Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Viney

The gang sets out on their mission, but this other group... Who are they?


 We all walk down the cracked and broken streets. Following Jet and the rest of her crew is extraordinarily difficult. She won't even slow down for a rest, and I wonder just how determined is she to show up on time for this? I don't like where this is going. I can feel the tension crackle in the air, like the moment before a big fight, where you know something bad is going to happen.

“Uh... Jet?” I ask cautiously. She turns around and fixes me with a steely glare.

What?” she snaps.

“What exactly are we trading?” I ask. I'm curious, and it seems important enough for her. You are, too. I think.

“We're just trading this disk,” she said whirling out a silver disk, “For a bike.”

A bike? Wow! Actual transportation is hard to come by. Having a bike can mean the difference between getting caught in a chase, or a narrow avoidance. A disk though? What could the other group want with a disk? Wait. Didn't I...

“Jet! Do you know what's on that disk?” it's important to ask. I know how to find out.

“No. Nor do I care. I want that bike. What's it matter to you?” she narrows her eyes at me and lifts one brow.

“It might be something they could use against us!” I try to tell her.

“Something important, eh? Well, how would we even find out?” she asks skeptically.

“I have something to find out. I found it in a building raid. It plays pictures from the disks.” I say confidently. I used to watch the disks I found in an old building. It was stacked with them. I routinely stopped by that building for entertainment.

“Oh yeah?” she said, “Well, that's too bad. We have to meet them. No detours. C'mon,” she starts walking again. “We're almost there anyways.” I curse under my breath. Why won't she listen? My cold feeling of dread increases greatly.

Our destination turns out to be an old outdoor amphitheater. My jaw drops at the beauty. Okay, maybe it isn't that pretty; the wooden bleachers are cracked and splintered, the stage itself way past its prime. A person who isn't used to seeing anything beautiful at all has low standards, though.

“Stay on your guard,” Jet murmurs. “I don't like this.”

I stop looking at the beauty, and start trying to look for any other signs of life. I tense, because something isn't right. I can't decide what it is, but I don't like it.

“Maple, go up to the stage,” Jet mutters while reaching for her pocket. “Take the disk.” she hands a small Asian girl the disk. The girl is trembling slightly, but obeys and takes the disk. I wonder why she chose Maple, but then I see her in action. She moves silently, quickly, and almost invisibly. She can hide behind nearly anything! Her size makes her ideal, darting from hiding place to hiding place. When she reaches the stage, she briefly hesitates before climbing up. Who knows what will happen up there? She pulls herself up, and tries to see someone. Nothing. She looks relieved, but then the other group arrives with a crash.

I'm slammed from behind, and someone grabs my arms and pins them behind me, digging their knee into my back. I lose sight of the stage trying to escape my attacker, but the person must have been built like a brick wall, and doesn't begin to budge. Screams come from the stage and from nearby me, some my own.

Craning my neck toward the stage to see what happened, I see Maple backed up against the wall, eyes wide as saucers. Someone is approaching her with a blade, it's steel surface glinting. It's obvious that Maple isn't armed, and I doubt she would know how to use a weapon if I gave one to her. The person wielding the blade is shrouded in smoke, but I have no idea how smoke got there. Maple nods quickly, so I assume that the blade wielder is talking to her. It's not hard to guess what it's about.

My fears are confirmed when Maple holds out the disk. I hear Jet cursing next to me, but in mid-word she abruptly stops. I try to see her, but the person holding me just tightens their grip. I grit my teeth in frustration. The new owner of the disk saunters over to where we are, looking rather pleased with his victory, eyes shining with triumph.

The boy is slightly older than me, but seems to be younger than Jet. He's tall, and athletic, with straight, long shoulder-length brown hair. His large, pale eyes shine with triumph, and he shows his confidence and authority with every step. Someone meant to control others.

“Well, Jet.” he spits the name with venom. “I didn't expect you to be so easy to beat.” his gaze passes over us, eye gleaming with contempt. It stops on me and his eyes widen slightly with mild surprise. “I don't recognize her. Care to introduce me?” he says in a sing-song voice. Jet spits at him, and his eyes narrow, blazing with fury, shoulders tensing. He calms himself, crouches down, and looks me in the eye. “How about you tell me yourself?”

“I'd rather not.” I answer, unwilling to give into him. I'd been through tough situations before, why should this be any different?

The boy raises his blade. “That can't be right. I'm sure you would.” He says smoothly. This isn't going well. First day in a hell-hole, and I get tossed into a worse one.

“Silver, of Jet's gang. Wouldn't be, given the chance however.” I add in the last bit to seem less likely to be the enemy. It may seem disloyal to attempt winning the enem

“Well then, how about you leave hers, and come with me?” he says, in more of a demand then a question.

“I-i can't. Jet, she, uh...” I trail off, not willing to continue. His expression shows that he understands what I'm getting at, though.

“Oh, really? What's she going to do with your name? She could tell a bounty hunter, yes, but would they really let her leave after telling them? I guarantee that she's wanted as well. She'd have to sacrifice herself to tell anyone.” he says in a know-it-all voice. He's right. She might have to give herself up to tell anyone. I can't help wondering if Jet would be able to find a way, though.

“I just don't want to be with anyone's group. I want to work solo again.” I blurt out. Shockingly though, he nods.

“Fine then. Run. Now.” he motions to the person holding me, and I'm no longer trapped. I stand up, very slowly, and try to run away. Then pain shoots through my leg and I fall, rocks digging into my palms as I try to catch myself. My chin hits the ground, sending bolts of pain through my jaw. I here footsteps behind me growing closer. A voice says in low, soft, and dangerous tones, “I guess running isn't much of an option, is it?”

I groan softly, barely clinging to consciousness. I taste something metallic, and I tremble with the pain. The amphitheater is still, everyone watching and listening for something to happen.

I think you should come with us for now. It might be in your best interests.” he whispers, but I hardly hear it and slip out of consciousness, last sounds being of gunshots across the amphitheater.

© 2013 Viney

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