The fear of sleep

The fear of sleep

A Story by Nerdlige

 can’t escape this wicked fate. I’ve tried to be normal to escape sleep. Yes this endless sleep of nightmares and dreams. There was a time of pure happiness. That is lost now. I am Megan I’m different from others. I have a secret that I keep close to myself. Let me tell you my story. Let me show you a true hell on earth. A life of a freak show. Shall we take a seat?
Night one:
I was walking down the halls of my high school. A large man greeted me. He had no face and no skin. Just eyes in his sockets and grayish bones. His jaw was huge he was heavy as stones. His wickedness flashed in his eyes for he was just as bad as me. He shook my hand and said “I’m the devil and you are mine,” then he faded away. I heard people screaming in the classrooms. I blinked twice to take away what I just saw. Blood dripped down the walls. A hand grabbed my ankle as the body moved slowly like a dog with a broken leg. It’s eyes were pure black. They poured into me. I woke up with chills all over with a weird sensation going through me head to toe.
Night two:
I was walking in the woods with my best friend. I knew I was dreaming because I don’t know anyone outside my family. It was getting late almost night. A man stood in front of us. He wore a tux and was thin as a lizard. His skin was a green and his lips curved into a smile. He held a knife as thick as ice. My friend looked at me concerned as if I was the only one seeing him. His hand lunged at my friend almost choking her. He gripped her tightly unable to stop then he took that knife and sliced out her heart. I felt warm liquid on my hands and looked to see what it was. Blood covered my hands. I looked around to see where the man went. Instead I found that knife in my hand and my hand on her throat. Her heart was in my mouth and her lungs flopped out. You could see her vertebrae throw the whole in her chest. Her eyes were pure white. Somehow she could move and she gave me a mirror. I looked at my reflection. My skin was pale white. I had blood shot red eyes and black sharp teeth. I had a white tongue. Blood splattered on my face.
I dropped the mirror and screamed. I shook all over at the scene. For I was not who I was. Now when I woke up I ran to the bathroom and I looked the same. I cried so hard that mother and father ran to me. They screamed at the site of me. I felt angry. How could they not accept me? I was there daughter! I punched the wall with great strength. I found a pocket knife in my room as mom called 911. I pulled out the plug and put her on hold. I pushed her against the wall.i tore out her eyeballs straight from their sockets. I sliced the knife across her throat and licked the blood off her face. Dad walked in and broke down. I laughed horribly and louder each time. Happiness consumed me as I cut off dad’s head and cut out his organs. Later I cooked his heart and ate it. Then I disappeared into the night ready to kill anyone who calls my full name or talks about the murder of my family. There is a demon inside me now can you survive it?

© 2015 Nerdlige

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Added on May 11, 2015
Last Updated on December 4, 2015




my real name will never be reveled ive tryed to get a youtube acount but my computer sucks plus my dogs went on a rampage of running threw the house and knocked off my computer im 17 im not the smart.. more..