Part 2: Justice: Chapter 4: Meeting The Fosters

Part 2: Justice: Chapter 4: Meeting The Fosters

A Chapter by Michael Huffam

Chapter 4: Meeting The Fosters



The trip down to New York was a very long one to say the least. Devin and Dante were propped in the back seat, entertaining themselves while Morgan was driving. Every few miles he would change the radio station because they were out of listening range, cursing at the modern age music he hears.


“Why would a twenty-something year old girl would want to sleep with a guy that looks like the Rolling Stones guy? He could be her great grandfather for Christ’s Sake.” Said Morgan, shaking his head at the thought.


“I don’t know, mainstream music confuses and annoys the crap out of me,” said Devin. He had his headphones in with one dangling to the side so he can hear Morgan if he said anything. “That’s why I stick with indie and oldies; they know how to make music.”


Morgan flickered with the radio station and came to halt when he heard a song come on and he smiled. “Finally, a great classic. Can’t go wrong with Bob Dylan”


Devin jerked his head up, and recognized the song anywhere. It was Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone. This was one of his favorite Dylan songs, for reasons he which he didn’t have. He was at Danielle’s place, blasting the stereo to this song. She would always play this song and sway to this song, her hips going back and forth. Sometimes she would take Devin by the hands and make him sway with her, singing along with every note timing it perfectly. His chest ached, but he listened to the whole song anyways, to savor the memories in his head with Danielle.


“Do we really have to listen to a guy who’s always off key in his singing?” said Dante, his voice a mumble. He had his head tucked in his drawing book, tracing a figure intently.


“Hey, that guy is the most influential songwriter to this day. You wouldn’t be rocking out to John Mayer if it wasn’t for him.” Said Devin, defending his beloved memory.


“Mayer was inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, not Bob Dylan smart guy,” said Dante his eyes not leaving his drawing book, “You of all people should know that, Music guru.”


“Whatever, just go back to your drawing” said Devin, calling Dante a name under his slightest breath.


“You guys seriously acting like this? You’re Otherworld warriors for crying out loud.” Said Morgan, his tone hinted with annoyance.


“Sorry,” Devin and Dante said in unison. Thirty minutes passed, and Dante put down his drawing book, his drawing a final sketch. It was a picture of a Beagle dog sitting on his hind legs, tongue stuck out. Above him was a homeless man with a cardboard sign that says “Need money for booze”. Devin picked up the sign and said “What made you draw this? You see this guy during the drive?”


It didn’t make sense, since the background had a hard sidewalk and they didn’t go into any towns, just the freeway.


“I don’t know, I just pictured it in my head and I drew to get it out of my mind. Why I drew it? No clue.” Said Dante blankly, giving the shoulders a shrug.


Devin looked at it. Dante’s drawings were always life-like, so well crafted, so expertly done. Devin always knew Dante could go somewhere with his drawing skills. That was before they knew about the Otherworld though. Devin looked up and his eyes widen, giving a sparkle that made Dante arched an eyebrow. Dante looked in his direction and he knew why.


In front of their horizon was the outline of city of New York. The skyscrapers were towering into the sky, the afternoon sun giving it a celestial orange glow, like the city was made out of nothing but amber.


“Welcome to the big apple, boys. Home of Otherworld’s most extravagant, creative and some of them, deadly.” Said Morgan, his tone more friendly than serious.


Dante’s expression of fixation on whatever was in his mind was wiped away. The devilish grin returned and said “Let me guess, there’s Otherworlders who own the craziest clubs, shops and possibly big time companies?”


Morgan tried to keep out a smirk. “Some than others do, yes.”


Dante eyes grew bigger. “Dude, I wanna hit an Otherworld club. They must have the craziest chicks there. Crazy party witch chicks. How are witches in the Otherworld?”


“Witches are just like your average female, only they can produce spells with the Dead language. They usually use the spells for personal needs, or business ones. Another thing, no way in my lifetime am I letting you go to an Otherworld club. Depending on which one, you could be marked for instant trouble. Otherworlders can sense Nobleman like the smell of freshly baked cookie: you can’t go unnoticed.”


“Why would any Otherworld want to start trouble with us? I thought we were like cops to them.” Said Devin.


