Winter and Karu

Winter and Karu

A Story by Hikaru01

“Winter … Hello Winter is anyone in there?”

I snapped out of my dazed state and looked into the sharp green eyes that were looking at me, full of curiosity.

“What’s up Karu?”

Karu has been my best friend for as long as I could remember; I don’t exactly remember how our friendship came to be, one moment I was being pushed around by a bunch of kids and then the next thing I know there was someone running towards us telling them to leave me alone.

“Well I was just wondering if you were busy tonight. I mean after all it is now the weekend and what better way to spend it then doing something fun.”

“I don’t know Karu we’ve got the finals tonight, you know I can’t miss it, my parents would kill me.”

He shook his head flicking some of his chestnut brown hair out of his eyes, he then proceeded to look at me with more curiosity than before.

“You can’t be serious Winter, you’re gonna ditch me for a fighting tournament?”  

He now had a pout on his face.

“Oh don’t be like that Karu, you’re just scared that I will kick your butt.”

To this he just smiled and before I knew it his hand was messing up my hair.


I turned to him a glare on my face but all I saw was the back of his head as he walked away.

“Just you wait! I will beat you tonight and you will be sorry!”

“I look forward to it Winter!”

Oh man I couldn’t wait until tonight I would go to the finals and show him what I’m made of.

© 2013 Hikaru01

Author's Note

another boring class

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Awesome. Who are these people anyway?

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thanks. Also these are just a few of the many characters I come up with, but Winter and Karu and the.. read more
AWSOMNES! :D Glitches Approval ^^ lol

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Well there isn't much to tell about myself.Firstly I am a girl. I enjoy reading, drawing, writing stories and hanging out with all my friends. I'm the eldest sibling. I love to read because it allows.. more..

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