An Eidolon Demon

An Eidolon Demon

A Chapter by AmySkye

It was dawn now as the light of the sun turned to red over the mountain tops. Jayda sucked in a breath of the sweet smell of pine and shrubbery. Kneeling behind a high bush she got a glimpse of what she was there for. Eidolon Demon. A shape shifter demon, leave it to the Shallium to call the Peace’s when a little demon is caught roaming the streets. The demon was in the shape of an older man, and for a brief moment Jayda thought it was human, but her mind told her differently. Sense she could remember, Jayda has had this power, and was able to sense when a demon was close by.

    Before she could finish her thought, a boy around what looked like an age older then her, walked right by the demon. To her surprise the boy stopped and stood as the wind blew through his hair and his leather jacket. The demon stopped just feet in front of him. Then in a blink of an eye the demon had transformed into its normal body and threw its self at the boy knocking him down. Jumping out of the bushes Jayda reached for her blade.

    “Get lost little girl,” said the boy wrestling with the demon, rage welled up in her chest. ‘little girl’? She thought, and reached for the dagger that lay in a sheath attached to her belt. Walking over to the boy and demon she quickly separated them and threw the boy to the side. She slashed the blade to make the demon back off, but it leaped at her. She ducked and as the beast flew over her she slid the knife down its stomach. The demon screeched and twitched on the floor as it shifted from shape to shape, finally Jayda dug the firm, jagged blade into its heart.

    She looked back to the boy, with anger in her eyes. “What were you doing exactly?”, the boy got to his feet. The light was almost totally gone from the sky so it was hard to see his face full frame.

    “I was trying to kill the demon”, he replied, “what else would I be doing?” he stepped closer to her,

    “Didn’t seem like you were doing a very good job”, said replied placing a hand on her waist.

    “Excuse me but I don’t think I asked your opinion on the matter,” he crossed his arms with anger,

    “You haven’t had much training have you?” she asked as if he had said nothing,

    “No, but I don’t see how its any of your business”

    “I was just wondering,” she stood up straight, still not being able to match his height. She looked at him gingerly, his hair lay thickly on his head just past his ears and black in the dim lighting and his eyes dark brown. He wore a light blue t-shirt and dark jeans. His shoes, covered in dirt from the soil under his feet, were gray as he stood tall, towering over her. Jayda herself was only five foot one, and he seemed to be at least five foot eight. It was then that she realized he was speaking to her,

    “ staring at me?” was all she caught,

    “What?” she said as if he had slapped her into reality,

    “Why are you staring at me?” he said once more,

    “I- I wasn’t,” she said hesitantly, “You need to watch yourself kid,” rage raised in his eyes,

    “I am not a kid, I am seventeen,” he exclaimed throwing his arms to his sides, “You’re the child here. How old are you anyway, thirteen? Fourteen?” as he finished, Jayda swore under her breath,

    “Sixteen” she said holding back the urge to throw her dagger at him, “I’m sixteen”,

    “Well, you need to mind your own business” she laughed and turned to the demon that lay motionless on the ground,

    “This was my business,” she replied leaning down to remove the dagger that lay in to creature’s chest. Lifting the blade, the beast vanished leaving not a single trace, as if it was an allusion. Turning back to the boy, she noticed she was alone, and the boy was gone.

© 2011 AmySkye

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Added on November 11, 2011
Last Updated on November 11, 2011
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My name is Amy Wagner but my pen-name is Amy Skye. Writing is my passion. I hope you like my novels in progress. more..

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