“Well over here in New York, we’re more like Nazis to them than cops. Otherworlders see New York City just like humans do: an Opportunity to start something, good or bad. When we enforce the laws, they get childish and lash out at us. A Nobleman working in New York is being part of an urban warzone. You’re always a moving target.”


Devin lingered on that statement. We were like marines overseas, where every person they want to protect is marking them for dead. Doesn’t matter if they have a kid, siblings or a wife at home, they just want them dead and leave them the hell alone. Devin gently shook it out of him and gazed at the New York Bay under the Brooklyn Bridge. In a few moments Devin will discover what’s it like being in the great city of New York, and it’s underground world humans will never know.


We drove out into Manhattan, and Devin looked up above the great building, the shops and landmarks that he’s only seen in movies. Everything was so different than Mystic, Connecticut. Everyone looked different, unique. When someone wore an outfit or hairstyle that stood out, it would have stood out in a small town. But in New York, no one gave a second glance at them. Everyone just went about their day, on their blackberries and riding their messenger bicycles. I wonder if he would be a person who no one would give a second glance. Someone who radiated an essence of powerful magic.


Morgan drove into Chelsea, and Devin was hoping his old partner would have been far enough to past Times Square. Unfortunately they took a different route so Devin didn’t get to see the vast billboard signs and glamorous lights of a Broadway show or upcoming movie. That would be something to keep Devin in awe. But instead they drove out onto to a small street, where cars were jammed together tightly.


“Here we are,” said Morgan, pointing at an apartment building made of brick and concrete, “now just need to find a parking space…”


Devin looked around the area; there was no space for parking in the next five blocks. “What about over there?” said Dante, pointing to the right of us. There was two cars parked, but they were spaced out of each other where only a small bike could fit. Morgan waved his hand and said “Give space for my car


The cars then moved away from each other and shrunk in length, giving perfect room for Dante’s car to fit in. Morgan parallel parked into the space, and turned off the engine. He turned to the boys and said with a small smile “Get our stuff, and let’s head in, okay?”


The duo nodded in agreement. They looked at each other, practically reading their minds.


This Word of Enchantment will never get old.


Then entered out of the car, and grabbed their bag of weapons, so they can regroup with Morgan’s old partner and see what the plan was. They crossed the street, and Devin took a glance down the sidewalk, and came to a halt.

“Uh, Dante…”


“Yeah?” he replied, twisting his head to Devin, and looked in the direction he was. He too came to a halt. “Dude…”


Both them saw what was in front of them just a few yards away. It was a dog, a beagle dog. The same beagle dog that Dante drew. The dog had the same spot pattern, where his left ear was lighter than the other, his tongue dangling and tail wagging around. Even the homeless man with the cardboard sign was next to it. The features of the man were identical to the one in the drawing.


“Dev, are you seeing what I’m seeing?” asked Dante, his voice soft as a breath.


“Hand me your sketchbook, now” said Devin, holding out his hand. Without losing his gaze on the dog and man, he handed his sketchbook. Devin flipped open to the drawing, and he was right. Same dog, same sign, even the same kind of hat the man was wearing. Devin walked up to the dog, and knelt down to its eyesight.


“Hey there buddy, see this? Who is this?” said Devin playfully, trying to earn the dog’s trust.


The Dog tilted his head, and his mouth opened to what looked like a smile, and started barking.


Hey, that’s me! I look good.


Devin’s eyes blinked in astonishment. “Did you just say something?”


You can hear me? You’re human. How can you understand me?


Every word he heard, the dog was barking at every word, like he was the one talking. He could hear the dog speak. Now this was something that Devin was freaking out on.


“Dante, get over here!” cried Devin, and Dante walked over, arching an eyebrow at Devin’s face. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. What’s up?”


“Listen to this. Can you hear me?” Devin was directing the question to the Beagle. The dog rose on his hind legs paws outstretched.


Yes I can. This is amazing, talking to a human!


“See, did you hear that? The Dog talked!” whispered Devin to Dante.


Dante gave him a look of disbelief. He glanced at the dog, and then to Devin. Back to the dog, and back to Devin.


“The Dog just barked, Devin. I didn’t hear a word from it.


This can’t be happening, thought Devin. He must have been going crazy, thinking he can hear a dog talk. Maybe everything else he’s seen is from his mind too.


