The Assembly's Storeroom

The Assembly's Storeroom

A Story by Mundayk

The story takes place in highschool, a cross-country runner named Jackie is your typical self-centred ego-maniac 15yr old who falls for the new mysteriously handsome transfer student with his own car


Main Character: Jackie Mousier

Support Characters: Kaye Andrei, Jayne Somersby


“Okay now can someone tell me what PIE is…?”

“Hey Jackie?”





“Well that’s nice to know Jackie. Now do you know the answer to this question?” Mrs Thomson asked “of course I do…What was the question Kaye?” Jackie whispered to her friend “What is PIE?” Kaye answered typing on the calculator “OH! PIE is something you throw at Clowns!” Jackie answered giving the whole class something to laugh about “cute. After school detention Jackie. Maybe while you’re there you should consider studying Maths instead of snoozing…” Mrs Thomson said turning to Kaye “now then; do you know what the answer is?” she asked expectantly “3.1415926…” Kaye answered reading from the calculator “that’s good Kaye thank-you… now then can anyone…” Mrs Thomson continued to speak “How can I keep losing to someone who can’t press a single button on the calculator?” Kaye giggled, trying to look like she’s actually listening to the teacher “Oh please, who needs to know MATHS anyway? I mean how's MATHS going to help me become an Olympic Athlete?” Jackie whined getting a piece of paper out of her bag “but onto more important topic’s. I finally talked the principle into giving me the map for next race… it’s gonna be a doosie. This track is 20kms over small hills and…” Jackie said moving to show Kaye “and so was the last track and the one before that and the one before that… I may not be as endurant as you but all 20kms means to me is when it comes to the last sprint you’ll come first like you always do…Kaye said doing her best Jackie impersonation “yea… nobody can beat me… I’m the fastest girl in the whole world!” Jackie yelled a little too loudly “Well Jackie, congratulations… now if only your brain worked as fast as your mouth and you’ll be on easy street” Mrs Thomson said trying not to laugh with the class “I hope one day you eat dust Jackie…” Kaye whispered to herself.


“Alright this time, I thought it best to give everyone a heads up regarding the next race. This race will not be just our teams competing. We’ll be competing against all of Chifley College teams and to add to the challenge the teams will be mixed-genders…” Mr Magan announced reading from a piece of paper “wait… What did you say? We gotta compete against guys? That’s bullshit!” Jackie yelled all but stamping her feet “trophies will still be given for the teams who come placed for the school. We’ll also be awarding individual trophies for those who placed in their grade and gender. So I’m sure you’ll still get your first place trophy Jackie. You may even get the school trophy… or even get placed in the individual then you’ll get a special once only trophy. I’m sure you’ll love to add that to your collection Jackie…” Mr Magan stated looking at Jackie, winking “it would be nice to have a unique trophy on the shelves… this event sounds important would that mean we could invite our parents to watch the race?” Kaye asked expectantly… everyone knew why she cared so much but only Jackie was mean enough to say out loud “oh come on Kaye; as if your old man would ever come to see you…” Jackie stated putting her arm around Kaye’s neck “yeah… I should be happy at least one of my parents care. Right?” Kaye answered coldly and regretting it; she was always cruel whenever people spoke about her parents… “I gave up on my parents caring years ago Kaye. You should too…” she replied walking rather quickly out of the sometimes PE classroom / other-times assembly hall “as this is an important race we have revealed the location so students who wish to practice on the course after classes are permitted to do so…" Mr Magan announced.


