Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by McKayla

“ How long will it take to get there? I hope they will be able to fix her leg” I say. Mason turns left down a curvy road. Once again, he is ignoring me. This must be a short cut. I think to myself.  I watch the trees orange, yellow, and red leaves fall as we cut around the turns. I can hear the little rocks from the road hit the car. I look out my window and see a big cliff off the side of the rode. I hate driving by these things. I am always scared that we will fall to our doom and die. Like those little rope things are going to save us from dying. I think to myself.

“ I will get there as fast as I can” says Mason.  Mason turns the wheel to avoid a car coming into our lane on one of the turns. I am jerked to the side of the car and the breath is taken out of my lungs. I hear the vehicle skid  as my head hits the window of the passenger door. I feel the warmth of the blood dip from my hair and onto the side of my face. The car swerves down the hill on the side of the rode. The sounds of crashing and banging are so loud that they could burst your eardrums. I hear the crash of the windshield against a hard substance and feel millions of tiny bee stings puncher my face. I am flipped upside down multiple times. My seat belt is rubbing my shoulder to make it burn like fire.  My eyes close as the roller coaster continued. I feel dizzy. I feel the tight hug of the seat belt dig into my stomach. I am jerked up, down, left right, and hit my head multiple times on the back of my seat. I feel warm liquid stream slowly down my back as sticks, leaves and debris fly in through the cracked open windshield. I am unable to control my movements. I hear Isabelle fly from the back of the car to the front. I hear her crying like she is getting beaten. I feel the car stop as if we hit a wall. My body is still moving slower than before. Then all is silent. All I can hear is my pulse in my head, beating fast with adrenaline. I hear the crying of Isabelle. I am not really sure what has happened. A few minutes later I hear ambulance sirens. I open my eyes to see the world moving fast side to side. I see feet moving back and forth in front of me. I am hanging upside down from my seat. I start to feel sleepy.

“Wendy!? are you okay?” I hear in the distance. Isabelle is sitting right next to me whining as if in pain again. My vision is in and out, black then the red of my blood dripping from my head. My heart in beating furiously. All of a sudden all I saw was the emptiness of my dark room.

© 2016 McKayla

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There's a lot of vivid imagery with this very head-first jump into the story, it works nicely. However, all I would suggest is to go back and check on spelling and comma's. Otherwise, this is a pretty good start.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I like to write fiction. Fiction is what comes easy for me. more..

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