Tearing Down the Walls Chapter 4

Tearing Down the Walls Chapter 4

A Chapter by FireAngel42029


    Wanting what Jane wouldn't give him gave him a rage inside that Jane didn't even know about, he acted like he was grateful for her honesty. Jane soon found out about the rage he had on the inside when he took what she wouldn't give him, he stole her innocence, she could no longer save herself for the man she loved enough to give it to.

    Jane went to school the next day Dwayne walked with her, Jane was so confused about things she didn't really know if he had raped her or not because in her head she went to his house willingly, but then again when he wanted her she did say no. Jane didn't say anything to anyone for a while ashamed of what she had done, but the confusion was getting to her so finally by the end of the day she went and talked to her best friend about it. Jane was shocked and appalled when her best friend's boyfriend that hooked them up told her that she was raped and she wasn't the first, Dwayne had also raped a girl in the back of a pickup while a friend was driving down the road. Now Jane felt real stupid, so she went and drank some more to forget until her best friend introduced her to another guy. Jane and Kevin hit it off right away he was still a virgin so Jane didn't have to worry about anyone hurting her the same way Dwayne did.

    Jane and Kevin got close fast Jane had got the courage to tell him what had happened to her, she then found out that Kevin and Dwayne was friends also but he didn't know that Dwayne was that kind of person and didn't like it at all and assured her she had nothing to worry about with him. Jane grew close to Kevin and they started a serious relationship and Jane gave him what she wanted to give to the man she knew she would be with but it wasn't the same since it had already been taken from her, but after all the tears she shed over her lifetime and then more over what had happened to her she learned to let go she knew the pain would always be there but she had to go on like she always did.

    Jane and Kevin was partying with their friends every night, Jane had started skipping school and didn't really care anymore she had a man that actually loved her. When Jane was 17 she got pregnant she didn't know it and had gotten herself into some trouble with the law her friends taught her to shoplift and Jane got real good at it until she became a klepto without even realizing it. Jane got so good she got cocky and ended up making a mistake and got caught Kevin was with her and shoplifting himself but putting it in Jane's coat. Since Jane was only 17 they had to call her parents and if they couldn't get ahold of them then she was going to be taken to jail well Jane was ready for jail cause the only person they could call now was her dad and he never answered the phone, but this time he did so he came to pick Jane up, Kevin got out of it since it was all in Jane's coat.

    When Jane's dad got there he tried to embarrass Jane while walking through the store but what he forgot about is that Jane knew about his incident from when he was younger so she started yelling back at him, "well at least I didn't steal a $.60 bag of Ice when I had $100 dollars in my back pocket,Jane's dad was furious. When they got back to Jane's grandmothers house they argued for a while and then he picked Jane up and threw her. Jane had lost a big blood clot and called the Dr. telling him she thought she was pregnant.

    Jane went to the Dr. and had a pregnancy test done and it said that she wasn't pregnant, Jane insisted to the Dr. that she had this feeling she was but he dismissed her. The next month Jane had missed her period so she went to a free clinic and had a pregnancy test done and found out she was pregnant.

    Jane was at the Dr. for her first checkup for the pregnancy while she was waiting she had to use the restroom and found that she was spotting. When they called Jane back to see the Dr. he asked her if she had any spotting she let him know that she had just started spotting. The Dr. told her she was fine go to work, school, just to do all my normal activities, except the drinking had to stop which didn't bother Jane at this point she was so happy she was going to have a baby to love and change the things that her parents had done to her. The next day Jane went to school very excited, but now there was rumors going around about Jane always saying that she is pregnant and that she wasn't but when she had talked to one of her friends she found out that with the spotting she was supposed to be on bed rest her friend had told her that her sister had the same problem. Jane went home that day and called the Dr. her Dr. wasn't in that day so the on call Dr. told her that she was supposed to be on bed rest so Jane couldn't go anywhere or do anything now. Jane did what the Dr. told her and stayed off her feet but the spotting didn't stop. Jane went in for an ultrasound and the baby was fine she was even more excited now she seen the baby's heart beating but the Dr. was confused. A week later though she started bleeding very heavily and had to go to the emergency room. She was checked and told to go home and come to the office in the morning for an ultrasound, when Jane showed up they got her right in and did the ultrasound then put her in a room to wait for the Dr. to come and talk to her. Jane sat and waited impatiently, when the Dr. finally came in Jane heard the words she never wanted to hear and he was so cold with the was he said it he told Jane " now that's more like it" the baby's heart was no longer beating the innocent life she was carrying was gone but now she had a choice to make, did she want to carry the baby until she had a miscarriage and she was told that she could carry the baby to term or have a D&C. Jane was very confused on what to do now that she was devastated she couldn't even think straight anymore but one of her friends let her know it would be easier to have a D&C so she didn't carry the baby to term and hurt her worse. What Jane didn't know is that they considered that an abortion when Jane seen abortion on the paper she lost it. They got Jane calmed down and scheduled her appointment for the D&C. After Jane got the D&C done she was devastated and then to top it all off 5 days later she was in a car Accident and that is when she found out how bad of a temper her dad really had.



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