Moon and Bear Intercourse

Moon and Bear Intercourse

A Story by J.R Schlievert

LMFAO just funny s**t i wrote


Moon and Bear Intercourse by J.R Schlievert

Have you ever seen a Disney TV show called Bear and the Big Blue House? A clean and innocent television program aiming to educate toddlers on the way of life, Bear being the father figure and the little critters fallow as brothers and sisters. I believe that deep within Bear’s fuzzy exterior is a sexual bestial core, just waiting to be unleashed into the world like seaman swarming over the unfertilized egg.

Luna, the mother figure, seems too happy to be around Bear. What has Bear done for Luna to make her so dedicated to an earth bound creature like himself? Maybe Luna is a filthy w***e that dances around the earth, stripping for the sun and glowing for the rest the solar system.  Picking up loan animals to “have a good time” with.  In addition, Luna pays Bear all the money she has earned for the month. That is why one day out of every month the moon does not appear in the night sky. Consequently, if Luna does not have enough money, Bear hits her leaving giant craters on her body. Bear is smart though, he strikes her on her back so the authorities cannot see. Bear (Big Daddy Bear is his street name) Is a wanted man after all, that is why he never leaves the Big Blue House.

Some might think this “innocent” TV show is just trying to teach little kids about common knowledge. However, I see a money grubbing mastermind that is using this program to advertise his prostitution ring.



Going to



Loaded with


Ecstasy and








Good god… Barack Obama…...WHY!?

© 2010 J.R Schlievert

Author's Note

J.R Schlievert
lol i hope you laughed

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Love it. The show rings a bell (don't ask) and I love how you see such an 'innocent' show to have such an... interesting... hidden meaning. Well done XD

Posted 9 Years Ago

Lol. Your so strange love. =D But it was still interesting.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love that show. And I did laugh, you managed to turn it into something completely different!!! AMAZING! I love it funny! Nice job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

i have not seen this show but that was funny

Posted 9 Years Ago

I miss that show. D:
Good write here, sure did make me laugh.
(Which is saying a lot. :P)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on October 13, 2010
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J.R Schlievert
J.R Schlievert

Queen Creak, AZ

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