A Chapter by A Drawer of Paper Roses

There are so many ways to say goodbye. So many signs and gestures to say it. So many words to say 'goodbye'. But when it all comes down to the end. No words. None. I struggles to find them, to say, to do, but I fail. Standing there, a wordless idiot. She looks back at me, her eyes watering, lips formed into a sad smile. Not the smile I know, the happy carefree one. Her black hair, which is always down, is tied up into a ponytail. Lavender eyes filled with tears of sadness. And all I do is stand here, speechless.
"Well" she says, voice breaking "I guess this is good bye" She wraps her arms around my neck and holds me tight.
I hugged her back, my body finally responding. My head on leaning into her shoulder. And I cry. Tears staining her uniform
"I'm going to miss you Zara." she whispers.
I don't want her to let go. I want her to stay here, with me, Vito, mom and dad. Blake too! They shouldn't have to leave.
She let's go. Finally, with the little words I find, I say it "Be safe Diane."
She kisses my forehead, the moves on to my brother. I've ever seen him cry before. But now, tears rolled uncontrollably from his eyes like a waterfall. His face with utter defeat. His spiked, orange hair tangles and messed. And he breaks down into a complete mess when our adopted-sister bids farewell and hugs him.
Blake comes out his turn. His wild, white hair swaying the wind, coal eyes filled with sorrow. He towers over us all, saying his goodbyes, tears nearly holding back. 
He leans over and hugs me, I reminded on how strong he is
"You and you're brother better not cause mom and dad any trouble, 'kay kiddo?" his hands rest on my shoulder, looking down at me, tears streaming.
I nod then say "Take  careof your girlfriend, I want my sister to come back." One last time, he ruffles my hair and Vito's and walks along side with Diane. She bids farewell to my parents, who are sobbing, dad not even holding back his tears.
They stood there in the pathway. Looking back at us, holding hand. Blake gives a salute. And I saluted him back, weakly. Diane waved, shouting "Duty calls! I love you all!" Now clung on to my shoulder, weak from his crying. As we watched them walk down to that plane, leaving for deployment. We left back to the car, home, and tonight was dead silent. In bed I couldn't sleep. All I could do was wonder when they'll comeback.

© 2012 A Drawer of Paper Roses

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A Drawer of Paper Roses
Sad ;(

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Added on January 26, 2012
Last Updated on February 9, 2012


A Drawer of Paper Roses
A Drawer of Paper Roses

I have a secret drawer full of paper roses You might think they aren't as romantic as real ones But you're only judging the appearance What if he/she can't get you as rose? He's too poor to buy on.. more..