A Christmas Carol: A horror version

A Christmas Carol: A horror version

A Story by HorrorMaster

Same dialogue as the christmas carol with a different horror twist. It's about a computer boss name Fred being haunted by three terrorized ghost.

Once upon a time there were a mean man named Fred who works in a computer business as a boss. He is 40 years old and always yells at his workers for no reason at all. He wanted them to suffer and feel worse while they work so hard. He also hates Christmas too. Everyone called him "Ebenezer Scrooge" just because he's very mean and hates Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Fred made a very mean and selfish announcement to all his workers.

"Alright people listen up, I know it's Christmas Eve and you guys want to go home and visit your family. Well this year it's not going to happen. I want all you people to stay here over night and f*****g work your asses off while I go home and sleep. Also tomorrow when I come back and if I see one of you gone just to see your stupid family. Then you will be fired and you will never work in this town again. Have a merry f*****g Christmas."

The workers got pissed off and upset when Fred told everyone to stay and work over night. A women decided to speak to him on how she feels about this and that it's not right for them to work all night on Christmas Eve while Fred goes home and does nothing but sleep and read the newspaper.

"Fred, you can't do this. It's not right; we need to see our family. Can you see, that Christmas is all about being with your family and getting gifts. Please let us go and see our family. We are very tired. Even more tired then you." She pleads with a prior to weeping voice.

Fred thought about what she said and finally decided to just fire her if she really wants to see her family.

"Aw well if you really want to see your family on Christmas. Then you are f*****g fired. Please pack your things and get out of here. I'll make sure that you will never work in this town again. Thank you and have a nice poor Christmas." Fred laughed with a laugh that could send shivers down the devil’s spine.

The women got so mad when Fred fired her. She started getting angrily and yelled at him "Oh you piece of s**t, you have no right to fire me on Christmas Eve. I hope you f*****g die you f*****g piece of s**t Scrooge." Fred angrily insists to her "If you don't leave by a count of three. I'm going to beat you down." Suddenly the women left with tears coming out of her eyes while Fred laughed. Everyone was looking at him evil and thinking about killing him. Fred looked at everyone and told them to get back to work while he leaves to go home.

Now it's almost midnight and Fred was home from work. The house was all dark with candles around it. He starts to sit in his rocking chair near his fireplace reading the newspaper. He also gets very sleepy too. He starts to go to sleep by closing his eyes and right when it was midnight. He heard a sound coming from his floor. It sounded like a cracking sound. Fred starts to get very confused when he heard it. He starts to get up from his chair and look down on the floor; trying to see if the floor is crack, but it wasn't. He was starting to think that maybe he was hearing things. He heard the same sound again, but it was coming from his ceiling. He looked up from his ceiling and saw chains with hooks coming out from the ceiling. He starts to run away from it, but it was to late. The chains hook's his hands and drag him up. All the blood splattered out of his hands.

"Ah god!" Fred screamed.

His blood drips from the ground. The ground starts to rip apart while Fred was suffering. Hells flames were coming out from the ground. Fred starts to see a rotten ghost with torture chains and guts hanging out from his neck climbing out from the ground. Fred got scared and tried to get out. The ghost put stitches on Fred's mouth so he wouldn't speak while the ghost talked to him.

"I am Marley's ghost, and I see that you've been a very bad men. Three ghosts will punish you; one is The Ghost of Christmas Present. He is a cannibal and will love to eat you for dinner if you make him mad. Two is The Ghost of Christmas Past. She is one hell of a mistress angel. She will love to torture you and your past. Three is The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Oh yes a very creepy ghost that will make your future a living hell. On every one-hour three ghosts will visit you. Well I better get going now. I hope they punish you well." Snickering as he floated off in the distance.

The Ghost disappeared and also the chains too. Fred got very frightened and starts to hides in the corner and wishing he would never see these ghosts.

Now it's 1:00am and he heard his chair-rocking coming from his house. He starts to get out from his corner all shaking with fear. He saw a big fat hairy ghost with rotten teeth sitting on his rocking chair eating an arm. The Ghost saw him and started to speak to him.

"Oh hello Fred, I am the Ghost of Christmas Present and I got something to show you. Please follow me!"

The Ghost of Christmas Present brings him where he works at and let him see the people suffering from work and very hungry. "You see what you've done Fred letting these poor people work their a*s off while you do nothing about it on Christmas Eve. Now look they're very hungry. Maybe I should turn some of them into cannibals and eat on human flesh."
Fred told The Ghost of Christmas Present not to turn some of them into cannibals. He didn't want to see them eating each other, but the ghost didn't listen to him. The ghost used his powers to turn some of them into cannibals. Some of the people started to attack the other people by decapitated them and eating their guts and drinking their blood. The office turn bloody while Fred got shocked and very grossed out. He started to escape from the ghost, but the ghost grabbed him. Now it's almost time for the ghost to leave, so he decided to get very mad and rip Fred's hand off and ate it.

"Ah god my hand!" Fred screamed in terror. The ghost disappeared and Fred went back to his home with only one hand. Fred cried in pain and bleeding to death.

Now it's 2:00am and Fred was still crying and wishing for this to stop. He saw a hot sexy angel ghost wearing sexy black leather; carrying a rope and a paddle. The ghost whips him very hard and asks him to get off the ground.

"Aw get up you f*****g loser, stop being a baby." Fred got up and asked, "Who are you?" The ghost replied to him "I am The Ghost of Christmas Past, now shut the f**k up I got something to show you a*****e."