“Stupid Kaye and her stupid parents… Who needs them anyway…?” Jackie mumbled kicking rocks, not watching where she was going and running straight into someone “oh I’m soo sorry; I was trying to find the lockers in this school…” he apologised quickly “you want lockers go to a snobby school! Here we carry our… junk” Jackie answered looking up to see the prettiest green eyes she’d ever seen “heh right… my last school only has lockers for the year 10 students but I guess we were just lucky. My names Jayne and yes I know that’s a girls name…” Jayne said laughing at himself. “No… it suits you… I mean... it’s a lovely name… and… ah… your last school? You just transferred here?” Jackie asked trying not to stare at how tall he is “yeah… we used to live here before dad got promoted so… we came… here…” Jayne said realising he could see straight down the shirt she was wearing “so… Why no private school? I heard Mamre Catholic is really nice…” Jackie asked putting her hands behind her back trying to flirt like the under-dressed, face painted Barbie girls at the back of class “I never was one for uniforms; here is more relaxed, only have to wear blue pants…” Jayne said picking up his jacket that fell to the ground “so what’s your name?” he asked shaking his jacket slightly “oh… it’s Jaclyn, but my friends call me Jackie and everyone else calls me mousy…” Jackie added stupidly, kicking herself; why’d I tell him that? “Mousy? Eat a lot of cheese?” Jayne asked giggling “my last name’s Mousier. It could be worse; one of the kids gets called booger…” she laughed trying to put her too short hair behind her ear “haha. What’s his last name?” Jayne laughed, even putting a hand on her shoulder to steady himself “ahh… he…” Jackie stumbled lowering her head to hide her face which no doubt was bright red “well… what we got here? Hmm? Is our fastest puny mousy annoying you? She can be quite the embarrassment!” Baby asked, all but throwing herself on Jayne "Wha..." Jayne said utterly shocked “beat it Barbie wannabe” Kaye said somewhat throwing her backpack down ready for yet another fight… “Oh! And it’s her trusty second here to save the day… I’m soo scared…” Baby claimed even pretending to shake “second?” Jayne asked noticeably prying Baby’s hands from his neck “awe, I knew you were new; I’d have noticed someone like you…” Baby flirted still not taking the hint and trying to take his arm; which he also shrugged off “humph... meet the best racers in the top cross-country running team for our school; Jackie Mousy and Crackle Kaye; the Jackal Girls’” Baby announced even faking a little bow for them “Crackle?” Jayne asked trying to think what surname would give you that nickname… “Yeah… She calls me Crackle ‘cause I crack my knuckles on her face!” Kaye claimed raising her hands ready to hit her “heh… more like the brick walls you always hit when you lose yet another race against your so-called best friend” Baby laughed giving Jackie an amused look “competition builds character… but you wouldn’t know that would you, Babycakes? No one would dare choose someone else over your rubberglove…” Kaye joked pretending to slap the rubber glove on her hand “Babycakes, rubberglove… can’t wait til I learn what my nicknames gonna be…” Jayne laughed “huh?” was all Jackie could say as Jayne put his jacket around her shoulders “it’s getting kinda cold…”and to himself he thought ‘and its hard to think with your breasts sticking out like that’ “I vote to call him Prince!” Kaye yelled even raising her hand like the child she really is… “I say we call him Romeo…” Baby giggled, trying for another hug “well, ahh… As much as I’d love to stay I really need to get to my next class. Til next time my mousy…” Jayne whispered into Jackie’s ear and left with Baby hot on his heels trying to grope him “bye Firefly” Jackie whispered.


