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Penrith, Australia
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About Me

Hobby: Writing, Dancing & Computers
Location: NSW Australia
Relationship: Complicated

I like to paragraph whatever I write, that way it doesn't look to clustered, which I know from experience I avoid reading if I could. Been trying to write this story since I was 9, it's changed alot since then, back then I wasn't very good at writing Novel formats or coming up with original names but the story itself is the same... I think, can't remember that far back... I've gotten to Chapter 5 at one point but typical computers, I ended up losing all that work, but at least now I'm starting to get back on track again, my story is a working progress so they'll be always changing, as will this profile I bet :D. These Chapters should stay the way they are... for awhile anyway... I've uploaded these on a difference site which I only recently realised nobody uses anymore... I've managed to transfer everything important over here so... all good.

Alright the actual Bio, I'm a non-smoker who never even tried a cigarette, but doesn't mean I don't buy any, cause my family & friends are always asking me to get their supply (plus everyone at work smokes and they ALWAYS ask me for a smoke or light), don't bother me, most of the time I'm going there for my addiction anyway; hehe, orange tic-tacs', perfect for those days that just never go right, or when you're typing your day away (which reminds me I should throw the empty containers away before someone thinks I have a problem... :P). I do drink, but not often, I found watching other people drink and a constant supply of Coke is enough to make my trips to the club enjoyable. Never was much of a pub person, which is understandable cause you only go there to drink and if you don't drink then your only other option is poker machines and they're just a waste of space! I have an interest in dancing, which basically means I'd "like" to attend classes for Samba, Salsa, Swing and maybe Belly Dancing and Line Dancing and whatever other type of dance there is :D. I love going on bushwalks, specifically the full-day or even overnight ones, the longer the track the better, I still need to find someone new to go with cause all my friends got lazy or found other friends to hang with, which happens, often, I enjoy the all-day track at Wentworth Falls the most, its about 15km (one-way) which never gets old but it does seem to get longer everytime, or I'm just getting old, probably both :D. The walk is mostly stairs down a cliff-side, with rest spots and a perfect view the whole way down of the valley, it also has the most beautiful waterfall at the bottom, which makes the dead-legs you get from the walk so worth it! Barely! Mum wants to lose weight so we've been going to small 1km tracks which is long enough for her, atm, eventually we'll move to longer tracks and spend more time together... I like to walk new tracks but I'm not too good up in the mountains and I don't really know where to find them... I use the website to locate tracks but all that does it gives me an area and then I drive around trying to find 'a' track cause the one I found online is rarely where they say it is... or I'm just bad with directions...

I am in my 20s but as you can see from my photo, I don't look my age nor do I have any height, I'm under 5ft, I think it was 4"11, so I'm only just under, but its enough to be knocked back from joining the defence force, which are one of the few jobs which still have a height restriction, you'd think they'd want short people, when the enemy shots at you it'll go over your head :P, j/k. Because I don't look my age I tend to take awhile to get into the over 18 areas cause the security tends to take a long time to check over my ID, guess they just think its a fake and if they mess around with it long enough it'll come apart, don't bother me, its a blessing in disguise! So I'm told... I also get pulled over a heap when I drive cause I look even worse when I drive, like a 12yr old who stole mummy's car keys :P.

Most people who know me refer to me as a workaholic but the truth is I'm not as bad as some people I know, at least when I'm not working I can enjoy myself, my dad bounces off the walls if he has more than 1 day off from work, which makes the weekends unbearable! Thankfully he moved out so now I don't have to tolerate him anymore... I do only ever talk about work but thats because you spend 45hrs a week at work so it makes having other things to talk about hard, unless I can take after my brother who can talk for hours about games, in the span of 15minutes, I swear I don't know how he doesn't get tongue tied!

I'd say more about my family but I'll just leave it to my mum's name is Karen and my brothers names are Peter, Michael, and my foster brother are Corey. My older brother Peter is a secret Vampire! He sleeps all day and stays up all night, Michael is in the Army, and my foster brother is a full-time annoyance! He just decided to go through terrible two's and mix in some teenage rebellion! He's 15 but that doesn't concern them, they don't sleep either, you can keep them up til midnight and they'll still be awake at 6am! AND make sure your awake too! I love animals whether their big or small, I have a dog, fish and 4 rabbits at the moment, I started with only two rabbits... its the last time I trust the petstore to tell me the right gender! My dog is kinda old now, got her in 2000, we called her Daisy, I did also have a BLACK Labrador named Honey which we got at the same time but she pasted away :( and Daisy in a miniture foxie (with maybe a little cat mixed in their too). I do volunteer at the local shelter, when I get there, which lately hasn't been much, but its holiday season and summer! I can't work during summer, I could put an entire bottle of sunscreen and Rexona on and I'll still cook myself and melt away like the wicked witch of the west! Haha! I don't really do much work there anyway, cause I'm not confident enough to walk multiple dogs or the really big ones I'm limited to what I can do :( But help is help and they can't complain about free labour!

I tend to not speak much in person but I can type til the cows come home if I wanted to! As you can see! Ah, I am the type who plays video games, but not excessively, as my brother says, I'll spend my money on things but I'll rarely spend time on it, I like RPGs but they take a lot of time so it takes me awhile to reach what most reach in a few weeks, if that, the online RPGs are my weak point, I can play those for a long time but whether I actually DO anything is another question, it took me ah 350gameplay hours to reach level 40 in WoW and I think I reached level 55 in EQII in that amount of time too, which if you know what I'm talking about its pretty bad... but I had fun :D. I own most consoles so I do spend some time playing Wii or PS3, mostly PS3, if I'm in the mood to play video games