Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by Kathryn Elizabeth

"Mama!" I screamed, running down the stairs towards the door. Suddenly, strong arms grabbed me and pulled me back. "No, Emmi! Don't go out there." My father held me tight as I screamed and cried, desperately trying to pry myself from his strong grip. But it was no use. ""


The police informed us that the truck driver had hit a patch of black ice and lost control of his vehicle. The truck driver, miraculously, had managed to survive the accident with little injury. My mother, however, was killed instantly.


I was never the same after that day. The house became like a prison, trapping us within its walls and constantly torturing us of the reminder of the one we lost. My father spent most of his time at the local bar, while I was confined in the house, spending most of my time in my room.


At first, my father would come home in the early morning hours and cry himself to sleep. But little by little, I began noticing changes in his behavior. He would come home, screaming to himself and punching the walls. Then, he began screaming at me, until finally he took all his pent up anger out on me.


He would come home and head straight up the stairs to my room. At first, I would be sleeping, but after countless nights of being dragged out of bed, I sat up and waited, to terrified to sleep. Every night, as he hit me, he would yell at me. "This is YOUR fault. If it weren't for you, your mother would still be alive. We would all be better off if you were never born!"


I believed him. Every day I lived with the guilt of thinking that my mother died because of me. "If only I hadn't asked for that chocolate cake, she would still be here. Daddy would be happy. I would be happy." Every night I had the same nightmare, the memory of that day. Some days, the guilt and emotional pain was so unbearable, I didn't even bother getting out of bed.


I began to wonder what I had left to live for. Because daily beatings and drowning in sorrow weren't exactly the types of things to live for. Wondering what the future held, I had no idea that my life would soon change once again.

© 2011 Kathryn Elizabeth

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You really put a lot into this chapter even if it wasn't that long. It explained a lot about the main character on how she lives with herseld. I like it. Great work. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Aw. I felt my heart wrench at the dad yelling at her and beating her. Your doing really well.
Keep on writing , I can't wait to see what happens next
I can't click on the pictures. Maybe you could describe them? I'd love to help.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Kathryn Elizabeth
Kathryn Elizabeth


Hello there. My pen name is Kathryn, as I'm not a fan of just sharing my actual name with the world. Anyhow, here are some things about me: I love the hipster culture. Writing poems, fantasy, an.. more..