“Did you say you can hear that dog talk?” asked Morgan, who was more interested than finding it odd.


Devin nodded, and said “I heard it talk to me, and this dog is the exact same dog as the one Dante drew. Look,” he raised the sketchbook to Morgan, “He even has the same pattern as the drawing.”


Morgan examined the picture, and he gave a wonderfully bright grin. “It seems we found your instinctive magic, from both of you.”


“What?” said Devin and Dante in unison. Morgan shook his head, forgetting the boys are new to their abilities. “Every Nobleman has an instinctive magical ability. Something that not every Nobleman can do with trying to use magic. Something that is just incredibly natural to you, like moving your limbs.”


“Okay, so what exactly is our instinctive magic?” asked Dante.


Morgan turned to him and still gave that bright smile. “You my good boy,  are an oracle. You’re able to predict the future and see into the past. You see the visions, and draw them.”


“Oh, wow” said Dante, looking at his sketchbook. That made sense to him, how his greatest works of art was always something back in the day, whether it is from a year ago or five thousand. It was always something like it happened before, set in stone ages ago.


“Devin is a very great gift too. He has the ability of speaking tongues of all languages and species. Anything he hears from a creature, he can understand and talk to them fluently and perfectly like your native language.”


“Huh,” was all Devin got out of his mouth, and gazed at the dog. The dog could understand every word he said, and vice-versa. That could come in handy one day.


“Well enough lingering on the newfound abilities, Leo is waiting for us!” said Morgan, and motioned the boys to the building. Devin and Dante followed, and the dog followed Devin, gazing up at him with such interest.


Wait, you’re going? Come on I’m bored with this guy!


“Bye, bye Katie” said the homeless man, his voice raspy from all the cigarettes he smokes no doubt.


My name is not Katie you idiot, I’m a male. My name is Clapton by the way, said the Dog.


Like Eric Clapton, the Guitarist? Thought Devin, and smiled at the name. “Well it’s nice to meet you Clapton, I’m Devin Knight.”


The feeling is mutual Devin Knight, now can you stay and play with me? That guy just stands there and drinks pee.


Devin laughed. Clapton thought the liquor the man drinks is urine. He crouched down and rubbed Clapton’s ears and he wagged his tail in joy.


“Stay here Clapton, I have to go.” Said Devin with a smile and the dog didn’t like that response.


Fine, he growled, and sat in front of the door. Devin followed Morgan and Dante into the building, looking back to the dog until he could no longer see Clapton while going up the stairs.


The building’s interior was plain white walls, with identical colored doors with numbers and letters in front of it. Morgan led the boys to the top floor where there was only one door in the hallway.


“Leo owns this entire floor, so he can do his duties without nosy neighbors.” He explained. He knocked on the door and waited for a few moments. We heard footsteps rush over and came to a halt.


“Who’s there?” asked a voice. The voice was deep, but sounded young enough not be the man Morgan is looking for.


“My name is Morgan Knight. I am looking for Leonel Beckman. I used to be his partner.”


There was silenced behind the door, and after a few moment locks were shifting and the door opened. In front of the door was a young man who looked at least two years older than Devin and Dante. He was tall and lean, his muscles tracing under his black V-neck t-shirt. His face was rugged, but in a way that made him look like a fitness model. Five o’clock shadow was all over his cheeks and chin, but not anywhere on his neck. His brown hair was cut short and stuck out on the front. City style Devin thought. His gray eyes looked right into the Morgan’s. His face was grim, as if he was looking at an enemy rather than a friend.


“You knew my father,” said the man, a statement more than a question.


“Yes, that is correct. May I see him?” asked Morgan.


The man glanced at Dante and then to Devin, his gaze at Devin longer than the one to Dante.


“Come in,” he said, which felt more like an order than a greeting. He turned on his heel and went further into the room. Morgan followed the man into the room, so did Dante, then Devin. When they entered the room it was very large and wide in space. It was painted in a grim gray, a color duller than the man’s eyes. The room was equipped with tables of computers and large maps of the city and racks of weapons. From mythical weapons to Natural ones. From daggers to large swords, revolvers to sniper rifles. Around the room where many other young teenagers, all looking around Devin and Dante’s age. They varied from male to female, none of them looking related. Everyone though did have a lean figure. Slender and curvy for the females, tall and muscled for the males. Dante was eyeing some of the girls, but every one of them was giving a hostile stare.


