When it comes to a fight 3

When it comes to a fight 3

A Chapter by Jane Carmax

Allyson, Emma and Beth find themselves in a lot of trouble when some boys show up at the school looking for a fight.

I've been avoiding Beth and Emma most of the morning, it wasn't too difficult until middle period when we all had a free. Usually we all sat on a table in the quad so I was surprised that when I was walking past the quad to get to the oval that the table was empty, I thought about sitting at the table - as it's hard to study without getting grass all through your work while on the oval - but then again maybe they were just at the canteen or being silly at the lockers, Though I didn't see them there... I walked on further trying not to think about it, it was just my mind being over dramatic thinking something was wrong, I continued walking but I couldn't fight the feeling that something was wrong.
I found a shady spot by a tree just next to the oval and I dumped my books, flopping down next to them. I kept trying to just turn my brain off - that will help with the studying - the constant questions were just driving me crazy. I close my eyes leaning back against the tree.
"Studying hard I see miss Hoban" a voice say from behind me, jumping I spin around to see that my crazy, annoying English teacher Mrs Kaleena was standing next to the tree with the ever present scowl on her face.
"Hi miss, I was just taking a break to clear my mind" I say with a fake smile on my face.
"Well that shouldn't be to hard for you" she says with a cackle that threatens to make your ears bleed.
I continue my fake smile whilst resisting the urge to send her flying across the oval, I bring my hand up to brush the hair from my eyes and Mrs Kaleena snatches my hand in a crushing grip.
"Ow miss!" I yell trying to free my now bruised wrist.
"How many times have I told you miss Hoban, NO JEWELLERY AT SCHOOL!!!" she screeches yanking my ring harshly from my finger "I just talked to you two little friends about the same thing!! I bet it's your fault that those obnoxious boys are here as well, they were looking for your stupid brat friends!" I was still struggling a bit scared of my now psychotic English teacher, then suddenly I stopped 'Wait, someone was looking for the girls? Oh God, I don't have a good feeling about this...'
"Miss let GO!" I yell swinging my wrist in a small circle forcing her to loose her grip. Crazy Kaleena just glared at me before walking away "Tell your friends they can pick up their rings from the office tomorrow morning." 
'Dammit, she has our rings! What happens when something goes wrong!?' 
Just as I think this I hear a loud crash come from the quad and that bad feeling doubles. I bolt for the quad, abandoning my books by the tree, I reach the quad in less than a minute and the first thing I see is one of the tables has been ripped from the ground and thrown through the the closest window in C-block.
"Well I found fire and earth... Where's your precious Air?"  a cocky voice says from directly in-front of me (he obviously hasn't seen me yet) the red head standing next to him laughs obscenely loud and says 
"Yeah, where is The little blond b***h? She abandon you?"
Annoyed I took a step forward "No she didn't!" I said in a vicious voice just before I punched the stupid ranga in the face, he hadn't even hit the ground before I turned on the blond only to realise too late that he was the air elemental, I went flying backwards, luckily I hit something soft that broke my fall, only getting a scrape along my arm which was nothing I hadn't gotten a million times before, I roll over and realise that the thing I had landed on was Patrick, a guy in my year.
"S**t I'm so sorry!" I yell scrambling to my feet.
"I don't know why you bothered getting up" the air a*****e says, as he casually strides over to me. With a little flick of his wrist I go flying into a nearby bush, I try to get up only to be held in place by a gust of crippling wind. 
"You have no way of beating me without your powers so just give up" I try to respond but the air is crushing my ribs and I can't breath, gasping for breath my vision starts to fade... I look to the side to see Beth and Emma for the first time they didn't look much better than me... I didn't get to ponder this thought long as my vision completely faded and I started to fall into unconsciousness just before I was sucked into that black abyss I heard a smack and the wind was gone... Though it meant I could breath it also meant that I was falling to the ground. Fast.
Just before I hit the ground something caught me, and for a second I thought that I had used my powers, but then I realised that it wasn't wind that was holding me up it was Patrick. He pulled me so I was standing.
