CH 1

CH 1

A Chapter by JunBeanii

        10/2/75 -JAMES POTTER-
This is stupid. (And trust me, I should know- I've done a lot of stupid things before this.)
Here I am, James Potter, writing enthusiastically in this journal like the good law-abiding Marauder we all know and love. 
I mean, it stops us from being expelled, and Dumbledore asked us to do it, but... it still pisses me off.
The whole thing was just... an accident. Maybe Sirius took it a bit too far, but Snivellus was just asking for it. Snooping around and spying on us to figure out what we did with Moony every month, because he was so SURE it was something that would get us expelled. It was none of his business. Slimy git. It's no wonder no one likes him except for that clique of future Death Eaters he hangs out with.
And I saved him. I'm the one who pulled him back in time so he wouldn't have his greasy little head ripped off- he should be thanking me. 
We all hate his guts, but I'd never, ever let him die. Not if I could help it, anyways. Maybe eternal pranks or devastating public embarrassment, but not death. Not even the nastiest snake deserved that.
And maybe a small "thank you" would have sufficed, but no. Instead, dear old Snivellus demands for our expulsion. 
Well, screw him. Next time a werewolf wants to slaughter him, he shouldn't count on me to come save his arse.

James slammed his journal shut with a bit more force than necessary before launching it in the trash with a well-aimed toss.

The notebook was charmed so that he'd never lose it; Dumbledore made sure of that. So no matter where he threw it... across the hall, out the window, or at a Syltherin's head, it always ended up back in the pocket of his robe, quill tucked neatly inside like a puppy that kept running back home no matter how many times the owner kicked it out.

While being very convenient, it also annoyed him.

A lot.

He needed something to do.

Two first year Slytherins caught his eye. With a smirk he placed his hand on his wand and sauntered over, feeling satisfaction when he saw fear reflected in their eyes at the realization of who he was. 

Grinning, he slowly pulled out his wand and began tapping it against his palm. "Hey guys, wanna play a game?"

The two first years widened their eyes in alarm and backed up against the wall. 

This would be fun.


Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry Hospital Wing


□ Sorted by patients w/most appearances

Sorted by patient's arrival (newest to oldest)

□ Sorted by patient's arrival (oldest to newest)

□ Sorted by age

□ Sorted by most gruesome injuries

□ Sorted by most stupid injuries

□ Sorted however damned way the record wants to sort it


NAME(s): Regulus Black; Rabastan Lestrange

YEAR(s): 1st; 1st

HOUSE(s): Slytherin; Slytherin

INJURY(s): Magical-inflicted by hexes-minor physical injuries 

including bruising/small cuts. Most are transfigured body parts. Black has neon pink skin, duck feet, three noses, a squirrel tail, and is under a hex that forces the patient to yodel continuously; Lestrange's head was transfigured to a chicken head-currently unable of coherent human speech.

SPECIFICS/OTHER INFO: James Potter (5th year, Gryffindor) claimed he saw Black and Lestrange hexing one another and decided to intervene. He led the two to the infirmary. Ten points to Gryffindor awarded for chivalry and being a good role model.

© 2012 JunBeanii

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How charming. I like James this way >:). I'm cruel hearted to let you know, Jamillet could tell ya all about it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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XD wicked!!!!! that's awesome! ha! that is so cruel but still wicked!!! yes! there's a chapter 2!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Those poor first years....Sure they're Slytherin but. Man. Harry's dad is a jerk in this.

It was really well written.


Posted 11 Years Ago

whoa he's brutal. but then again i hate slytherins for a good chunk of the series! i really enjoyed this writing! Can't wait to continue reading!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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