The man who opened the door stood in the middle of them, his arms crossed in his chest. He sighed and said “How do you know my father exactly Morgan?”


“I was his partner here in New York some time back,” Said Morgan without hesitation, “we use to live in this very apartment. Looks like he renovated the place.”


“So you guys are Nobleman?” asked the man.


Morgan nodded, and gave a look like the man shouldn’t have to ask that question.


“If you’re Nobleman and not just Warlocks, show us your Soul Element.” Said the man, his tone showing no emotion.


Morgan glanced around the room and smile nervously. “Do we really need to do that, kids? I mean half of you probably don’t even know your own.” Said Morgan with a nervous laugh.


“Show us your Soul Element” said the man, ignoring Morgan.


Morgan sighed and raised his hands, gust of ice wind coming out of his palms. Devin and Dante raised their hands as well, showing their fire and lightning powers.


The man gazed at Devin’s Soul Element and said “That’s pretty different than your ordinary Soul Lightning. Drake here has lightning too, but nothing like yours kid.” He motioned over to the tall black kid sitting on the windowsill. Devin shrugged and said “Isn’t everyone Soul Element different?”


The man chuckled and said “Yeah, sure. You guys are definitely Nobleman, but Leonel Beckman isn’t here.”


Morgan looked confused. “Then where is he?”


“He’s dead. His ashes are probably somewhere in the Hudson River right now.” Said the man, no remorse in his face.


Morgan stiffened, his lips locked together tight. He looked down to his feet, breathed in some air and said “That’s unfortunate. He was a good man. Are you the one in charge now?”


The man nodded and said “The name is Garrett, Garrett Beckman. This is my team of Noblemen.”


“You’re Beckman’s kid? He never mentioned me to you when we talked last.”


“Yeah well he never really liked to talk about his family with anyone. Thought of it as a sign of weakness. He died five years ago.” Said Beckman, talking about his father like someone with no significant meaning to him.


“Where’s your mother?” asked Morgan, but he probably knew that answer.


“Died around the same time my Dad did.” Said Garrett without missing a beat.


“So you’ve been orphaned all this time? Who has been taking care of you?” asked Morgan. “No underage Nobleman can live with him or herself, not until their training is done.”


“We all have been taking care of each other. Everyone in this room is orphaned because our Noblemen parents have been killed or died expectantly. As for the training, my father left shadow dolls of himself for lessons, to train me in case in died, which was convenient.”


“So you’re training is complete then?” asked Morgan.


“Bingo,” said Garrett, flicking his finger in Morgan’s direction.


“So you guys are orphaned Noble-teens, so that makes you…” said Dante, waiting for the answer to come.


Garrett gave an annoyed glare and he said “We call ourselves the Fosters. We watch each other’s back, and never leave a man�"or woman�" behind.”


The Fosters, as in foster kids. Clever, Thought Devin. They were like the homeless kids of the Otherworld, being some extended family type. Everyone seemed unbreakable, like no amount of betrayal and pain will destroy their bonds. Devin didn’t know why he knew this at first glance with them, but he just did.


Dante walked up to Garrett and stuck out his hand and said “Hey Garrett, the name is Dante Karmichael. Pleasure to meet you.”


Garrett expression turned hostile, almost angry the moment Dante greeted his name. His jaw became clenched and he said “Karmichael? Are you the son of The Guardian Karmichael?”


Dante nodded as if he shouldn’t have confirmed it. Garrett took his gaze to Morgan, not even looking at Dante. “You brought the son of Nobleman killer in my apartment? I don’t work alongside with scumbags”


That statement right there didn’t please Dante too well. He dropped his bag and fist his hands into Garrett’s shirt, pulling him close and said through his teeth “Don’t talk about my father like that you pr�"”


But before Dante could finish Garrett flew his hands up, breaking free of Dante’s grip and went for a swing at him. Dante dodged it and went for a swing of his own. Garrett grabbed Dante’s wrist as the swing came to him and the flick of his arm sent Dante flipping in the air. Devin’s heart leaped but calmed when Dante went with the flip and landed on his feet as graceful as a cat. Dante was about to go for a punch to the gut, but Devin has seen enough of their fighting.