The Ghost of Christmas Past puts handcuffs on his arms and a ball gag on his mouth so he couldn’t speak. The ghost puts her rope around his neck and drags him to his past where he saw him as a little child getting treated like s**t with his parents on Christmas 1971. The father always yelled at him, beating him up with his belt. Fred starts to cry in tears while he saw himself getting beating up by his father. His mother also treated him like s**t and abuses him with a broken beer glass just because he wanted a gift from Santa, but his mother is too drunk and too poor to give him a gift. She’d rather abuse him more. She thinks abusing him is his Christmas gift. It was so terrible when Fred was a kid. That is why Fred never likes Christmas in the first place, ever since his parents abuse him. The ghost saw him crying and she starts to hit his back even harder with a paddle.

"Aw that's what you get for treating other people like s**t and crying you loser," The Ghost of Christmas Past yelled.

The ghost drag his neck with her rope, back to his home and torture him some more. Fred was bleeding to death all over his body. She starts to put hot wax over his body. Fred starts to scream while the hot wax beginning to burn his skin. Now it's almost time for her to go, so she takes off handcuffs and removed the ball gag around his mouth and starts to disappear while Fred still bleeding to death, starts to get a little happy since she’s gone.

Now it's 3:00am and his house starts to get even darker. He saw an evil looking ghost coming from the shadows of his front door. The ghost had a skull face, skull hands, and he was wearing a long black old and ripped robe that has a hood on it. Fred got so frightened and tried to not to look at the ghost’s creepy red eyes.

"Who the f**k are you?" Fred asked.

The ghost got a piece a paper and wrote.


Fred reads the piece of paper.

"Oh s**t it's you!"

 A big bright light coming from his house. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come drag him with his skull hands into the light. Then time was going forward when he was 80 years old. As Fred looked at himself when he was 80 years old, he thought he looks so old and still very mean. He saw himself still treating everyone that worked for him like s**t. He also beats them and makes them suffer. One of the guys that works for him took a knife and walked up to old Fred and stabbed him in the heart. Old Fred fell in the floor bleeding to death and died. Fred watched himself died.

Fred got scared and telling the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come to stop.

"Please stop I'm sorry I was so mean and treating my workers like s**t. I don't want to get killed by one my workers when I am 80 years old in the future."

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come didn't listen to him, but then he drag Fred to the graveyard and make him read is own gravestone. The grave stone was all black and gray and It says "R.I.P FRED 1965 - 2045", and at the bottom of the grave stone it says "LET HIM BURN IN HELL ON CHRISTMAS EVE."

| R.I.P
| 1965 - 2045

Fred got so scared and crying.

"Please I want to get out of here I am so scared now. I don't want to die; I didn't mean to be mean. I am so sorry for everything. I'll even re-hire that women and tell all my workers to go home on Christmas." Fred cried.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come raise his skull arms, and wakes everybody from the dead. Everyone were coming out from the grave as dead rotten zombies, and walking slowly to Fred.

"No!" Fred yelled

They started eating him up and drag the rest of his body into his grave. Then they went back to their grave. As the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come disappeared and change the world back to 2005.

Now it's Christmas morning, one of Fred's friends came to his house and saw Fred impaled and looks like he got eating by zombies. His blood and guts were hanging out from his stomach. His arms and head were ripped apart. The only thing was missing is his other hand. Fred's friend started to scream. He goes to call the cops and the cops show up and put the parts of his dead body into a body bag and carried out of his house. Fred's friend decided to go where Fred works out and tells everyone that Fred is dead and everyone got shocked, but they also cheered too. Everyone left work and visited their family on Christmas where they lived happily ever after.

But after that night the computer factory would never be the same. Every Christmas eve as people walk by they can still hear Fred's ghost laughing and yelling orders all throughout the night until christmas morning when you hear his screams as it would sound when he got murdered. This happens every year after that unfaithful night when one boss learned his lesson.

The end

© 2017 HorrorMaster

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You are such a bizarre writer of gore, I loved it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

what a great interpretation of this story! fabulous job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

You are improving. Nice details and moral of the story!

Posted 11 Years Ago

She tighting his arm very hard dude.

Posted 12 Years Ago

It was good.. I liked it.. but how could she handcuff his if he is missing a hand? She probably should have just tight his arms back.. or maybe the cannibal should have just eaten his foot... It would have been a better visual to imagine him trying to hobble around with his nub leg... Also giving her more of a reason to drag him around by the rope around his neck... but other than that.. it was f*****g awesome.. LOL

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow... you can really twist a story into a gruesome horror

Posted 12 Years Ago

Grim! lmao
But thats the poing ey? lol
Another grim piece of eerie proportion hon, executed well!

Posted 12 Years Ago

i like the beginning. haha. (:
cool. i like it. (:
i hate christmas. rawr...!!!
nah, not really. (:

Posted 12 Years Ago

Fred's just a real b*****d.Interesting take on an old classic. As George said it does need a good edit, but I know you are already working hard on your stories and they get better with every draft. I enjoyed the concept of this one. But I love dark tales. Keep up the hard work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

FANTASTIC! It was your best Twisted Tale yet. You added LOADS of detail, and turned a classic into a nightmare for anyone who reads it. Excellent story, and this makes you my favorite author. I loved your version it was an outstanding story that would make anybodyy cringe.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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