“Oh my god; he was like so Prince Charming. So Romeo; the way he put his jacket over her shoulder’s, it…” Kaye joked to the other members of Jackal “and what are we talking about now?” Jackie somewhat yelled, coming in on the tail-end of yet another of Kaye’s storytelling sessions “I was just telling everyone about your new BF Firefly…” Kaye said coming over to Jackie and giving her the googly eyes and pout “and how rubberglove stole him from you…” Kay continued tapping Jackie on the back sympathetically, giggling “she didn’t steal anything… he was never mine! And stop talking like that! You sound like Babycakes. Now on the more important side, why aren’t any of you preparing for our training session!?” Jackie yelled getting Alva, Phyllis and Tara off the ground in one giant leap; she even had Kaye running into position cause it was obvious Jackie was gonna take her frustration out on them… and it hurts less to tolerate it “Right then! We’ll start with 10reps Mixed Hills with Fartlek pacing. Then we'll move on to Up the Clock & Pyramid. Why are you all still here? Let’s go! Let’s go!” Jackie yelled full-bolt running to the hill course out back of the school. It took two and a half hours for Jackie to calm enough to notice Jayne had watched the last half hour from the poxy green seats along the building, he sat with his left leg rested on the end and his arm relaxed over the backrest, add the setting sun and Jackie damn near tripped on her own feet on the last stretch of the Pyramid session. It took all of 1 second for everyone to see Jackie stop and to know that was the sign to piss-bolt running in the other direction! She usually only got in these moods after yet another meet point victory and the teacher had to give her the trophy instead of her parents... or Babycakes opened her big mouth and hit one of the few remaining nerves. Jackie ran down the hill towards Jayne rather quickly and ungracefully which was odd cause Jackie always took great pride in her form. “Thought you had classes…” Jackie panted; maybe I pushed myself too hard “do you always lose track of time when you train? Classes ended an hour ago… I’ll admit thou, I left early. In my attempt to leave... Babycakes I forgot my jacket. I waited for you by the gate and after awhile I asked one of the other kids who told me you were here preparing for the big race. You looked beautiful; couldn’t keep my eyes off you...” Jayne admitted handing her a towel he’d picked up from the assembly hall “ahh… you were… heh… yes. The big race is only two days away! We need to whip the other members into shape; they’ve gotten lazy in the month’s break since the last one…” Jackie stated walking next to Jayne back to the assembly hall “that long between races? Disgraceful!” Jayne joked admiring her sweaty body covered by little more than a tiny black singlet and mini shorts “I know! It's atrocious! But this race will make up for that. It’s very, very important. Most races are only against other team members in this school. Sometimes my team goes against the best of another Chifley College but this time we’re gonna race against all of Chifley! Girls and the Boys! We can’t afford to be sloppy! Last race we had against Bidwill’s Cougars we only just won! I scored the meet point” Jackie said revealing more and more of her ego “so… you scored the highest?” Jayne asked appearing very interested in what she was saying “NO! The scoring for cross-country is to have the lowest meet points… My team runs with a 5-to-score team; most have one or two displacers for emergencies but we never need those… IF all team players make placed you get what’s called a Sweep. I’ll admit our team has never gotten one of those... Alva or sometimes Phyllis scraps their points but as long as me and Kaye are in the race we’ll ALWAYS win!” Jackie said raising her arms in triumph. “That sounds great; maybe I’ll come watch your next race… I couldn’t run if my life depended on it…” Jayne admitted, opening the door to reveal the others had already grabbed their stuff and gone home. Jackie took awhile to change in the assembly storeroom; the school won't budget an actual change room. Every time she went to leave she thought her hair wasn’t quite right or the little make-up she owned looked smudged and started all over again. When she finally came out she admitted she thought he wouldn’t be there but he’d waited, just like he said he would, and they slowly started walking to the gate. They walked so slow that the sun had set... or maybe it was her taking forever in the change room and Jayne insisted on driving her home. Jackie only lived two streets away and she was tempted to take the long way to spend more time with him but thought better, he probably had better things to do then drive her around. She decided to just enjoy the few minutes alone with him and told herself it was all she would ever get. When they arrived at her house he quickly ran around to open her door and after giving her a quick peck on the cheek, got in his car and drove off. You’d think Jackie had never been kissed with the way her head spun and she just stood there holding where he’d kissed her, which was obviously just a simple goodnight kiss. She was still dizzy when she came inside and had to get her dweeb of a big brother tell her she was wearing a guys jacket…oh and that she stunk like a skunk. But all she thought about was the jacket he wanted back enough to wait after school to get from her and had kindly insisted she continue to wear til he got her home.


She left early the following morning, she'd hoped to find him before class and was beginning to think it was a fool’s errand when she finally spotted him sitting in the same seat, sitting the same way he was when he’d watched her train. She told herself over and over as she approached him she was just returning his jacket and she was going to tell him she didn’t need any distractions a day before the big race, but as she approached and he turned to smile at her she all but buckled in the knees and had to sit down next to him. They spoke for what seemed like hours... he'd told her about random things she'd normally have ignored and how he’d forgotten to check his timetable before leaving and hadn't known he had a free period. Jackie had MATHS so it wasn’t such a big surprise when she told him she was free too and they just sat there talking. Jayne told her he’d heard from the other kids his new nickname was Firefly and about the assembly’s storeroom, which put in the same sentence had Jackie all but dragging him to the hall. “So this is the storeroom? It’s a little dusty…” Jayne said picking up some papers and seeing the dust fall off it “yeah… ahh… the kids come here to… ahh… study and such… it’s… ahh… quieter and more… private… so…” Jackie stumbled, staring at her feet “I’d heard it’s where kids went to make out and stuff…” Jayne said gently putting his hand behind Jackie’s back and pulling her into him “and stuff…” he repeated softly staring into Jackie’s eyes, her face revealing just how innocent she was.