"Oh, um, thanks..." I mumble shyly - this guy is really cute - 'So not the thing to be thinking about right now!' I think, looking at the guy on the ground who had a bruise just under his eye that looked pretty fierce considering he only got it a minute ago, before he has time to recover from the blow I step on his hand and rip his ring from his finger - no elemental can work their magic without their ring - abandoning the guy on the ground I head for Emma - as she was the closest one to me - she was currently being held in the air by hundreds of vines, she was struggling but she didn't seem like she was in any real pain, the earth elemental had seen me coming but instead of attacking me he just dropped Emma and she went plummeting to the ground, I didn't get over there fast enough and she hit the ground with a thunk and If it were a different situation I probably would have burst out laughing but it didn't really seem like the time or place right now...
"Could you quit zoning out and help me over here!?" Beth shouts dodging a fire ball thrown her way.
"Oh quit complaining! At least you didn't get dropped on your a*s!" Emma shouts back dragging herself to her feet, "Thanks for the help up by the way" she mumbles to me.
"You seemed to have everything under control, and your the one who seems to be so against getting help!" I reply.
"Oh don't start Allyson!" she growls as she bolts For the annoying Boy who was lobbing fireballs - and abuse - at Beth, being as graceful as she was Emma jumped on the guy and they both stacked it. This time I couldn't hold back the laughter, unfortunately the guy she tackled didn't think it was that funny as he then threw a fire ball straight at my head. I dodged it easily but nature boy decided then to wrap a vine around my ankles and I fell on my back wacking my head on the concrete.
"Now who's laughing!?" Emma shouts from where she was lying on the ground.
"Oh shut up!" I yell back, reaching into my pocket I pull out annoying boys ring and slip it onto my finger, it may not be my ring but it was better than nothing.
I flicked my wrist intending to send nature boy hurtling into the building, but all I managed was a light breeze. I tried again but still had the same result, only this time nature boy fell backwards and the vine unwrapped itself from around my ankles. 
 'but all I managed was a breeze... How did he fall from a breeze?' I thought as I scrambled to my feet as I was about to attack nature boy again. He looked up at me from where he was lying and winked, 'he's on our side!' .I turn my attention to Emma and the ranga who were throwing punches and I was about to help when someone grabbed my arm. Thinking that it was the air jerk I turned and punched them in the face, unfortunately the person I had punched wasn't air jerk - he was still lying on the ground unconscious - it was Patrick .
"Oh my god! I'm so so sorry!"
He stumbles backwards clutching his eye "Just thought I'd let you know that some guy has surrounded the gym with water."
"Oh you've got to be kidding me, does this school have no security?" 
"Well the guy can control water, do you really think he's going to leave cause a teacher tells him to?"
"Good point. You seen crazy Kaleen?"
"Miss Kaleen. Have you seen her?"
"Some psyco is going to kill the entire school and your looking for the psychopathic English teacher?"
"Yeah, you seen her?"
"She was talking to herself near the staff room last I saw." 
With one last glance at the girls I ran for the staff roomK
Miss kaleen was sitting at the table in the centre of the staff room. There was no one else in there which was odd. 
'If the idiot brigade rounded up the school and put them in the gym why is she roaming free....... And why is she talking to herself?'
"How do you plan on getting her to give you the rings?" Patrick says from behind, causing me to jump.
"Must you sneak up on me?"
"Must you be a crazy freak who can control wind?"
"Now, do you have a plan or not?"
"Um... Not..."
"Oh you are useless." With that Patrick strides into the staff room. 
"What are you doing in here boy!?"
"There is a big fight happening! You have to stop it!" He yells faking panic.
"Stupid annoying kids, finally have the staff room to myself and they go and ruin everything! Stupid little brats..." she mutters as she stomps from the room. Once the old hag's out of sight I join Patrick in the staff room. 
"Why is she even a teacher?" I ask stopping next to him
"So she could torture kids with her boring classes." I smile it's so true the woman is the most boring teacher I've ever had, I glance around the room looking for that little plastic sandwich bag she always stashes confiscated jewellery in after a minute I found it on top of a shelf in the kitchen area. I climb on top of the counter to reach the bag, just as I grab it I hear a crash from behind me turning I see the air elemental standing in the doorway. 
He paused only for a second before lunging at Patrick.

© 2012 Jane Carmax

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Jane Carmax
please review! I have no idea if anyone is reading this!

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Added on May 27, 2012
Last Updated on July 27, 2012
Tags: Allyson, Emma, beth, patrick, elements, elemental, earth, air, water


Jane Carmax
Jane Carmax


I've loved writing for as long as I can remember but this is the first time I've ever posted my stories online. I mainly read Si-Fi and Fantasy but I love my horror especially zombies!! but its reall.. more..