26.2, Nothing

26.2, Nothing

A Chapter by Neo-Water Basilisk

There really is

_The Nightmare 26.2: Nothing_
nothing. There is nothing. All to naught, not to be. All before me, dissolve to nothing; all before me, annihilate.
  "That is right. I have your son in my custody. I will kill him within the hour. You best try to stop me in that time. Good bye." I click the cell phone shut and throw it out the open window; gravity will take care of the rest.
  Before me is a young boy, perhaps aged 13 to 16, sniffling, shivering, scared, fearful; fearful of me, or my switchblade? Of course it is me, for a tool has no will of its own. Before me is my annihilation, my single curse that I shall lay on the world, my immortality. Through him, I can become more than man. I will become annihilation, a destroyer of hopes, a merciless killer, a-
  "Let me g-"
  "SHUT UP!!" I scream.
  There is nothing that can stop my transformation into a decider of fates. The weight of a life shall now depend on me. I will decide whether or not there will be nothing for the boy before me. Within this hour, I am divine. And soon, forevermore shall I stay divine.
  "Why me?..."
  "SHUT UP!!"
  "I have my parents and friends... I want to go back to school... Let me go!"
  "SHUT UP!!"
  An insolent punk before requires a lesson Thus, my fist shall teach it. I forget to withdraw my switchblade; my lesson leaves more than just a bruise. The boy screams in pain.
  I smile.
  "Boy, what is your name?"
  "I asked you your name, boy."
  This time-
  "David, eh? How old are you?"
  "I... I'm ten..."
  An error on my part; the morality of taking an innocent's life is questionable... but still doable.
  "Who do you prefer: your mother, or your father?"
  "M-My d-dad."
  "Ooooh? Hehe, whyyyy?"
  "Because he takes me f-fishing, and lets me stay up."
  "I see, I see, icy cold to your mother then?"
  "N-No! She helps me make my lunch and she makes dinner..."
  Hilarity ensues.
  As I convulse.
  Could anger me more.
  "The correct answer is BOTH ARE GUILTY! Guilty of playing along with the game. But this time, I'm changing the rules."
  Back to basics, back to the hand, backhand. The blade narrowly misses the boy's face, its deathly glint reflecting in his eyes, illuminating his terror.
  "Grains of sand do not fall on their own, gravity beckons them. Just as time beckons my patience, until eventually..." I sharply push the knife's flat side against the boy's cheek.
  I'm going to kill him! There will be nothing! There has always been nothing! And so nothing shall be!
  I whip around and look out the window to see the sewage wastes trickle through congested arteries; the body of a sick one is disgusting indeed.
  "Can you see this all? This ridiculous game? See how they move, to and fro, those lives. Filthy. Really just tasteless. Makes me SICK. But that's okay."
  I look at the boy from across the room.
  "I'm changing the rules today."
  I can hear sirens now. Red and blue flash in the corner of my eye.
  It's time.
  I stalk to the boy. He is shivering.
  "M-m-Mum, d-dad, where are you!?..."
  "See, now, child, they are a part of the game. They sent the referees to call for a timeout. They want to give me a red card. But I'm changing the rules. This time, I'm giving the red card - to you."
  Driven is my knife, driven by the will of hatred, deep into the boy's chest, planted into his heart, so that the steel root may grow into a bloody red flower over top of him, blooming and unleashing the incredible odour of life and death, the border of which is blurred and hazy ever since an organism's birth.
  There is no scream from him.
  There is no sound.
  There is neither final gasp nor death rattle.
  There is nothing.
  There are only referees around me, screaming at me to release the budding corpse flower. So I comply.
  There are only walls of ash around me, preventing my escape. So I am complacent.
  There are only other players of the game around me, debating over my fate. So I let them play.
  Now, there are only the empty-minded and wrong-minded around me. So I laugh.
  For I know one secret.
  I am the only right-minded here.
  But in the game, it's meaningless.
  In the game, there is no "win."
  There is no "victory."
  There is no "hope."
  There is no "despair."
  There is no "hate."
  There is no "defeat."
  There is no "sanity."
  There is only one truth...
  There is

© 2011 Neo-Water Basilisk

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Added on May 15, 2011
Last Updated on May 15, 2011
Tags: female structure, nightmare, insanity, murder, suicide, revelation, revolution


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