Entry Two

Entry Two

A Chapter by Chelle

Monday - 3:00PM

 Since when do I not hate Mondays?  I can’t even think of such a time.  And today, I’ve never hated it more.  Then again, every Monday is a b***h when you live in my shoes.  After all, being considered “The Class W***e” from a Friday night screw-up doesn’t exactly land you in the hottest spot on the totem pole.  Hell, now that I have pregnancy to add to the list, I just hit rock bottom.  Geez, I’m sure MTV would find this worth broadcasting to the world.  I can see it now:  “Juvenile Delinquent: A Day in the Life of a Teenage Train Wreck.”  Talk about entertainment.
  Well if that was the case, this day would have been perfect for shooting.  In case you’re wondering, no, the news of what’s about to be kickin’ inside this ho’s belly hasn’t come up yet.  Since yesterday, I haven’t told anyone.  I think I’d like to get peace of mind before I even attempt that.  Instead, I ran into Eric of all people, same sly smirk as always.  Only this time he had his new playmate, Angela, draped over him.  What a lovely couple.  I’m sure together, they can mass produce enough mindless beings to populate a whole classroom in Hellville High.  Like I was saying, the two of them had a lot of nerve today, mouthing off multiple reminders of my place in this school’s little society.  No surprise there.
  And then it happened.  The moment Angela turned her head the opposite direction while she and Eric walked past me; I felt a sudden sting right when the b*****d himself took a good slap at my a*s.  I’m not sure what the “normal” reaction would be for other people, but I wasn’t gonna let him have it.  Long story short: He’ll probably need to see a doctor to check if he can still reproduce.  It’s a wonder what a good pair of Converse can do to bring a jackass like Eric down to his knees.  As a result, I got suspended.  No surprise there, either.  The faculty never liked me anyway.  One look at pretty boy on the ground, cradling his eggs like his life depended on it, and another look at me was enough to send me to the office with no questions asked.  Like I give a damn after getting a good show of seeing that little boy cry over his family jewels.  Mom and Dad, on the other hand, flipped.  What a shocker.  The fact that I got suspended surprises them now?  They must’ve had more hopes about me than I expected.  And then sooner or later, I’ll be crushing all that’s left…

© 2013 Chelle

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Added on May 9, 2013
Last Updated on May 9, 2013
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