The Nightmare, 7th Movement

The Nightmare, 7th Movement

A Chapter by Neo-Water Basilisk

From one of my "midnight" sessions.

Within a cathedral, a man by the name of something inconsequential (and therefore the name will be not further discussed) sits upon a stone bench in an arbitrarily chosen position. The man, a computer engineer, has no business in the religious structure, but having no other location of interest in mind, has decided to stay here. He holds his head with his hands as though defending him from mortal blows, though no one is present.
  "Think man, think! The universe should be more complicated than this!" he thought, as frustrated as the author.
  Introducing a new character, a young girl, whose name is __. She asks the man, "Hey mister, what is wrong?"
  The man replies: "I do not know if you will understand, but regardless of that, I will elaborate my frustration. I am in the process of understanding just how this universe works, but at the same time, my employer has tasked me with developing a computer server powerful enough to hack life (though what he really means to say is all of reality; the universe). Thus, I am waiting for the author to decide which will occur first. However, this wait is becoming lengthy, as can be determined by the amount of breath I am wasting."
  "Hehe, you're a funny man," says the loli, laughing joyfully. She approaches the man and pats him on the head. "Don't worry, I'm sure this won't be a huge problem for you. Anyway, I have to exterminate some sick child's inner demons now. Good luck, mister. Maybe we'll meet again." __ makes her way to the centerpiece of the cathedral - a pedestal, upon which is a mirror carved from human ivory, its reflective surface being the souls of the dead.
  The man waves and bids farewell; the loli returns the gesture and reaches into the well of souls of the mirror and disappears in a puff of colourful smoke. The computer engineer sighs in a resigned manner afterwards.
  "This is certainly a conundrum that must be solved, is it not?" he asks himself. "But... It's clear to me that I must understand the universe before I can create a server that can hack it. (Though, is this conclusion mine or the author's?)"
  The man continues his deep meditation. After some time passes, he suddenly leaps from his seat, a light bulb shining brightly over his head. "Of course!"
  With that, he develops an AI that understands the universe. Using the information provided by the AI, he develops a server powerful enough to hack life.
  As he finishes his job, the man says, "Whew! It looks like this incident has been resolved by a deus ex machina! Never have I relished cogitation so much."

© 2011 Neo-Water Basilisk

Author's Note

Neo-Water Basilisk
It's free-writing. Feel free to free-review.
Whatever the Hell that means.

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Added on February 15, 2011
Last Updated on April 12, 2011
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Neo-Water Basilisk
Neo-Water Basilisk

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