Hikaru and Winter

Hikaru and Winter

A Story by Hikaru01

Although I could hear my alarm ringing I didn't want to get up. I knew that if I got up I would have to face the day and everything that came with it. I rolled onto my side so I was facing my alarm clock and glared at it; stupid clock had to go and wake me up from a peaceful sleep.  My hand automatically reached out to turn the alarm off like it does every other morning; unfortunately I couldn’t sleep today, the reason being was that there was supposed to be some important ceremony thing at the dojo and I couldn’t leave Hikaru there to defend for himself.

I pushed my blankets off to the side of the bed and swung my body around so my feet were dangling just above the floor; I stood up carefully and jumped a little when my feet touched the cold wooden floors. I walked over to the mirror that was hanging up on my wall, I wasn’t really surprised by the reflection the mirror showed me; my blue-black hair was tangled and knotted, but that was to be expected when your hair was wavy and at a long length.

After I had run a brush through my hair quickly I changed into my uniform, only to notice the time, it was already 8:00 if I didn’t hurry up I would miss my ride and then poor Hikaru would be by himself for this ceremony. I took out my phone and opened my contacts, scrolling through the list of friends and family I finally found Hikaru’s name, in an instant I clicked his name and brought the phone up to my ear.  I was immediately met with the sound of a ringing phone and after what felt like a life time I was met with the voice of my closest friend.



“Jeez Winter no need to scream. Anyway what’s wrong?”

“Well I might just, maybe, probably miss the ceremony.”

I was instantly met with a sudden silence.

“Excuse me? What did you just say Winter?”

“Yeah I might miss the ceremony at the dojo.”

“Win you can’t do that! You said you would be there”

I heard a sigh from Hikaru’s side of the phone.

“Listen Karu, you know I wouldn’t miss it on purpose. But I might have overslept a little and if I don’t hurry I’m 

going to miss my only way of getting there. I promised I would be there and I meant it, so I will be there, albeit a little late but I will still be there.”

From my side of the phone I could hear a car door being shut and if I were to take a wild guess it would be 

Hikaru getting ready to leave his place.

“Where are you Winter? I will come pick you up.”

I had finally reached the bus stop and as I started to slow down I could feel that my breathing was getting heavy.

“Don’t worry about it Hikaru, I’m at the bus stop now so I should hopefully be there soon.”

“Fine Winter but you better be ready, after the ceremony we have our re-match.”

“Don’t worry Karu, I’m looking forward to it. So you ready to be beaten by a girl again?”

“Oh haha Winter, that was just a fluke. Anyway I have to go now otherwise I won’t make it, so I will see you later for our match.”

“Alright see you later Karu.”

With that I hung up the phone and sat there waiting for my bus to arrive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

© 2013 Hikaru01

Author's Note

Once again I have finished my school work for the day and so here is another short story thing. Hope you enjoy.

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The names switched and changed a bit but otherwise a good story ^^

Posted 7 Years Ago

NIce story. It is a typical morning and exchange between friends. One critique-- Winter dialed the phone and "met with" the phone ringing. When you are "met with" something, it is something unexpected.

I thought Hikaru would show up at Winter's door to pick her up because he was expecting her to be late. Why is Winter so unhappy to face the day? Isn't she happy to hang out with Hikaru?

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Well there isn't much to tell about myself.Firstly I am a girl. I enjoy reading, drawing, writing stories and hanging out with all my friends. I'm the eldest sibling. I love to read because it allows.. more..

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