Both of you separate, now!” said Devin, and a magical force flew Garrett and Dante in opposite directions. The halted when the hit a wall, both struggling to break free of the charm.


“Now you two are going to stop fighting. Garrett, we’re here to investigate a grisly murder that happened downstate, but she went to the Pacha club before she died. You think you can help us?”


“The Pacha club? Yeah I can help you with that.” Said Garrett, struggling to put his words out of his mouth. “Just keep that son of a killer on a leash. Like father, like son after all.”


“My father would never kill another human, yet alone a Nobleman you son of a b***h!” yelled Dante, having better control of letting his words out.


“That’s enough Dante. Now we’re all allies here, despite what our fathers were like. We have a common goal to bring order to the Otherworld. Now stop acting like children and lets work together. Understand?” Devin’s tone was impatient. He couldn’t believe he still had to break up Dante’s fights. This was absolutely ridiculous.


“Are you boys going to behave?” Devin asked, his tone higher than before.


They both nodded, and Devin released them from his magical grip. Garrett flattened his shirt of the wrinkles, and Dante fixed his carmine jacket and made a disgruntled huff. Both of them stood there, their gazes at each other so fierce it could make a lion cower. Devin walked up to Garrett and stuck out his hand. If they were going to get help, he might be the one to might as well call truce.


“My name is Devin Knight. Nice to meet you. So what do you know about the Pacha club?”


Garrett took Devin’s hand and shook it with a firm grip. He smiled, something Devin didn’t he would do this entire conversation and said “Me and the guys go down there to party sometimes after a rough mission. Celebrate that we’re alive pretty much.”


Devin reached in his bag and took out the case folder of the girl. Morgan looked surprised, wondering if he took the folder with Coleman’s knowledge.


“Her name is Haley Fortview. Age 19, and she went to Syracuse University. She was found dozens of miles from here but had the Pacha stamp on her hand. You know anything that could help?”


Garrett gazed at the pictures, and sighed in disappointment. “I know this girl,” said Garrett, “She went missing two days ago, and we we’re investigating the club for weeks. We believe the club owner Lukas, who is a vampire; is using the club for a sex and blood slave traffic spot.”


“You’re investigating the club and you go party there? Aren’t you the smart leader…” said Dante with a chuckle.


A girl from the side stormed to Dante and was inches away from him. She was a little shorter than Dante, just by two inches. She has long blonde hair and green eyes. Her body looked like she’s been training for the Olympics.

“We go party there as a cover to scout the area of suspicious activity, numb nuts.” She hissed out of her mouth.


“Whoa hey miss take it easy!” said Dante, putting his hands up in defense.


“You take it easy you prick. Garrett is a great and compassionate leader. I don’t want anyone else leading us into battle.”


Dante nodded and a smile began to form. He looked over to Garrett and said “So how long have you been banging this chick?”


Once those words left Dante, a loud slap came into the room, the girl’s hands smacking right across Dante’s face. Dante didn’t expect it, like he could have gone away with that comment. Garrett smiled and said “Thank you Sasha.”


“You’re welcome, sweetie.” Said the girl known as Sasha.


Devin shook his head in frustration. “So what about the Club operation?”


Garrett returned his attention to Devin, his smile returning. He obviously liked Devin better than Dante. “For the past couple of months we’ve been pretending to be college students who party every now and then because we passed some exam or something. Sorry about the confusion the first time I mentioned the club,” Garrett took a quick glance at Dante, who was rubbing the inflicted cheek. “But from what we can tell is that there is this one guy who is always charming girls into his arms, getting them drunk and what not. Then the next day their picture gets posted in the police department as a missing person.”


“So what makes you think the Vampire is doing a Sex and Blood trade?” asked Devin.


“Well mostly because we raided the docks a few months ago and found a cargo box full of girls who were drugged up on roofies. Not to mention the bite marks on them, wanting to find the man that gave them an addicting sensation. In case you guys don’t know, Vampires can make humans become blood slaves when they took a lot of blood from them, where the human wants nothing but the bite of the Vamp. All the girls had smudges on their hands, looking like the Pacha club sign. Then the rest is history.”

