The story of Gil, Sand, and Fin

The story of Gil, Sand, and Fin

A Poem by JazEli

There's this girl so you see.
Her name is Gil.
Walking endlessly down the street.


Where she was bound to meet

A man named SAND

And be held in his hands


So there they stood.

The girl and Sand,

On top of his cars' hood.


The sun was setting

And he looked to his right

Where the girl he just met held a kite


He held his hand out to stroke the kite, but stopped as he heard a distant yelling

The girl heard it too, and turned towards an enraged Fin.

He said "Step away from my Gil! Let's fight!"


So SAND stood and took out a sword

"Bring it on Fin but Gil is MINE!"

And as he said that he lunged at Fin and stabbed him straight through his heart


What Gil saw made her gasp.

She couldn't believe SAND did that; he was now playing with fire

What both didn't know was that Fin is a VAMPIRE!


He got right back up and tried to attack

But miserably failed



Oh but that's when something remarkable happened.

With shining eyes from unshed tears,

Gil threw herself in the middle of the fight, ignoring her fears.


She turned to Fin

And slapped him senseless

"You made a huge mess"


SAND quickly intervened, not appreciating Gil cutting in.

Gil stared shocked, but quietly nodded.

"Your right, this is you fight. Now go kick his a*s!"


SAND nodded and looked towards Fin

He snickered lightly

And Fin had a grin on his face


"Bring it on sucker" declared SAND

"Get ready to be pummeled" Fin spat back

Then the fighting began again.


Gil just watched

And they stripped off their clothes

She stared at SAND's hot body but grimaced at Fin's


Gil slowly backed away

but before any of them attacked,

the sun came up and Fin burst into flames


SAND and Gil just watched

Then looked at each other and shrugged

Then walked away hand in hand


"I died for you my Gil" said a whisper carried in the wind.

Fin's ashes following the couple, stopping short in front of Gil.

Opening her mouth as if to speak, but instead she sneezed.


The End

© 2012 JazEli

Author's Note

This story is a short story that Jaz and I made out of boredom, so it has spelling errors and might not make all that much sense...

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Added on July 10, 2011
Last Updated on June 9, 2012
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JazEli is a 2 person team. Its Jasmine and Yaneli hence the name JazEli. We write poetry and wierd stories. We are very fun energetic twins(kinda) that like nutella and sexxi ninja dudes. We are howev.. more..

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