Jayne leant in close enough for her to feel his unsteady breath on her skin and to softly whisper in her ear “There can be so much pleasure in surrendering…” He’d said taking the time to nibble her ear before placing his mouth on hers in a kiss that felt like it went forever. His kiss started gentle but turned aggressive quickly with his tongue all but demanding hers and his hands pressing her so tightly against him. She felt his erection through his pants and it made her gasp in pleasure. He broke the kiss so suddenly it took all her willpower not to follow him to steal another. The smile on his face as he knelt in front of her made her body ache with hunger and those hands… he slowly smoothed his hands down her body as he knelt that she felt the urge to follow him but held herself firm. She decided to wear the shorter skirt today instead of her usual extra long ‘grandma’ skirt she seemed inclined to wear, which made it easy for his hands to glide down the thin blue fabric and back up underneath it. The look he gave her with every movement of his hands, with every stroke of his fingers that left trails of fire along her already burning skin was mesmerising, she found herself counting the many shades of green in his hungry eyes. She found herself rubbing her throbbing breasts and closed her eyes under to feel of his hands and she couldn't help but moan when his mouth touched her stomach through her pink button up blouse and let her head fall back in bliss. He glided his hands over her buttocks as he guided her to the only table in the room which she couldn’t help but exhale sharply from the sudden coldness. He took the jacket which she’d managed to hold onto and laid it against the table before laying her back gently on top. With his height he positioned himself between her legs and easily bent perfectly lining himself over her, giving her a glimpse of his long broad muscles moving ever so slightly down his barely buttoned shirt. He stayed motionless for a moment, savouring every uncontrollable movement she made in her impatience for his touch, her body so perfectly toned and shaped under the caressing glow of sunlight, he couldn’t resist the urge to taste his lips before he slowly lowering himself to her stomach once more. His hands trailed over her breasts as he found the bottom of her blouse, unbuttoning the last button and placing his mouth in the groove of her stomach. He slowly kissed and licked a trail up her stomach, unbuttoning his way until the only remaining protection from his mouth was her tiny white flowered bra. He traced his fingers on the hem, fanning his caress around to unbuckle the strap to her already throbbing breasts. He gazed at them for a moment, before dropping his lips to kiss one of the pebbled n*****s and he sucked and he licked til she gasped, blinking rapidly at the roof she only now realised had round yellow blotches staining the once white ceiling. His hands were everywhere, kneading and stroking her back, her buttocks, her thighs while still keeping his perfect rhythm devouring her breasts. Her hands massaged all over him too; the broadness of his shoulders, the hard, perfect muscles of his back covered in a layer of thin damp cotton. She wanted to feel his bare skin and groaned “what would you like, my mousy?” Jayne asked barely raising his head and letting her feel his ragged breath on her sensitive skin “why am I the only one half naked?” she pouted which made him chuckle loudly against her breast. He stood up rather quickly and pulled his shirt over his head and folding it into a makeshift pillow, placing the shirt under her head. She thought he’d quickly resume where he was but instead started unbuckling his belt and dropping it to the floor and as he started unbuttoning his jeans she got up so fast she almost hit his head with her own “what are you doing?” she gasped trying to close her legs but he was still standing there, “I was going to take all my clothes off so I would not need to stop savouring your body but if you prefer to remove them yourself I will oblige…” he said taking her hand and placing on his rigid erection. “I ahh… I think you got the wrong idea… This isn’t what I wanted… I… I should go…” Jackie panicked, pulling her hand away only to have Jayne stop her from getting up “what did you want?” he asked seductively running his hands up her legs and pressing himself close enough for Jackie to feel him on her sex “what did you want?” he asked again softly, leaning in as though to kiss her “you said we would only make out…” Jackie whispered trembling “noo… I said we’d do stuff… don’t you want to do stuff…? Don’t you want to feel adored…? Treasured…? Loved…?” Jayne whispered giving her a quick kiss and moving his hands to her back, cuddling her like a caring lover. Jayne stared into Jackie’s eyes, showing her everything she’d ever wanted from another, he seemed genuine, he seemed real… but she wasn’t born yesterday and although her parents never cared about her, her brother did and he taught her how to spot a liar, how to know if someone really was genuine. “No…” Jackie said keeping her eyes on his. She watched as his face showed disappointment, disapproval and then something else she didn't like the look of. “Okay… Okay. But you’d wanted to… make out and I never leave a woman unsated; or do you wish to stop completely?” Jayne asked moving his hands to her shoulders, backing away enough to remove his erection from her body. She felt his gaze like a hard slap, felt his intention, he didn’t care, he didn’t want her, didn’t love her, he only wanted sex and she wasn’t a rubberglove.