Devin nodded, taking in the info to put the pieces together. If the sex/blood slave trafficking was true, then this girl was drugged and on the way to the docks. But that didn’t make sense because she wasn’t on the way to the docks, and killed in a ferocious way.


“Well this girl was killed brutally, her body ripped apart and drained completely of blood.” Explained Devin.


Garrett raised an eyebrow. “Vampires don’t rip apart humans and feed on them. They sip them with a straw for crying out loud.”


“Exactly. Whatever reasons this girl was killed, a vampire wasn’t the only one doing it. Something is going on and we’re trying to figure out what.”


“Maybe we could try to talk to this charmer you see at the club. See what he knows about these disappearances.” Said Morgan, smiling at the fact Devin is dealing with this so professionally.


Devin turned to him and has a uneasy expression. Devin knew what he meant by “Talk”. It meant capture him and interrogate him. Devin didn’t know how Noblemen interrogated people, and he hoped it wasn’t as bad as he thought.


“That’s an excellent idea. We’re already good friends with the charmer, and we haven’t gone to the club in a few weeks. You boys up for some undercover work?” said Garrett.


Devin nodded and Dante snorted as the reply. Garrett came closer to Devin and said “Dante can come, but make sure he plays by my rules. No lone wolf tactics, got it?”


“I’ll be sure to tell him that,” Devin whispered back, “He’s a good team player.”


Garrett nodded and looked over to Morgan. “Hate to break it to you Mr. Knight but I don’t think you’ll be able to party with a bunch of college students.”


“That’s fine, I’ll sit in the car outside the club and keep watch, contact you if I see anything or contact me for back up.” Said Morgan.


“Sounds good. Oh and if you want to park, there’s a garage out in the back alleyway so no Natural will steal your car.”


Morgan nodded and said “Thank you. Come on boys, let’s get the rest of our stuff from the car.”


Devin followed Morgan and so did Dante, not leaving his eyesight on Garrett until they left the room. That’s when Dante let out his frustration.


“Who the hell does that guy think he is? Saying my Dad killed a Nobleman, I ought to�"”


“Your father did kill a Nobleman” cut off Morgan.


Dante jerked his head to Morgan in awe “What?”


“Your father was a guardian, and during his time as a Guardian Nobleman, a man tried to steal the object he was protecting. Your father took an oath to protect the item at all cost. He was found under the body of a dead Nobleman, admitting to killing him. People thought it was a lot more personal than just protecting a sacred relic. But he was found innocent, but Leo thought he was guilty. Guilty of killing his own brother.”


“Dante’s Dad killed Garrett’s uncle? No wonder he has an instant beef with you.” Said Devin.


“Yeah well it wasn’t my fault my Dad killed his uncle, so he shouldn’t have a beef with me period.”


“Well whatever he feels about you, we got to play by his rules. So no doing our own thing, we follow his way of playing this undercover thing. No lone hero crap okay?”


“I know that Dev, doesn’t mean I like it” said Dante as he opened the door. They walked across the street and enter the car. As Devin was closing the rear door, the Beagle dog, Clapton; hopped in the car and into Devin’s lap.


Devin Knight! Can you play now? Asked Clapton, his tongue dangling out.


“Clapton? What are you doing here?” asked Devin, rubbing the dog’s ears.


I was waiting for you to play, Clapton explained.


“I can’t play now,” said Devin, his tone soft, “I have work to do.”


Fine, then I’ll stick by you until you can play, said Clapton, refusing to argue.


“What is that dog blabbing about?” asked Morgan.


“The dog is not leaving my side until I play with him,” said Devin, trying to hide his excitement, “Looks like I’m keeping him.”


Morgan smiled and said “Looks like we have a friend during our road trips. Dogs are good sniffing out Otherworld beings. He can stay”


Devin smiled, surprised that Morgan was so agreeable and accepting of it without argument.


“If he pees on the interior then he’s out on the road.” Said Dante.


I’m probably more potty trained than you, you cardinal. Growled Clapton.


Devin laughed at Clapton’s comment and said “Don’t call him that Clap. He’s a good guy.”


“What he call me?” Snapped Dante.


Devin shook his to tell him nothing to worry about, and Clapton’s ears went up, his eyes sparking with interest.


Do I smell Cupcakes? He said with a sniff.

© 2011 Michael Huffam

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