The Others

The Others

A Chapter by Noah Scott

"Shy, what's wrong with her eyes?" I heard from the door.
"Who's there?" I asked, backing up against the wall behind my bed.
"It's okay," came a reassuring voice, "we're the same as you." The voice belonged to someone younger than myself, though I could tell it was a boy. "What's your name?"
I paused. I had never met these people before, so could I really trust them with my name? "M-Mara." I said, trying to sound braver than I was. I could hear other voices out in the hall, whispers, though not all of them sounded normal.
"What did they do to me?" I asked, completely lost on everything that had happened to me since I got here.
It was silent again. Then the boy again, "We're test subjects." he said, "You, me, all of us. They're using us for genetic experiments."
"But why us?" I asked, wondering why they didn't use brown eyed people too.
"Because as people with blue eyes, our bodies will actually react to the mutations." he said, "The mutations won't destroy our bodies." This made me wonder about the others around me.
"Mutations?" I asked, not liking the sound of it. "Like what?"
"Like," he paused, thinking about some examples. "For example, mixing our genes with the genes of, say, a cat, or a bird, or a fish."
"Which are you?" I asked, since I couldn't see it for myself.
"Cat." He responded, laughing a little. He makes me feel a little better and I laugh a little too. Though I feel I need to stop, and I put my head on my knees.
"What's wrong?" he asked, surprised in my sudden change.
"I suddenly feel dizzy." I said, grabbing at my head.
"Ah, that'll be the after effects of the mutation injection." he said, like it was to be expected, and it probably was, to him at least. "You should lay down and rest, you don't want to fall off the bed." he said, guiding my body into a position where I felt more comfortable.
"Thank you." I told him, grateful to have a friend here.
"No problem." he said, "Well, I should let you sleep." he added as he started to the door.
"Wait." I said, "What's your name?" I asked, wanting to know something about my new friend.
"My name's Shilo." he said, "You can call me Shy, if you want."
"Thanks Shy." I said, feeling myself drift off into a deep sleep.

© 2012 Noah Scott

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Added on November 17, 2011
Last Updated on January 20, 2012
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Noah Scott
Noah Scott

Minneapolis, MN

I'm Noah. I love writing, reading, and art. I write a lot of different genres, though mostly romance and horror as well as GLBT related stuff (interesting mix, I know). A lot of it is Transgender-rela.. more..

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