A Chapter by Ethan

explains the start of the agency: M.O.A.T.A


Chapter 2: The Chosen

Mark awoke the next morning in the car next to Callum, who was asleep, both with blankets on with Marks mom driving. Jessy was next to Marks mom also asleep. “Mom, where are we and where are we going?”              “Oh, Mark, you’re awake, be quiet because Calum and Jessy are still asleep,” said Mark’s mom. “This will all make sense when we get there.” Mark’s mom gave mark a tablet to take. It was only then when Mark took it that he realised that it was a sleeping pill.


Mark woke up in a big room full of 12 beds. All Mark’s friends were in the other beds. Kyle was awake and told Mark, “Alright Mark, the door is locked” Mark waited half an hour talking to Kyle until he got bored and woke up the rest of the gang. “Where the hell are we?” Rick said. James surprisingly said something even though he gets very shy and quiet and so he said, “Look guys, it’s a camera,” pointing to a camera that was in the corner of the ceiling in the room. Callum shouted out towards the camera, “I don’t know where the hell I am, or who in the name of the fire lord is watching; but whoever that is in charge I will give the bloke a right knock out!” just then in the other corner of the room an intercom said, “Mr Coachbox will be with you shortly, thank you; and try not to knock him out once he’s there, Callum.” Callum looked angry as he went to sit on the bed in the corner of the room. “There goes your anger issues again Callum,” laughed James, he was always getting himself into trouble. So Callum went over to James, grabbed his shirt, punched him one in the face and walked away. Suddenly the door opened with a creek, Mr Coachbox opened the door and said, “Make one word and I’ll blow you to smithereens!” Mr Coachbox pointed to the bazooka that was on his shoulder. “I am Mr Coachbox but you can call me C-box when I’m in the mood, follow me and you’ll get your orders from there.”

All six walked through a big building down a long passageway. “Where are w…..” tried to say Mark until he was interrupted by C-box, “Shut-up, all will be explained once we get there.” Everyone walked through a door until they got to a spiral staircase and at the top was a door marked, General F. Hawker. All of them went in and found a note on a shiny spruce wood desk saying, on lunch break; back in 30 mins.


After about thirty minutes of waiting, the General finally arrived with tomato ketchup all over his face and a McDonalds bag. “Oof, a big mac can take a lot out of you,” said the General sounding stuffed. He never realised that the six of them were already there until he looked up. “Oh, you’re awake, sorry for the way I look, I thought I would have some time to freshen up; excuse me for a moment,” said the General, wiping the red sauce away with his sleeve as he was walking away towards the bathroom. C-box then whispered, “He is a bit of a messy pig at times.” All five boys started to giggle but Kyle couldn’t take it and started bursting out laughing while Jessy kept her mouth shut.

The General came back looking much better and sat down at his desk with the six kids at the other side. C-box went out the door and shut it quietly. “Ok then; so first things first, hello I am General Fredrick Hawker, sorry for the lousy first impression,” said the General, greeting them all with a friendly handshake. “You may be thinking in your minds that you have done something wrong and you’re getting punished,” carried on the General. “No, no, no, it is the opposite of that, you have been selected!”

© 2016 Ethan

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13 and over!

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Added on May 10, 2016
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A Chapter by Ethan