You are my first born. What I need you to do isn’t easy but it will end this Shadow’s War. I need you to get all of the monsters together and convince them to team up against the Shadowhunter race. That way you all can take them to the Otherworld. Ria, my beautiful daughter is the only one who can stop this war before it gets ugly. First, you must burn this house along with my body in it. The Shadowhunters will easily track you down if you don’t. Then you must tell Johnie that you saw this video and he’ll tell you what to do. You will then meet the leaders to all of the clans and you will take them down south.” Clans? Leaders?

All these years and lies she’s fed to me. No wonder she never reacted the same way as Uncle Johnie and I or at least she pretended to. She was human. That means I’m human too. And werewolf if that’s even possible. I’m..both.

“Oh and by the way. Uncle Johnie has kept a secret from you. You have a little cousin named Owen. Find him. He needs to be taken care of. He and you are the keys to this war. If one of you die, it’s over. I trust in you, my daughter.” She always called me her daughter rather than my whole name. It scares me.

The video ends and I know what to do. I pull out a match which I kept in my pocket for smoking a cigarette. I walk over to my mother’s many bookshelves stacked with nearly thousands of books. I’m gonna miss this place. This is where I grew up. I have all of my memories here. How can people stand to leave their childhood home? I run to my bedroom and grab a black backpack and fill it with all of my clothes that I have in my bedroom closet. I stuff them into the backpack and everything my mom got me. Then slung the backpack over my shoulders, and walked back into my moms' room. At that last thought, I grab a random book off of the shelf and light it up.  I run outside and watch as the house burns down to flames. Flames are everywhere. Smoke floods the air burning all of my Uncle’s and mom’s valuables. Uncle Johnie’s gonna kill me for sure.

© 2019 Eli_Wolf-Queen

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