Chapter 2 - Child of the Demon

Chapter 2 - Child of the Demon

A Chapter by Gwendolyn Maven

Chapter 2 - Child of the Demon


Martha mourned over the death of the love of her life, few days passed and she found out that she was pregnant. She lived with her mother for assistance.

Martha experienced hallucinations, voices and paranormal things throughout her pregnancy making her think that the child she was bearing was the son of Incubus but her mother used to say it's just the ways of the demons to manipulate her and that is not possible. That idea is what she held until she gave birth to her first child which she named Ethan.


Ethan was a very handsome boy, he has golden brown hair, smooth skin but the only questionable thing with his appearance is he has a very dark eyes when Ezekiel and Martha had both hazel eyes.

He was a silent one, he wasn't very sociable and he didn't make friends during his childhood but when he turned thirteen he began talking about his friends which turned out to be unseen. He also began to fear going to church which alarmed Martha. One day, Martha saw Ethan talking in his room, when she peeked in to the small opening of the door, she ended up seeing him talking to someone who can't be seen. She freaked out and entered the room and held him. She began talking and cursing the unseen.

"Damn you demon, whoever you are! Stay away from my child!"

She shouted everywhere around the room. She stared at Ethan to check if he's fine and she saw that his eyes turned from black to hazel.


The next morning, Ethan woke up. The surroundings was silent and he went out of his room and he saw stains of blood across the floor towards the room of his mom and his grandmother. He slowly walked towards the room and opened the door. The moment he opened the door, he saw his mother and grandmother bathing in their own blood, he was so afraid and ran outside for help though it was too late. His grandmother and mother died. He observed that all the house' door was closed and no one could murder them. He believed that it was the demons who killed them, because of this event, Ethan hated the demons and began to live alone after being sent to a haven which he had no friends.

As Ethan grew up without making friends. He was isolated in a single room for being quite involved into physical fights with the other orphans. As he aged, he knew that he had a mythical ability which is to make the person he hates bleed to death without any physical contact, instead, with mental telepathy. There was an instance that he made an orphan's nose bleed by just staring at him, he set a thief into fire and fractured a kid's arm. His violence when in anger was uncontrollable which made him decide not to stay so close with any human being.

Nevertheless, he lived normally except that he had no social life. He grew up and graduated college. Soon then, he was able to find a decent work and get hired.

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Author's Note

Gwendolyn Maven
A/N: Thank you for those who are reading! It's my first time to create a paranormal slash fantasy slash sci fi slash romance genre but I hope yuu guys dig this! Xx

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