Kaye wrote down as many notes as she could throughout the MATHS class Jackie had felt obliged to skip. It wasn’t uncommon. Jackie always took any reason she could to miss MATHS so Kaye was good at taking notes Jackie would understand... kinda. Kaye hadn’t seen Jackie walking to school as she usually did so she didn’t pay much thought as the day went by and Jackie hadn’t made an appearance… It was only when Jackie didn’t come to the training session at the track that Kaye started to worry. Jackie often joked about how ‘only death could keep me from my running!’ So Kaye and the others went straight to Jackie's to pay her a visit. Jackie rarely got sick but when she did it was severe. Her mother told Kaye that Jackie was in her room with the light off, which Kaye knew didn’t necessarily mean she was… her parents never knew where she was but because her mother was entertaining, they couldn’t go see Jackie til tomorrow. Kaye called Mr Magan to tell him about Jackie and he’d arranged for one of the displacers to fill in; just in case Jackie wasn’t feeling well for the race tomorrow.


“She’s still not here…” Alva panicked “Something has to be wrong! She’d never miss a race!” Phyllis stated pacing back and fourth “Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do right now. NOW THEN! Why aren’t any of you getting ready for the race!?” Kaye yelled trying for her best Jackie voice but only succeeding to worry everyone further “We’ll go see her straight over after the race, promise. Mum said I could borrow the car today so straight after we get Jackie’s trophy we’ll drive right over there to smack her on the head with it!” Kaye joked which managed to calm everyone else enough for the race, Kaye still felt like she'd failed her for some reason. Kaye was always in perfect focus when standing on point behind Jackie on the starting line, but now she was the top racer and she was the pointguard which made her wonder how Jackie ever managed to see clearly let alone run like she did… of course she knew… Jackie was a self-centred b***h who cared only for herself… Jackie would never forgive herself for missing this race; and the lack of a trophy would be a constant reminder… she had to win that trophy! When the gun sounded for the race to start, Kaye put all her effort into the full-bolt sprint she’d always prided herself on… Jackie may have more endurance then her but even she would admit that Kaye was always the fastest off-the-ball sprinter and it showed with her 2mark lead from the other racers at the first pointguard station. She just ran and ran and ran until for some unknown reason she felt the urge to look down the slope which she knew would be the mark for the last 2kms of the race. One difference from Jackie then the other racers is they know when the race is over; Kaye fell face first into the rock path sliding several yards, her screams muffled briefly by the ground before she raised her head to all-out cry. The other racers stopped completely, one even running back to get the pointguard who stood less then a mark away for help, the other racers thought Kaye had hurt herself badly until they followed her gaze to the steep below… to the mud pond they would have to run through for the finish line… to the body that floated along the bank… to Jackie, whose body was slung face-up over a fallen tree, her lifeless hazel eyes staring up at them, her tears glowing as the sun illuminated her naked, bloody corpse. She doesn’t ever look down the slopes; she always picks a point to focus on and just runs… Why did she look down now? Why did she find her now, instead of 10kms down the track when she arrived at that point of the track? Why is she…? The pointguard came with the first-aid kit in hand, stopping in his tracks when he saw the body, already yelling frantically on the radio for the ambulance the school insisted was present for every cross-country race to come quickly, he all but ran down the hill taking off his jacket to cover the body who would no longer care about such trivial things, would no longer worry about ‘the next big race’, would no longer worry about earning her parent's attention. The police asked question after question about Jackie and Kaye told them what she could, she told them Jackie had crushed on the new transfer student Jayne and how Baby always threatened her and how her parents never cared for her and had actually told them she was home asleep when she’d been here the whole time… she told them they had been here at 2:30pm the day before and hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary, that they hadn’t ran the course so she could've been there the whole time. The school reported to the police they had no record of a Jayne Somersby transferring to their school nor could they seem to locate Baby Maelyn whose parents had reported her missing the previous day but had been told more time was needed before they could do anything.


Jayne Somersby was the killer. Kaye knew that. Everyone knew that. But nobody could find him. Nobody could stop him. He was the perfect predator. Who will soon become the perfect prey…


“Fireflies have to land sometime… and when you do… I will find you…”



© 2012 Mundayk

Author's Note

Please let me know of any grammar problems. This was originally published as a Genre Challenge for another writing site. I'm Australian so my English does have a "U" in favourite...

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