Oh righteous world...

Oh righteous world...

A Poem by MADAM

Crushing ants one by one, oh monotone world, what shall I do? Why don't I play a game... This poem actually had a veeeery hidden story and character plot,..give it a try to interpret!

Oh righteous world

Oh perfect world
How pristine and beautiful you are
But oh the dark secrets you hold...
Those nobody mentions to me
How I painfully unfold them
I crease the pages to remember
And open the seven latches
The sheep watches me from afar
It's elegant horns sharpening on my bones
My flesh was eaten once
It was eaten by fire and drunk by acid
I look down onto the townsfolk
Running to the fire like ants to sugar
I reach down and crush them with a small finger
I kill till there's no more

Oh beautiful world
How perfect and unique you are
But oh the deformities you hold
Beneath thine eyes you scowl at me
But I only see a wide smile
Those teeth that gnaw slowly on my head
My scalp trickles paint onto the floor
Slowly I merge
I become a deformed ant
Dispelling pleasantries and sin
The ant was I once
But I grew to hate sweetness
So instead I decided to play a game

Oh stupid world
How gullible and easy you are
I tricked them all with a simple lie
I promised life and love
But it was just a game
I used to be like them once
Innocent and easily betrayed
I swayed through life like a river weed
But now I didn't play the game
I made the game
I told a simple fib and the game started

Oh dying world
How humanity has failed me
It was fun at first
Even the pain of the burning phosphor
Even the anguish of my rotting lungs
Even the loneliness of the sea of fire
Didn't keep me from playing the game
As I squished the last ants with my ruling fist
I felt pity for their stupidity
Their "justice" was useless in the end wasn't it?
These ants that were once something greater
But they were fated to disappear when the flood came
I'd be the last to remember this colony ever existed
I laid on the bed of burning coals and got bored
So I went on to the next colony

Oh monotone world
Why are you all the same
Can't you see?
In the end nothing matters
When your colony burns under my clenching fingers
Or drowns from the paint that slowly drips from my head
You'll be forgotten
Such as how I was forgotten by all...

© 2014 MADAM

Author's Note

Try and figure it what it's about>:3 any ideas?(this ones very difficult and specific so don't feel bad if you get it wrong! Give it a try!:3)

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A splendid read and write on the world...Bravo.....................

Posted 7 Years Ago

Ever read the very good novel "Grendel", an adaptation of the classic "Beowulf" epic?
This reminds me of it a lot, even though thats probably not what you were going for.
Excellent poem, here!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

I never have x3 What is it about? What's similar? I'm curious ^^)
In short words you show us a diffrent world of a human. Very sweet and awsome piece of art. love this one. thanks.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Haha honestly today was not the day for me to read this one. Soooo forgive me for my lack of interpretation. I liked it though

Posted 7 Years Ago

Oh dying world
How humanity has failed me
It was fun at first
Even the pain of the burning phosphor

Oh monotone world
Why are you all the same
Can't you see?

I loved these lines. It seems like a sum up of the world in a general sense. There are bad things and good things, but the bad outshines the good most of the time.

But oh the dark secrets you hold...

It's like the world is O.K on the outside, but really depressing once you really think about it and I can definitely see where that's coming from.

Great write. I really enjoyed reading this :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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