Chapter 3 - She's Amber

Chapter 3 - She's Amber

A Chapter by Gwendolyn Maven

Chapter 3 - She's Amber


Ethan had a decent job but still, he had no friends after being involved in various fights with his other colleagues, after these, his colleagues stayed away from him trying to avoid conflicts.

He had a colleague named Amber. She was a bubbly, friendly and soft hearted woman who soon caught Ethan's attention.


Ethan was a great snob at work and was all professional. He use to have his meals alone until one time Amber say with him.


"Hey Mr. Quiet, mind if I join you?" A woman asked. I refused to reply but she insisted to join me. She sat on the same table where I was taking my meal, I was bothered being joined because I was never used to that. I looked at her. She was a very beautiful woman with all those blonde curls, pink lips and soft smile. I caught myself staring at her for quite sometime.

"Don't stare at me, that's rude." She joked and smiled.

"Are you deaf?" She asked but I remained silent.
"You don't talk? Are you mute?" She attempted to make me smile but I still remained silent.

I smiled back at her and apologized and continued eating. I wasn't keeping my eyes off my meal but I could see her watching and smiling at me and it created a weird effect on my chest which I never felt before.

Ever since we had that encounter I found myself discretely watching her all the time when she's not looking.


One evening when all the employees are about to go home, Amber mischievously dropped all her things from her bag to the ground. Unexpectedly, Ethan came in a flash and dropped his knees and began helping her picking her items. She was surprised with him and ended up staring at him. Suddenly Ethan stared at her and they locked sights with each other.


I couldn't take my eyes off her every time I stare at her, we locked sights and I can't manage to stop myself from feeling a weird feeling across my chest when I saw her deep blue eyes staring back at me. Her lips was so beautiful that I wanted to kiss.

"Is this love?"

The moment I asked myself that question, I realized that we can't be together because I'm a child of hell and there's no room for love. I immediately stood up and stopped helping her, I turned back and began walking away leaving her alone. I saw her face filled with questions.

"W-wait." She shouted at me.

I failed to resist and I turned back at her.

"Do you want some Tacos?" She invited me.

I accepted her invite for some tacos nearby and I got to know more about her. She was full of stories. I knew she was an only child, her father died of Cancer and her mom suicided after his father's death and she's living on her own now. She told me a lot about her and she made me smile a lot.


An instance came one day, Ethan fought again with one of his colleague. He was uncontrollable, nobody was able to stop his fury until Amber came to help the people to stop them.

"Stop stop stop." Amber refereed.

The moment Ethan saw Amber his fury faded away in a snap. It was unusual for him because nobody was able to stop him when he's in fury but she was able to calm him down just like that.

They encountered several instances of fights but it was unexplainable how with just Amber's presence, Ethan calms down no matter how furious he was.

© 2013 Gwendolyn Maven

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Gwendolyn Maven

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